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Chapter 75: Capricious

The Beast Fighting Colosseum erupts once again!

“My God, just where did this nobility in Room 1 come from? Two million gold coins, two million ah, and its just thrown out so casually!”

“Hahahaha, the one in room seven seems inadequate by comparison. Every time, they increase the bid only by 100,000 gold coins…”

Although the private rooms are located on the second floor, the words of the people below are still faintly audible.

Gong Qianxue hears how the people below talk about her inadequacy, and her lungs are about to blow up from the angry breath.

And yet, there's still something that Gong Qianxue doesn't know.

The gold coins that Muyan is currently using to bid right were, in fact, looted from her Jin Hong Men.

No less than ten million gold coins!

With great difficulty, she used money and medication to train that killer organization – but in the end, everything was harvested by Muyan for cheap.

If she knows of this, Gong Qianxue would probably die from being unable to breathe.

“Three… three million gold coins!” Eventually, Gong Qianxue clenches her teeth and shouts out an astronomical price.

On the high platform, miss Ru Yan’s charming face has already turned red from excitement, she loudly announces: "Three million gold coins, three million! This is the highest price for a beast-slave in the history of our Beast Fighting Colosseum here in Xia'an! How would the noble guest from Room No. 1 respond?"

The servant girl of private room No. 1 comes out with a smile on her face, she loudly announces an amount: “The noble guest from Room 1 bids four million gold coins!”

“Another increase of one million! Hahahaha… the noble guest of Room 1 is mighty!”

“I'm wondering if guest One is toying with guest Seven on purpose!”

“The rich are capricious! Hahaha…”

Gong Qianxue’s face is already ashen, and even Yan Lie could not sit still.

Since the money that the two of them brought this time, even if added together, is not enough.

“In the end, who is in Room No.1? Could it be that they're not aware that it is I, Yan Lie, who will buy this beast-slave?!”

In the countries of Chi Yan and Jing Cheng, who doesn't not know the name Yan Lie, head of the mercenary group called "Raging Inferno"?

However, the ghost city’s servant girl just smiles courteously and says: “I’m very sorry, but ghost city has a rule that we cannot disclose the guest’s information, unless the guests themselves wishes for it.”

"This insignificant slave servant, don't you know who you're talking to?!" Yan Lie says with a sinister face, he raises his hand to slap the servant girl's face.

However, Gong Qianxue pulls him to stop: “Excuse me, can I meet with the person in charge of the Beast Fighting Colosseum?”

"Please make a request, miss, and I will pass it on." The servant girl is still as professional as before.

Traces of a dark haze passes through Gong Qianxue’s eyes, but the surface of her face still shows a smile: “I am Gong Qianxue, I believe that you must have heard of my name, right?”

For the first time, the servant girl's face finally reveals a trace of astonishment, “The youngest Heaven Stage expert, Princess of Jing Cheng Country, a favored disciple of Heavenly Road Sect, you are actually that Gong Qianxue.”

At this, Gong Qianxue finally shows a complacent expression on her face, "I am. This time I want to bid for myself, no need to trouble you."


For a while, there still aren't any sounds coming from room No. 7.

From below, there are spirited discussions as everyone thinks that the guest in room 7 could not afford four million gold coins and is planning to give up.

Inside the iron cage, Yan Haotian's eyes are unwaveringly staring at the direction of Private Room Number 1. The light in his eyes flickering in and out, like hope and like fear.

On the high platform, Ru Yan smiles and says in a clear voice: “Congratulations, Room No. 1…”

Before she could finish her words, there's an unexpected voice from Room Number 7.

It isn't the voice of the servant girl, but it is a clear and mellow voice of a young woman: “I’m willing to offer a Restoration Dan to purchase this beast slave!”

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