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Chapter 46: Niangqin is Mine

A deep magnetic voice, touched with silken darkness, hums in her ears, “You are mine.”

Muyan widens her eyes and her whole body stiffens.

Han Ye, who followed after, actually staggers and nearly slipped off of the cliff.

Wait! Wait a minute! What is Jun Shang doing?!

He's kissed the destined woman?! Moreover, he used the power of an oath!

Wait, wait! Jun Shang, sir, are we not here to kill?

Just who said that the nuisance of a destined woman should be killed instead?!

Did he remember it wrong, or did Jun Shang forget?


The man unhurriedly withdraws and straightens himself. He looks down to the dazed girl, a soft happy expression flits across his eyes.

His fingers lightly caress the Tian Mo Qin underneath, feeling the light, and almost invisible mark of a name.

The man speaks again, like an oath “Jun Muyan, you're mine!”

Muyan immediately regains her senses. She recalls what just transpired and instantly burns in anger.

She raises her hand and swings a harsh slap!

At the instant her hand sweeps out, the figure before her eyes disappears like an illusion.

A cold wind blows on top of the cliff, as before. Corpses litter the whole area. It's as if nothing has changed.

However, a distinct sensation still remains on her lips.

Was that her imagination just now?

While Muyan is puzzled, a figure suddenly appears before her. Xiao Bao throws himself into her arms all of a sudden. He raises his taut little face, those sapphire eyes have ‘I’m not happy’ clearly written all over them.

“Baby, what’s wrong?” Muyan quickly asks.

Xiao Bao wriggles in Muyan’s hug and cups her face. He kisses both of her cheeks, one after another.

The cold, childish little voice declares: "Niangqin is mine!”

Muyan: “…………”

After the strange philandering man had disappeared, Muyan ends up pushing the whole ordeal to the back of her mind. She leads Xiao Bao back into the space.

The moment she enters the space, she sees the white-haired rabbit lying face-up on the grass, snoring in its sleep.

That sleeping position is totally unlike a rabbit's, and more like a person's.

Seeing as the rabbit is sleeping so soundly, occasionally turning sideways to nibble at the grass, it should be very satisfied with the environment in this space.

The space is really, incredibly huge, especially this expansive lawn. Muyan feels that she can raise a herd of horses here.

She holds Xiao Bao’s hand and enters the palace marked as “Demonic Hall”.

Muyan discovers that it's not so much a palace as it is a library.

It's a very tall palace that has a ring-like layout.

Lifting her gaze, she sees that all the bookshelves are made from red wood.

It's a pity that the shelves are mostly empty now, with only a few tattered and ancient books scattered here and there.

Instead, open books are littered all over the palace floor.

The pages of said books are also torn and misplaced everywhere.

Muyan stares at the unreasonably tall bookshelves, somewhat speechless. It's actually fortunate that there are a lot of scattered books down; otherwise, she would have to take them down.

"Niangqin?" Xiao Bao calls, his pretty little face expressionless, "What are we gonna do?"

Muyan crouches down to Xiao Bao's level. She smiles and says, "Niangqin wants to look for some information. Before the Baili-aunt disappeared, she said that there's a problem with Tian Mo Qin and niangqin needs to find a way to fix it. The way to repair it should be in this space. Can Xiao Bao help niangqin to flip through the books together and find some clues?”

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