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Published at 25th of October 2020 11:43:08 AM
Chapter 544: Who’s your Madam?
She has always been aware that the Ghost City was previously established by the Polar Domain.
She also knows that Han Ye and Ying Mei came from the Xiuxian Continent, from the Polar Domain.
Liu Se was even guessing who this man beside Jun Muyan is, that he’s powerful enough to be able to make her tremble?
She thought that he was an Elder in the Polar Domain, or someone very high up the ranks.
But she never thought that he would be that man, Di Ming Jue!
He is a towering existence even on the Xiuxian Continent, the Monarch whom nobody could hope to reach.
He is a man whom the Sect Master of Tian Yi Men is only barely qualified to be on equal footing with.
How could it possibly be Polar Domain’s Di Jun, Di Ming Jue?
How could the Supreme Overlord of the Polar Domain possibly appear at such a barren place as the Yanwu Continent?
But except for the Polar Domain’s Di Jun, who else would Gu Yue address as ‘Jun Shang’?
It’s only at this moment that genuine panic and despair rise within Liu Se’s heart.
Her body, which is no longer frozen, seems to have fallen into an ice cellar. She couldn’t stop shivering.
Setting herself against Polar Domain’s Di Jun, what kind of end would befall her?

On the other side, after Gu Yue receives the permission to rise, he couldn’t help but glance towards Muyan.

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Then it seems as if he thought of something, as his eyes suddenly go wide, “Could it that you-you’re our Polar Domain’s future Mistress, Jun Muyan, Miss Jun?”
The corner of Muyan’s mouth spasms: who’s your Polar Domain’s future Mistress? Aren’t you claiming associations so casually?
But, without waiting for Muyan to refute-
Han Ye is already shamelessly boasting with a smile: “You don’t say! Aside from our Madam, who else would possess such consummate medical skills that could bring you back from the gates of hell!”
“I was still worried. Gu Yue, if you really died, how could I explain it to that Feng Sha guy when I return! Didn’t expect that you’d turn into a corpse, but in that crazy way, still be brought back by our Madam’s miraculous skills in healing.”
Saying that, he slaps Gu Yue’s back, “Stupid, what’re you doing by just staring? Why don’t you hurry and pay your respects to Miss Jun?”
Gu Yue abruptly comes back to his senses. Promptly bowing and kneeling, “Greetings, Miss Jun. No, no – greetings, Madam…”

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Soon after, he looks towards Di Ming Jue in adoration.
Back then, when he heard Han Ye say that Jun Shang fancies a Yanwu Continent mortal woman, Gu Yue felt baffled about it. So much so, that he thought there was no way that a mortal woman could be worthy of their brilliant and mighty Jun Shang.
It’s only now that he understands just how good their Jun Shang’s eyes are!
He sincerely gives thanks: “Were it not for Jun Shang, your insight like a torch in choosing the Madam, this subordinate’s life could only be forfeited here in this Yanwu Continent…”

“Silence, you!” Muyan couldn’t bear it any longer, “Who’s your Madam! Di Ming Jue, aren’t you going to manage your men?”
Di Ming Jue steps forward and hugs her waist. His voice is cool and clear, heedlessly saying: “You can wait until after Muyan and I are married to call her ‘Madam’, no hurry.”

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“Yes, Jun Shang!”
Muyan: “……” what ‘no hurry’!! Di Ming Jue, can you be any more shameless?!
Seeing Muyan embarrassed into anger, Han Ye promptly speaks: “Gu Yue, enough with the superfluous words. Why don’t you hurry up and properly handle Ghost City’s matters.”
“Really, the more you live, the more you deteriorate – you’ve actually been played and roughed up into your current state by a mere Ghost King.”
Hearing that, Gu Yue’s expression immediately grows cold. He slowly turns around to look at Liu Se, a fierce and vicious gleam in his eyes.
“Liu Se, you really did well!” he makes his way to Liu Se, who’s surrounded by the Ghost Envoys, the corners of his mouth pulling up into a cold smile.
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