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Chapter 4: 4

Chu Xianmin was so surprised to see this familiar face that she almost bolted from her seat .  It really is Chu Liuyue! How could this be? Song Lian and his two lackeys aren’t weaklings . It should be a piece of cake for them to deal with a mere Chu Liuyue . Everything has been arranged, but Chu Liuyue still…

“Yue’er!” Chu Ning rushed over nervously the moment he saw his daughter . “Yue’er, what happened to you?”

The worrying look in Chu Ning’s eyes warmed Chu Liuyue’s heart . She could feel it . Chu Ning truly loved his daughter . Even though she was a loser, his love for her as a father had not lessened .


A pity . The real Chu Liuyue was dead .


Chu Liuyue patted Chu Ning’s hand and gave him a reassuring smile . “Don’t worry, Father . I’m fine . ”

Chu Ning was still unconvinced even after her reassurance . However, upon a closer look, she didn’t seem to be hurt . He finally let go of that stone in his heart . For some reason, he was puzzled when he saw the smile on his daughter’s face . There was something different about her . In the past, Yue’er was always submissive and delicate . However, at this moment, her black irises seemed to be sparkling like the brightest stars in the night sky .

“Sister, you’re back! I was sick with worry . ”

Chu Liuyue looked up and saw that Chu Xianmin looked ecstatic as if she was truly happy to see Chu Liuyue .

Worried? Chu Liuyue sneered inwardly . Chu Xianmin’s worry was more from fear of seeing her safe return . “Oh? Were you really worried about me, Third Sister? I seem to recall that you were accusing me of theft just now when I was standing outside,” retorted Chu Liuyue, unflustered .

Chu Xianmin felt a cold sweat form on her back in an instant .  What the h*ll is going on with this Chu Liuyue? Not only did she survive her ordeal, but she also seems to be a changed person! She actually dared to question me in front of so many people!

“Dear Sister, you must be mistaken . You were not back, and it was getting late . I was anxious and came to ask First Elder about it . ” With that, her eyes started to well up with tears again . “After all… you can’t even protect yourself . If you were bullied while you were out, I wouldn’t be able to forgive myself . ” Chu Xianmin was deliberately mocking her for being a loser because she couldn’t cultivate .


If it was the former Chu Liuyue, she would have been deceived by Chu Xianmin’s act, that the latter had truly been worried . However, Chu Liuyue was a changed person . She would not be tricked by Chu Xianmin’s unorthodox means .

Chu Xianmin was the most gifted amongst the Chu family’s younger generation . By saying such things, she was implying that Chu Liuyue was useless . Even her leaving the house was a problem!

Sure enough, First Elder’s eyes immediately filled with disgust as he reprimanded angrily . “Who knows what you’ve been doing out so late today! If you can’t even handle such trivial matters, don’t bother going out anymore! You’ll only shame our family name . Such a good-for-nothing!”

Chu Ning’s expression suddenly turned cold . He stepped forward, shielding Chu Liuyue behind him . With both fists tightly clenched by his side, he forced himself to restrain his emotions . “First Elder, Yue’er is still a child . Aren’t you being too harsh on her?” He might not be who he used to be, but he simply couldn’t allow other people to bully his daughter .


Chu Liuyue was startled as she stared at the towering figure in front of her . She was overwhelmed . In her last life, she was destined to be a strong and noble princess . She always handled everything herself . To her, being loved was a foreign feeling that was too precious .


She would do everything to protect the people who truly loved her this time . Whatever it took .

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“Father . ” Chu Liuyue tugged his hand and stepped forward .

Chu Ning looked at her, fully expecting her to give in like she always did . However, all he saw was calmness in her eyes .

The petite girl straightened her back and lifted her chin . There was an inexplicable strength within her . “Don’t worry, First Elder . Everything that needed to be bought is in order and is being delivered to the warehouse . You can go and check if you don’t believe me . As for why I came back so late today, I think Third Sister knows best . ”

“Sister, what nonsense are you spouting?” Chu Xianmin panicked when she heard this . The tone of her voice became hostile .  Has Chu Liuyue already guessed that I sent Song Lian and the others?

