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Chapter 1:The Jinx is back

City of Man

Early morning

People have already flooded the wide city alleys since early in the morning.

The two rows of shophouses were bustling with business and the streets was filled with non-stop laughter.

Recently, the Sacred Mountain have come forth to choose their disciples, this grand occasion made the city even livelier than usual and many youths were itching to give it their best shot.

Many young men were dressed in their best attire, looking fine and handsome, enjoying the constant infatuated gazes of the ladies. Even though they acted like they did not care about the gazes but in their hearts, they were overwhelmingly pleased.


Suddenly, the people on the streets parted, a group of majestic black horses charged ahead, sending dust into the air and making the earth tremble, on their backs were seated some people with extraordinary presence.

The tall and muscular black horses seemed to be filled to the brim with explosive power. Wide, black scales covered their bodies, they gave off a metallic feeling, making them seem even more powerful.

"Wow, it is the Black Metal Draconic Horse, the one in front is Young Master Song Wu Qiu of the Su Family!"

"Young Master Su is so handsome!"

"There is also the White Jade Wolf,  Young Master Mo Bu Fan!"

"The Green Demonic Tiger has also appeared; Young Master He San has arrived!"

Following the Draconic Horses, there were majestic wolves which were white from head to toe and the aggressive huge green tigers with their intense gazes.

The crowds were hustling, the fierce and well-built mounts made the ground shake. At the head of each imposing group, sat a young man who was around 15 to 16 years old.

Though they were young, they certainly were not your average young man.

At this moment the three young men seemed to be rushing to a place, frantic and at the same time, their faces showed anger.

There were quite a few young males following behind each of the young man, all in splendid attire with a noble atmosphere, one could tell from a look that they too were not from the average family.

"Young Master Song Wu Qiu, Young Master Mo Bu Fan, Young Master He San, if any of them could take a liking to me, then I would be ecstatic!" A lady said in a daze, her eyes dreamy.

"I think you can just forget about it, with background like Young Master Song and the others, how could they ever like you, I even heard rumours that the Young Masters have already completed the Foundation Building Stage and can immediately go to the Sacred Mountain to start cultivating!"

A young male said, his eyes filled with envy. if he could also become a martial artist, he could go the place in the legends, Sacred Mountain. If that happens, all the ladies in the city would surely be chasing after him, all ready for his picking.

At a corner of the hustling street, a skinny figure laid against the wall with his back, sitting down with his legs apart. He looks to be a young male no older than 15 or 16 year old.

The young man was wearing a rough, tattered robe which was too big for him.

The young man did not care a bit about his current appearance, he held half a stalk of dried grass blade in his mouth with a casual look.

Looking at the mighty group of people and mounts who were moving away from him, glancing at the infatuated gazes of the ladies who lined both sides of the street, the dried grass in the youth's mouth tipped upward slightly, his eyes filled with a hint of disdain in them, smiled and whispered: "This is handsome? Back then, if I remained in this city, how would these brats cause such a commotion?"

"Say, where do you think the Young Masters, the big shots of the city are going this early in the morning?"

Some people were confused, usually one can barely see any of them, but today all these big shots appeared at once and were even in a rush.

"Also, the fight to become a disciple of Sacred Mountain only starts three days later!"

"This is the direction to go out of the city, could it be that the Young Masters are going to go out of the city?"

The people were discussing among themselves, these influential people coming out catches the attention of all.

"Three years, three years have already passed, I know, I know where the Young Masters are going now!"

Out of the blue, someone shouted, his face excited, he seemed to have remembered something, instantly drawing the eyes of many.

"Three years!? I remember now too, today should be the day that the jinx is coming back!"

"Oh my god, has that jinx really returned, the entire city will never have peace again!"

"He is not only a jinx; he is also a big pervert!"

"Hai, that perverted demon is actually quite handsome, it really is a pity!"

"Humph, that jinx must be able to return alive first! Being in that demon-infested forest for three years, I am afraid he is already dead!"

"No wonder the Young Masters have all appeared, they are going to the city gate to prevent that jinx from entering!"

"Every young master of the city has sworn a blood oath three years ago, if that jinx is still alive and able to come back to the city, they will definitely not allow him to step into the city alive!"

"It seems to me that whether or not that jinx has survived the Forest of Demons, he will be dead in the end!"

The crowd was wild, everyone hurried to the city gate to watch the commotion, regardless of age or gender.

Looking at the enthusiastic crowd, Su Yi was feeling so helpless.

It was just kissing and then simply hugging that girl, how on earth did he become a street rat that everyone would shout and hit at.

