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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 117: These Aren't Betrothal Gifts

As soon as Han Ye steps one foot into the store, he stumbles on his next step and almost slips down.

The eyes that stare at Steward Sun no longer look at him like he’s an idiot, but like a human garbage.

Sure enough, Di Ming Jue stops walking towards Muyan and coldly turns to Steward Sun.

Being stared at by those eyes, Steward Sun doesn't know why he's violently trembling, but he still stutters, "I… I'm warning you, I'm a person of Huang Yao Country's Jin Wangfu, if you offend our Jin Wangful, you…"

Before he could finish his words, Steward Sun's body involuntarily jerks forward all of a sudden.

In the next moment, someone is already firmly clutching his throat.

"Say it one more time, who… wants to marry Muyan?"

Under those five digits, his throat lets out some squeaking sounds. Steward Sun's face swells and turns a dangerous purple, tears and snot begin to come out, "Jin… Jin Wangye… our Huang Yao Country's Jin Wangye… the Emperor's younger brother…"

There's a cracking sound, and Steward Sun’s neck snaps. He falls limply to the floor.

This is a high-level Earth Stage practitioner a!

So easily, without even the slightest chance to resist, his neck is broken in this way?!

Jin Wangfu's guards are dumbfounded.

Immediately after, some people try to escape, while the others snarl at Di Ming Jue and attack him.

Han Ye sneers, his form flickers like a phantom of death, and he quickly shuttles among the Jin Wangfu guards.

After but a few short breaths, all the guards have fallen to the floor.

Their bones are broken, eyes are wide open, and they have ceased breathing.

The audience goes as quiet as the dead.

Each and everyone has a horrified look on their faces.

Even Muyan has a faint frown, her expression turns serious.

The hand hanging by her side is suddenly gripped tighter.

Muyan looks down and sees Xiao Bao intently looking at Di Ming Jue. His eyes are filled with alertness and vigilance, there's also a faintly detectable sense of frustration.

From the moment that Di Ming Jue has appeared, Xiao Bao could instantly recognize him as the man who fought him over the white jade hairpin at the Treasure Pavilion.

More than that, he also recognizes this man is the bad egg that wants to bully niangqin back at Jin Hong Men!

Xiao Bao knew from the beginning that this person is stronger than him.

But he didn't expect that the other would be so much stronger.

Even the subordinate beside the man could completely outclass him.

How could he protect his mother if he's this small and weak?

For the first time, the icy and handsome little face reveals a sad and unreconciled expression.

The hand on his side clenches into fists.

After cleaning up the irksome things, Di Ming Jue freely walks in front of Muyan. He restrains his bubbling anger and lowly growls: "Ben Jun had only been gone for a few days, how can you accept other people's betrothal gifts?"

Although his voice is quite loud, there's an almost imperceptible grievance is his tone.

Muyan is speechless: hey, hey, hey! What are you saying, why does it sound like I cheated on you? If I remember correctly, I shouldn't have anything to do with you!

Not waiting for Muyan's reaction, Di Ming Jue has already seized her white-as-jade wrists, and he slips a white jade bracelet on it.

Although his cultivation is suppressed, he could still use a portion of his powerful Divine Sense.

After a sweep of his Divine Sense, he becomes aware of the things Muyan had moved into her backyard, and there are a lot of rare and expensive things among the betrothal gifts.

But as it happens, he only has a wretched and unpresentable white jade bracelet.

Di Ming Jue's ears redden, there's an awful sputtering in his chest.

But he still insists on putting it on Muyan, saying with a cold face: "This… is just a casual present, not Ben Jun's betrothal gift. The gifts that Ben Jun will send you later will naturally be much better than those from that wild man."

The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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