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Chapter 42: 42
Chapter 42: Pit of Heavenly Origins

“Come on! I’ll show you around the academy!” Bai Chen was very emotional and excited since he could not wait to accept Chu Liuyue as his disciple . It would be the biggest regret in his life if he missed such a talented Xuan Master .

He was upset about being sent to host the assessment at first, but now he was just very grateful for the chance . He could enjoy the benefits of this favorable position and win Chu Liuyue over before the other fellows found out about her talent .

Looking at his excited expression, Chu Liuyue could not help but laugh . “Teacher Bai Chen, isn’t this too soon?”

“No! Not soon at all! You didn’t make it for the admission in January, so you’re very late when compared to the other students . More than half of the semester is now over . You must hurry up and catch up with them . It’s better if you follow me around to familiarize yourself with the environment first at the very least . ”

When he said that, he suddenly thought of something and slapped his thigh . “Oh, right . After you start school, will you be living in the Chu family estate or in the academy? If you’re living in the academy, I’ll get someone to arrange your lodging . ”

Tian Lu Academy’s students were normally free to choose . Students with homes in the Imperial City would normally choose to stay at home . Whereas the other students who came from other parts of the country would choose to stay in the academy .

Tian Lu Academy was the top academy in Country Yao Chen, so it definitely had decent facilities . However, when compared to the various distinguished families’ estates in the Imperial City, it was still considered simple and basic . Thus, many aristocratic children would spend more time at home, apart from their cultivation training .

Speaking of which, Chu Liuyue was also the Chu family’s legitimate eldest daughter . However, Bai Chen knew very clearly that Chu Liuyue did not have a good life after being called an invalid for more than a decade .

Besides, the news of her dissolving her marriage agreement with the Crown Prince was still spreading like wildfire amongst the public . There were probably only very few people in the Chu family who treated her genuinely .

Seeing Bai Chen’s enthusiasm, Chu Liuyue’s heart tingled slightly since she knew that he was thinking for her . She bowed . “I’ll have to trouble you then, Teacher Bai Chen . ”

Bai Chen was slightly shocked and waved his hand . “In the future, I’m also considered your teacher . What’s there to thank when it’s such a small matter? If you don’t have anything else to do, why don’t you follow me around the academy?”

Chu Liuyue nodded . “Okay . ”

As they talked, the duo walked towards Tian Lu Academy one after another .

The crowd then finally comprehended what had happened thoroughly . Looking at the thin, young girl, they could not even utter a single word in a short amount of time .

Who would have thought that she could make it this far?

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Bai Chen also clearly looked very impressed by her .

Chu Liuyue would no longer be the Chu family’s invalid that could be bullied by anyone and everyone in the future .

Chu Liuyue walked towards the entrance, step by step, and suddenly paused for a while as her gaze slowly swept past the three words ‘Tian Lu Academy . ’

She was finally admitted to the top academy in Country Yao Chen . However, this was just the beginning .

After Chu Liuyue followed Bai Chen into Tian Lu Academy, the happenings of that day spread across the entire Imperial City rapidly as if the news had wings .

Finally, Chu Liuyue formally entered Tian Lu Academy after passing through the boundary at the entrance .

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The moment she walked in, she immediately felt that the surrounding Heaven and Earth Force was much stronger than outside .

When she was outside, she could already see that a gigantic boundary covered Tian Lu Academy . The boundary was clearly built using a Xuan formation, which merged with the entire academy perfectly .

One look across and Chu Liuyue had already noticed quite a few Xuan formation focal points .

She raised her brows and was quite surprised .

Tian Lu Academy’s Xuan formation was much stronger than what she had imagined . It was indeed surprising to see such quality in the small Country Yao Chen . It seemed like it was a wise decision to come to Tian Lu Academy .

Bai Chen had been secretly observing Chu Liuyue the entire time . When he saw the changes in her expression, his heart tingled . “Little Liuyue, did you feel something?”

Chu Liuyue naturally knew that he was testing her and smiled . “The academy… seems to be different from the outside world . It seems like there’s… the power from a Xuan formation . ”

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“You really noticed it!” Bai Chen was very excited, and he sighed in his heart .  Chu Liuyue is really the most talented person I have seen in so many years when it comes to Xuan Masters .  When he thought of this, he could not help but ask, “Little Liuyue, you are very gifted as a Xuan Master, why didn’t you…”

Even Bai Chen did not have the face to continue with his sentence . Everyone knew that Chu Liuyue was labeled as a ‘good-for-nothing’ for more than a decade . Even he thought the same way before the assessment today .

Logically speaking, a family like the Chu family would definitely not miss such a talent…

Chu Liuyue smiled nonchalantly . “It’s all matters of the past . I’ve also just coincidentally discovered that I have a little talent . ”

Bai Chen muttered to himself, “If that’s ‘little,’ then there won’t be many talented people in the entire Country Yao Chen . ”

It’s a pity that Chu Liuyue discovered her potential so late . Her capabilities would be much greater if her talent was discovered a few years earlier . The Chu family basically delayed her development .

Bai Chen thought about this in his heart, but he did not continue talking when he saw that Chu Liuyue seemed reluctant to talk about this topic . Then, he started to introduce the academy to her in detail .

“Enough of that! Since you’re a Tian Lu Academy student from now on, you’ll be very different from the past . I believe you can also feel that the force inside the academy is much stronger than the outside world . This is because there’s a Pit of Heavenly Origins in the academy . That Pit of Heavenly Origins can produce vast amounts of Heaven and Earth Force on its own . Back then, our first director created this Xuan formation to suppress the Pit of Heavenly Origins so that training in the academy would be much faster than training outside . ”

Chu Liuyue’s eyes sparkled . This was her real motive for coming to Tian Lu Academy .

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