If it wasn't for that girl who beat him up in front of everyone on the street, he would also not be so bored as to feed her drugs, who doesn't have a time when he or she does not know what's the right thing to do in life.

Furthermore, he has said that he would take responsibility for everything, what more do people want him to do?

"That little girl is the real jinx, people say that beauties are dangerous, they have never been more right."

Su Yi said to himself, for this small matter, Mo Bu Fan, He San, Song Wu Qiu, those little brats actually swore a blood oath. Since ancient times people say beauties bring calamities, he agrees completely now.

"I'm too lazy to play with a bunch of little kids."

Su Yi stood up, the wide sleeves of his robe swayed, he spat the half stalk of dried grass along with some saliva to the side and walked away casually while whistling.

The eyes of a few passing ladies fell on Su Yi, seeing his shabby attire, they initially wanted to stay far away from him, but once they saw that face, involuntarily they sneaked in a few more glances.

Su Yi was now around 15 to 16 years old, and was a fair bit taller than three years ago.

In addition to the inhumane training he went through for the past 3 years, although he did not have a fair face, but his looks were the real deal. A pair of bright eyes underneath the blade-thin eyebrows, tanned skin, while he had a skinny figure, he stood upright, that shabby robe could not mask his unique presence.

This kind of presence was very complex, it was a bit proud, a bit evil. Though, it seemed to be a natural thing.

"Hmm, that guy does not look half bad, but sadly he is too shabby."

"Why do I feel that guy looks like the jinx?"

A few girls brushed past Su Yi, looking down and discussing among themselves.

"Eh? Where did that guy go?"

And when the ladies wanted to turn around to confirm, they did not even see the shadow of that man. they felt confused and wondered if their eyes played a trick on them.

Su Family.

One of the top 5 families in the city.

He, Su, Mo, Song, Liu, these five families were the top 5 families in the city as well as the 5 biggest families of martial arts practitioners in the city.

Over there, the strong ruled, in the world filled with martial arts, the 5 families were also the protectors of the city all these years.

The position of the city master has been passed between the 5 families. Though in the last 100 years,the position is always in the hands of the Liu Family.

In the Su Family, one the 5 top families in the city, every generation practices martial arts and they have also produced many strong martial arts practitioners.

Even up to this day, when one speaks about the Su Family Old Master Su Yun Tian, the entire city holds the utmost respect for him in their hearts.

20 years ago, when the demons from the Forest of Demons invaded, every family struggle with all their might.

During the war where neither side showed any signs of losing, the Old Master of the Su Family, Su Yun Tian, already over 60 years old, led a troop of the Su Family's elites and carved out a path of blood straight to the enemy's leader and slaughtered him.

When one speaks of that battle, the memory of that event is still clear in everyone's mind. The Su Family has became even more famous and earned the respect of all.

But ever since 15 years ago, from the day Su Yi was born, it all started to change.

And 3 years ago, Su Yi did something which made everyone in the city unable to tolerate his antics no longer. Even City Master Liu Yun Yang was infuriated beyond measure.

In the end, the Old Master of the Su Family had to swallow his embarrassment and personally come out to protect his grandson, only after that, the huge commotion die down.

The Su Family has many people, the long stretches of buildings were like a palace, extending out into all directions, grand and beautiful.

But today, in front of Su Family's majestic gate appeared many figures, hiding in the shadows.

These figures were all watching the Su Family's gate carefully, like they were trying to observe something. None of them dared to even blink, fearing that they might miss something.


At the Su Family's gate, a unit of imposing troops rushed out. Their actions sharp, riding on crimson red and robust mounts which were like tigers and lions.

Every single one of the Su Family's guards who were riding on the mounts had eyes filled with a hint of pride and arrogance.

With the Su Family's position in the city, being a guard of the Su Family, they naturally had more pride than the average person.

"Hurry up or there will be trouble!"

The head of the unit was a man of about 40 years old, he had a large, muscular figure and around him there was an air of ferociousness. One look and anyone could tell that the man lived by the blade and has claimed many lives or else he would not have such a presence around him.

Indeed, the large man did not have a simple background, he name is Su Bai Han. Even though he is not part of the Su Family's bloodline, but in the Su Family, he did not have a low position. In the entire city, his name was also spread quite widely.

20 years ago, in the unit led by the Old Master of the Su Family who carved a path of blood out of the city, this man, Su Bai Han, was also in the unit.

"Mr Han, why would the family want us to escort that person? What if the moment we arrive, and trouble really ensues? I am afraid that even with our identities, we will not be able to calm down Mo Bu Fan, Song Wu Qiu and all those Young Masters." A guard behind Su Bai Han asked, his face showing signs of confusion.

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