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Chapter 188: 188
Chapter 188: They have an Excellent Relationship

Yan Qing felt that there was something wrong with Chu Liuyue’s statement .  Why does Ms . Liuyue seem to be… angry?

However, Chu Liuyue had already left before he could say anything else .

“Ms . Liuyue, you—” Yan Qing thought for a while and hurriedly returned to Yi Feng Courtyard . When he walked in, he saw his master reading a book .

“Master, Ms . Liuyue went out just now and asked me about some things . ”

Rong Xiu said, “Mm” and flipped to the next page .

Upon seeing his master’s behavior, Yan Qing could not help but mutter to himself: Master must know what we’ve talked about, but why does he have no reaction? Did the two of them quarrel?

“Master, I’ve already explained to Ms . Liuyue that you said a sentence to make all those women leave . ”

Master has already done so much to keep himself innocent, but why does Ms . Liuyue still seem unhappy?

Rong Xiu finally looked up from the book and glanced at Yan Qing . “Yan Qing . ”

“I’m here . ”

“You haven’t had a wife yet, right?”

“I’ve been following Master since I was young, so you know that I don’t have a wife . ”

Rong Xiu rubbed his brows .  Yan Qing is good at everything, but he’s dumb in terms of relationships . However, this is good since he is the most suited to do the task .

Seeing his Master’s expression, Yan Qing felt that he did something wrong and immediately bowed to show his remorse . “Your Highness, it’s all my fault! When Ms . Liuyue comes back, I’ll apologize to her personally . ”

Rong Xiu finally could not help but smile . “It’s okay . I want her to get angry . ”

“Ah?” Yan Qing looked up in shock and lost his composure for once .  Doesn’t Master like Ms . Liuyue a lot? This… Logically speaking, he should want to make her happy more than ever, so why did he purposely anger her?

“Master, this… If Ms . Liuyue is really angry…” Aren’t you the one whose heart will ache?

Rong Xiu flipped to the next page and smiled with even deeper meaning . “It’ll be great if she really gets angry . ”

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Chu Liuyue naturally did not know that Rong Xiu had already set up a trap for her to jump inside . Even though Yan Qing’s words made her uncomfortable, she quickly forgot about them . This was because she had even more important tasks to do .

When she arrived at Zhen Bao Pavilion, it was already late, and Zhen Bao Pavilion was closing .

But the pageboy’s eyes immediately lit up when he saw Chu Liuyue, and he enthusiastically welcomed her . “Ms . Liuyue, you’re here! Quickly, come in!”

Ever since Yan Ge sent many valuable gifts to Chu Liuyue, everyone in Zhen Bao Pavilion knew that this person was very important .

Furthermore, when Chu Liuyue brought a few Zhen Bao Pavilion staff to the Chu family to chase her debts, she had given them many rewards when they returned . Thus, the entire Zhen Bao Pavilion thought of her as a very important guest .

While walking in, Chu Liuyue asked, “Where’s Second Master Yan? Is he not in today?”

“I’m here!” When Yan Ge heard her voice, he immediately walked out of the neighboring room . He was elated and emotional when he saw Chu Liuyue . “Ms . Liuyue, what made you come over? I heard that you’ve just returned from Wan Ling Mountain . Are you feeling better?”

Chu Liuyue smiled . “I’m fine . Thank you for your concern, Second Master Yan . ”

“You’re welcome! I wanted to visit you when I had the chance, but you returned to the academy after you came back . Hence, it’s not nice if I disturbed you, right?”

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Yan Ge felt that Chu Liuyue wouldn’t be in much trouble since that person had already taken action on his own .

“I appreciate your kindness . I have another matter I would like to trouble you with,” said Chu Liuyue as she passed him a piece of paper . “I wonder if Zhen Bao Pavilion has the herbs listed on the paper?”

Only a portion of the formula’s herbs was written on the paper .

Yan Ge took the paper, and he immediately looked serious when he saw the words on it . After a long while, he finally heaved a sigh of relief . “Ms . Liuyue, you don’t come here normally, but you give us such a difficult task once you do . None of these things are easy to find!”

“That’s why I came here . ”

Perhaps the Heavenly Pharmacy would have these things, but Zuo Rong and the rest would definitely find something amiss if she went there .

Chu Liuyue purposely went there the previous time to lure out the culprit, but it was different this time . She did not want others to know that she knew how to make the antidote for Red Blood Gu .

Something that none of the heavenly doctor teachers in the academy could solve was solved by her . Wasn’t this creating trouble for herself?

Yan Ge thought for a while and immediately understood what Chu Liuyue meant .

He found it weird that she did not come the previous time, but it seemed like she had her own plans .

“Okay! I’ll check if we have the items in the storeroom, and I’ll prepare them for you! However, we temporarily don’t have two of these herbs, so you have to wait for a while . ”

Chu Liuyue looked calm, but she was shocked in her heart .  All of the herbs on the paper are valuable and rare, so I thought it’d be pretty good if I could find three or four of them here . I didn’t expect them to lack two herbs only . Besides, he told me to wait? This means that they have a method of getting all the herbs on the list!

She knew that Zhen Bao Pavilion had a formidable background and was not just an ordinary store, but it seemed like they were much stronger than what she imagined .

“Thank you, Second Master Yan . ” Chu Liuyue thanked him before she seemingly asked casually, “Oh yeah, I wonder if your Master has returned to the Imperial City yet?”

Yan Ge paused and smiled . “Hahaha, I’m afraid that I have to disappoint you again… Master is busy accompanying Madam recently, so he doesn’t have much time . ”

“Accompanying Madam?” Chu Liuyue was a little surprised, but she felt that it was normal for such an important character with such great means to have a wife . “I didn’t expect your Master to be so considerate to his wife . They should have a good relationship, right?”

Yan Ge coughed .  He’s not only considerate . He has even given his entire person . However, this relationship… I wonder how she’ll react if I say that Master hasn’t won Madam over yet?

“Haha, of course! Our Madam is the most outstanding woman in the world, and our Master treats her like a treasure!” Yan Ge laughed and avoided Chu Liuyue’s gaze .

Saying this in front of her is really… Master keeps hiding this from her . Is he really not afraid that she will get angry? Forget it . I can’t care about that! Anyway, it’s better if I compliment her more now . Hence, it’ll be a plus point, even if she gets angry in the future!

“If you meet her in the future, you’ll know that I’m not lying . Haha!”

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