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Published at 11th of November 2020 10:47:57 AM

Chapter 557: Personally witness
Leng Qingwan deeply stares at Liu Se’s pathetic appearance.

A carefree smile appears on her proud face.

She turns around to leave.

Unexpectedly, just as she has taken two steps away, she hears Liu Se’s rough voice behind her: “What if I say that this news pertains to the Shen Musician heir?”

Leng Qingwan’s footsteps come to a sudden halt. She whips around, viciously glaring at the other.

“What do you mean by that? Do you know the whereabouts of the Shen Musician heir? No… a disciple of the Shen Musicians has truly emerged?”

This time, their roles are reversed.

It’s Liu Se’s turn to have a smug smile on her face, “Leng Qingwang, stop wasting your energy. I won’t tell you the news. I only have about two to four hours left to live, you better call Master immediately. Otherwise, I won’t be able to guarantee if the news about the Shen Musician would stay or disappear in the wake of my death.”

“All of you people should know better than the rest, just how awful it would be if the Shen Musicians are given room to grow, and how much threat they could pose to our Tian Yi Men!”

Leng Qingwan grinds her teeth. A thin, white silk suddenly appears high up in the air, ruthlessly whipping towards the altar.

The white damask silk whistles through the air. As soon as it passes through the wards around the altar, the originally soft and harmless form suddenly turns tough as iron.

Ruthlessly, it lashes over Liu Se’s soul.

“Aahh–!!” a shrill scream spills out of Liu Se’s mouth.

In the altar, they could see Liu Se’s form writhing, cutting a sorry figure. She keeps making anguished wails.

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This kind of suffering only stops after a few breaths.

Leng Qingwan withdraws the thin cloth, laughing grimly as she says: “You better be good and spill the Shen Musician’s whereabouts, or else, don’t blame me if I straight up thrash your soul until it scatters.”

Even though Liu Se is in spirit form at the moment, the violent pain makes her face twist into a distorted lump.

Her face is overflowing with snot and tears, appearing even more terrifying and disgusting.

Thinking of the pain of her soul getting lashed just now, she couldn’t stop her body from trembling like a sieve.

However, she catches sight of Leng Qingwan’s face.

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The hatred in Liu Se’s heart eclipses her fear of pain, “Hahahaha… Leng… Leng Qingwan, if you have the ability to kill me… then kill me, and lose the information about the Shen Musician. Do you think Master would let you get away with that?”

Rage and bitterness flashes through Leng Qingwan’s face, and she’s just about to raise the white silk.

All of a sudden, a cool and lowered female voice seems to come through from the horizon, “Qingwan, stop!”

Before the voice could wane completely, a veiled, snow-white figure is already approaching from the distance, like lightning.

Leng Qingwan’s complexion changes, unwillingly releasing the white damask cloth in her hands.

Within the Altar’s wards, Liu Se is already throwing herself over, bawling, “Master! Master! Master, save me… I don’t want to die! Master!”

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The white figure lands on the ground, bring a burst of cold and fragrant wind, and a faint Immortal breath.

It is Tian Yi Men’s Sect Master, Leng Yuexia.

The Tian Yi Men disciples around the Altar see her, and immediately kneel down respectfully, “Greetings, Sect Master!”

Leng Yuexia waves a hand, gesturing for all of them to leave.

Soon, only Leng Yuexia, Leng Qingwan, and Liu Se are left around the Altar.

Leng Yuexia’s gaze is displeased as it sweeps over Leng Qingwan’s face, ultimately falling on Liu Se. Slightly frowning, “Speak, the Shen Musician heir has truly appeared?”

“Yes, Master! This disciple witnessed it personally, it’s absolutely true!”

A grim and chilling light flickers within Leng Yuexia’s eyes. Then she lowly speaks: “Speak, where did you see her? What level has she reached as a Shen Musician?”
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