Chu Liuyue looked at her with a smile, feigning surprise . “Sister, didn’t you give me the silver taels to help you to buy something?”

Chu Xianmin was stumped . She did no such thing! But… that was exactly what she had just said to First Elder and Chu Ning . She had wanted to take this opportunity to frame Chu Liuyue, but the latter had taken advantage of the situation for her benefit .

Chu Liuyue stretched out her hand . A jade pendant shaped like a pomegranate was lying in her palm . “Third Sister, since the money you gave me was not enough, I left your other Flower Moon Pomegranate Jade Pendant as collateral in Zhen Bao Pavilion . You may have it back when you send the rest of the money tomorrow . ”

The jade pendant was a dowry brought by Chu Xianmin’s mother . Not only was it very precious because of its exquisiteness, but also because it could warm one’s body . There was nothing like it in the whole of Imperial City . Chu Xianmin was very fond of it, and she wore it often .

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Everyone would testify that it belonged to Chu Xianmin for precisely the same reason .

When First Elder heard this, he looked at Chu Xianmin with suspicion . “Minmin, is what she said true?” The pendant was her treasured belonging . It would be difficult for anyone to take it unless she gave it to them .

It would have been fine if she had bought something else, but Zhen Bao Pavilion was the most luxurious place in the entire Imperial City . Everything inside was of good quality and considerable value .

Although the Chu family was also a noble family, its status had gradually declined in recent years . It was not as glamorous as it appeared to be . Even as one of the Chu Family’s elders, he couldn’t just squander money in a place like Zhen Bao Pavilion!

Chu Xianmin gritted her teeth secretly . It was a deliberate plot to make everyone believe that Chu Liuyue had stolen something and fled . Who would’ve thought that her plan would backfire?

“Y-Yes… I like one of the items in Zhen Bao Pavilion . I asked Sister to go on my behalf . Lately, I’ve been too occupied with my cultivation to leave the house . ” She had no choice but to go with the flow . The things in Zhen Bao Pavilion might be costly . Nevertheless, she could still afford to buy one or two items .

She would have to find out about the Song Lian trio’s situation before she could deal with Chu Liuyue .

At the mention of her cultivation, First Elder’s demeanor softened considerably . He said warmly, “What does it matter? You are the best in our Chu family’s younger generation . You can have anything you want!”

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Chu Xianmin smiled sweetly . “Thank you very much, First Elder . ”

Chu Liuyue laughed inwardly .  It’s not that easy to get away with this .  For the time being, she couldn’t completely antagonize Chu Xianmin . However, it was also impossible for her to suffer in silence . “First Elder, are you planning to help my sister pay the rest of the money using the family’s accounts?” asked Chu Liuyue curiously .

First Elder and Chu Xianmin were stunned in unison . Then, both hesitated .

The Chu family’s rules were strict . Everyone’s monthly salary was distributed according to their ranks . If First Elder forked out money for Chu Xianmin from the family’s account, he would be upsetting the other family members .

“This is Minmin’s business . She should be responsible for it . ”

Chu Xianmin worked hard to maintain her reputation over the years . Naturally, she couldn’t allow it to be tarnished . She took matters into her own hands right then and there .

The items in Zhen Bao Pavilion might be expensive, but she was everyone’s favorite, so she managed to save a fair amount of silver . It wouldn’t be a problem for her to spend several thousand silver taels on one or two items .

She pretended to be generous and gentle as she looked at Chu Liuyue with a smile . “Sister, you can pick up the treasure tomorrow?”

Chu Liuyue nodded as a sly look flashed in her eyes . “That’s right . I’ve already paid Zhen Bao Pavilion with the 1,000 silver taels you gave me . You only have to give me the remaining 199,000 taels tomorrow . ”


Chu Xianmin thought she had misheard, and she screamed subconsciously . “What?!”


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