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Chapter 75: Choices
Chapter 75: Choices

Chu Liuyue wasn’t really upset that she had to give her room up to Rong Xiu . He had helped her out a few times, so she owed him . It was nothing to let him stay for a night .

Upon walking out of the bedroom, she pondered for a moment before heading to the study room .

There was a bed in the study room as well, but Chu Liuyue did not intend to sleep . She wanted to make a breakthrough and finally become a true warrior today!

Chu Liuyue closed the windows and doors before she sat on the bed with folded legs and slowly closed her eyes .

This body had the Dijing Yuan meridian, so she cultivated much faster than other cultivators . Therefore, even though her Yuan meridian had only been restored recently, there was an ample amount of Heaven and Earth Force in Chu Liuyue’s body .

Since she had gotten into Tian Lu Academy, she no longer needed to hide the fact that her Yuan meridian had been restored .

The room was rather quiet .

Soon, the Heaven and Earth Force began converging towards Chu Liuyue’s body .

Tonight, I shall make a breakthrough to become a warrior!

The rainy night was destined to be eventful .

The Lu family .

“Yan’er, did Chu Liuyue really beat Minmin in the assessment?”

After the assessment, the school had a three-day break . The moment Lu Feiyan arrived home, she was pulled into the study room and interrogated over what happened in the academy .

Lu Feiyan pouted . “It’s true . ”

The members of the Lu family looked at one another .

“This… Did Chu Liuyue really go from zero to hero?” They did not believe it when they first heard the news .

How could Chu Liuyue—who had a lacking Yuan meridian that even heavenly doctors could not fix—recover?

However, they now had no choice but to believe it!

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“Hmph, I think it’s strange . That Chu Liuyue must have resorted to some tactics to defeat Minmin! She’s vicious . Not only did she defeat Minmin, but she disfigured her too! Minmin hates her guts now!”

The adults were stunned and shook their heads when they heard what had happened .

“This Chu Liuyue has really offended the Chu family now! She is different than before, and Chu Ning has become the Commander in Chief of the imperial guards, so they are arrogant! But I think it’ll be difficult for them to survive in the Imperial City…”

“The Chu family has sent word, Second Elder…”

“Even though we don’t really get along with the Chu family, Minmin does carry Lu family blood in her . Besides, a starving camel is still bigger than a horse . There’s no need to offend the Chu family now . ”


Gu family .

Even though it was vacation time, Gu Mingfeng did not return home, as usual .

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The members of the Gu family were not bothered by it . Instead, they were discussing what attitude they should have towards the Chu family .

“Chu Ning’s status is different now . If we don’t show him some respect, won’t it be the same as disrespecting His Majesty? The Chu family is on the decline, so there’s no need to be so wary of them…”

“Even if that’s the case, the Chu family still has some formidable characters! No matter how excellent Chu Ning is, he’s still alone . I don’t think he’ll prevail over the people from the Chu Family!”

“If that’s the case, we…”

“Support the Chu family!”

Si family .

No long after Si Ting and Si Yang returned home, the head of the household, Si Ye, called them in for questioning .

There was only the trio in the room .

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“What do you all think of Chu Liuyue?” Si Ye asked directly .

“Sir, that Chu Liuyue is rather formidable! She’s only slightly weaker than Big Brother! The Chu Family has really been blind all these years!” Si Yang said excitedly .

Si Ye put his hands behind his back . “Chu Liuyue broke off her relations with the Chu family today . ”

“What?” Si Yang cried out loud . However, he did not see anything wrong with her actions when he thought of the way the Chu family treated her . “… It’s understandable she did this after the way they treated her… She’s bold!”

Si Ting, who had been silent, looked towards Si Ye . “Master, your choice?”

Such wit and wisdom make a person made for big things .  Si Ye looked at him approvingly . “Chu family . In fact, it won’t be just me . Everyone in the Imperial City will probably make the same choice . The Chu Family… I’m afraid they won’t give her the chance or time to grow . ”

However, Si Ting shook his head . “I would like to ask you to choose Chu Liuyue . ”

Si Ye was stunned . “Why?”

Si Ting was silent for an instant . “Her abilities are way above mine . Besides, it’s her that will not give the Chu family any chances . ”

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