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Chapter 38: 38

The spectators outside the court looked at each other in silence and only comprehended what had happened after a while—when Bai Chen was testing Chu Liuyue, he had actually used skills above the standards of a stage-three warrior .

This also meant that he did not even lower his abilities to a stage-three warrior, just like what Chu Liuyue had said . Then… what exactly did this mean?

Bai Chen’s face flushed, and he felt embarrassed . He initially thought that this move could destroy Chu Liuyue, but he didn’t expect that he was unable to control it properly and had spoiled the assessment .

It was humiliating to commit such a low-level mistake in front of so many people .

However… What exactly happened just now? Bai Chen’s eyebrows knitted tightly as he stared straight at Chu Liuyue . He was a stage-five warrior and was considered strong in Country Yao Chen . He had assessed a few students in the past, but he had never made such a mistake .

He clearly remembered that he felt a scary murderous intent from Chu Liuyue earlier, so he subconsciously used his real abilities . However, how could an invalid like Chu Liuyue make him feel such intense suppression and oppression?

Bai Chen did not understand it, no matter how much he thought about it . He looked at Chu Liuyue with suspicious eyes as if he wanted to burn a hole in her .

“Senior Bai Chen, you previously said that I’d pass if I can last three moves from you . However, you exceeded a stage-three warrior’s ability in the first move… What should we do about this?” asked Chu Liuyue calmly as if the incident that just happened had no impact on her .

This question made Bai Chen’s face contort even more . Even though he was upset, he had to admit that the exchange just now could prove Chu Liuyue’s abilities to some extent since she could force him to use his true strength .

This young girl must be hiding something up her sleeves .

The spectators outside fell into dead silence .

After a while, Bai Chen’s voice boomed . “If you can endure my next move head-on, I’ll immediately let you pass . ” After he finished his sentence, he moved his feet quickly and dashed towards Chu Liuyue .

Chu Liuyue’s lips curved up unnoticeably .

An average person would know that it was slightly overboard for Bai Chen to ask her to face his move head-on and endure it .

Even if he had lowered his ability to a stage-three warrior’s standards, he was originally a stage-five warrior, so the abilities he executed would definitely be stronger than that of a stage-three warrior .

Even a true stage-three warrior might not be able to go against him head-on .

Chu Liuyue raised her eyes and saw that Bai Chen was already near her .

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The merciless punch went straight for her face . This punch had even more force than the first time he attacked .

“It’s over . Chu Liuyue didn’t even give Bai Chen any face . She’s definitely going to be taught a lesson . ”

“This punch will probably cause Chu Liuyue’s bones to break . ”

“Pfft, so what? Chu Liuyue was asking for it . She should just obediently hide in a corner as an invalid and stop hallucinating…”

The spectators discussed silently as if they had already foreseen Chu Liuyue’s miserable defeat .

Under countless eyes, the thin, young girl in the middle of the court suddenly understood what to do . She did not make any extra movements . Instead, she spread her legs and lunged forward as her right hand turned into a fist .

The crowd gasped loudly .

Chu Liuyue actually chose to face Bai Chen head-on and formed a fist as well .

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A deep sound of impact was made .

The duo’s fists harshly smashed against each other .

In comparison, Chu Liuyue’s fist was only half the size of Bai Chen’s . Her fist looked extremely small next to his .

Some people could not help but hold their breaths as they thought, The bones in Chu Liuyue’s hand will probably shatter .

As expected, they saw Chu Liuyue’s body shiver in the next moment as blood started trickling out of her mouth .

Just when they thought everything was over, they saw that Bai Chen’s face did not have any signs of happiness . Instead, there was shock .

He widened his eyes and looked at Chu Liuyue as if he were looking at a weirdo . “You! You…” He opened his mouth, but he did not know what to say . However, his mind was thoroughly flipped around .

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Chu Liuyue’s capabilities had exceeded his imagination .

Logically speaking, Chu Liuyue should definitely not have been able to endure that punch . However, she was still standing in her original spot, without having even moved back an inch .

Besides, he could clearly feel that Chu Liuyue’s punch was much stronger than what he had expected .

He silently clenched his teeth even harder .


The ground below Chu Liuyue started to crack, and the crack lines rapidly spread . However, Chu Liuyue did not move at all .

In actual fact, her entire body was enduring an immense pressure . The strength within Bai Chen’s punch was definitely not what an average stage-three warrior could exhibit . Even though she had already fixed her Yuan meridian and trained diligently these days, the difference between them was very large, and it was hard to overcome it .

Her internal organs were squeezed into a ball by an invisible force as if they would explode in the next second . However, she had still met with this attack head-on .

She looked at Bai Chen, and her clear, bright eyes sparkled . She enunciated every word clearly as she asked, “Senior Bai Chen, do I pass this round?”

Bai Chen clenched his teeth but did not retract his fist . His voice boomed as he said, “Pass!”

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