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Published at 6th of January 2021 12:14:10 PM

Chapter 77: Breakthrough
Chapter 77: Breakthrough

Chu Liuyue stared at the broken door dumbfoundedly .  Just now… All I did was create a small ripple in the lake . Where did the explosive power come from?!

At this moment, a figure dashed in from outside . “Yue’er!”

Chu Liuyue instinctively followed the voice . It was Rong Xiu .

He had clearly rushed over when he heard the door breaking .

A thought flashed across her mind .  My room is quite a distance from here; how did he rush over so quickly?

Rong Xiu glanced at the door before he hurried in . “Are you okay? What happened?” He realized that Chu Liuyue was okay the instant he stepped in . He was relieved, but he could not put his mind at ease .

Chu Liuyue paused . His usually lazy voice had hints of anxiety .

Upon closer inspection, one could see an indiscernible look of worry between his eyes . This was rare for Rong Xiu, who usually kept a poker face .

Chu Liuyue shook her head . “I’m fine . I just had a mishap while trying to form a pearl of essence . I didn’t control the force well . ”

“Really?” Rong Xiu looked at her suspiciously .  How did forming a pearl of essence create such a big commotion?

Chu Liuyue knew that her explanation was a little preposterous . Not even a stage-three warrior could wield the amount of strength from just now!

But that was the truth…

Chu Liuyue rubbed her glabella helplessly . “I’m really fine . Please don’t worry, Your Highness . ”

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Xue Xue rushed in from outside at this point and leaped over to Chu Liuyue’s side . It sniffed around as if afraid that something was wrong with Chu Liuyue .

Chu Liuyue was tickled by the fur at the top of its head, and she laughed . “Okay, okay! Xue Xue, I’m fine! I’m not hurt!”

Xue Xue blinked . When it saw that Chu Liuyue was really okay, it rubbed against her neck as if asking for attention .

Rong Xiu glanced at Xue Xue .

Xue Xue stiffened immediately . It roared deeply and obediently stepped aside, lying on the floor .

Chu Liuyue rubbed its head and looked at Rong Xiu . “Your Highness, how did you get here so quickly?” she asked strangely .

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Xue Xue was a high-level fiend, and it was from the lion family, so it traveled fast . It must have started to make its way here when it heard the commotion, but it still lagged behind Rong Xiu .

“… Could it be that you were nearby?”

Rong Xiu could not help but laugh when he saw the girl’s gaze turn suspicious towards him . He pinched her face . “Don’t go imagining things . I was just taking a stroll since I couldn’t sleep . I headed over when I heard the commotion . ”

Chu Liuyue pulled his hand away, but she did not believe it .

Such a coincidence? Besides, even if you were taking a walk nearby, I still remember how fast you moved when you came over . This sickly Prince Li is masterful at hiding things…

Chu Liuyue did not continue asking and instead said, “Your Highness, it was a false alarm . Please, go back and rest . ”

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Rong Xiu looked at the broken door pointedly . “You sure you won’t tear the place down if I leave?”

Chu Liuyue was speechless .  There really is no way to explain this, is there?

“Just continue to form your pearl of essence . I’ll just be here, and I won’t get in your way . ” With that said, Rong Xiu sat down on a chair in the corner of the room . He picked up a book to read as if he did not intend to leave .

Chu Liuyue was speechless .  One clearly can’t win if they fight this guy over the thickness of their skin?

Whatever! The lake is in my dantian . There is no way outsiders will know about it . The most they will feel is the explosive power contained within it . All that can be explained with a pearl of essence as well .

Hang on! A thought suddenly surged into Chu Liuyue’s mind, and she finally understood what the book page’s sentence meant .  It was telling me to use it as the pearl of essence?!

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