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Chapter 186
Chapter 186: Exchange

“Oh? Why?” Chu Liuyue was surprised .

“It’s obviously because of his face!” screamed Mu Hongyu . “Do you really think that Prince Li looks average?”

There’s nothing wrong with Chu Liuyue’s eyes, right…?

“…” Chu Liuyue’s eyelids twitched, and she was at a loss for words at that moment .

Mu Hongyu was not wrong . Rong Xiu’s demonic appearance could truly trick a lot of people .

“In the past, the most famous person in the academy was the Crown Prince . Objectively speaking, the Crown Prince is pretty handsome . But when compared to Rong Xiu… Pft, it’s tragic!”

The difference in their charm was as wide as the distance between heaven and earth .

“I heard that Prince Li’s mother was greatly loved by the Emperor back then and that the present most doted on consort can’t even be her match . It’s not hard to imagine why from Prince Li’s appearance . When he showed up yesterday, countless women fell head over heels for him!”

Chu Liuyue suddenly remembered that Rong Xiu was just quietly lying down to rest in Yi Feng Courtyard the previous day . Yet, he had already attracted many women’s admiration .

Her heart felt stuffy for some reason, but her face did not show it . She quietly flipped the booklet in her hands and seemingly asked casually, “Prince Li is pretty handsome, but he’s always sick, and his body is very frail . Don’t they mind that?”

“Why would they? Did you forget that he’s the Seventh Prince—Prince Li? Just this title alone will cause many women to pounce at him, let alone with him being this good looking . I think there’s a whole bunch of girls who are willing to take care of him . ”

Chu Liuyue paused in her actions . “… That’s true . ”

“I heard that Prince Li is going to be staying at the academy for now, and many people have set their eyes on him . However, it’s lucky that his lodging is kind of special, so an average student doesn’t dare to go near him . I remember that you live quite near him, right?”

Chu Liuyue looked up at her . “What do you want to say?”

Mu Hongyu chuckled . “Nothing much, but I just think that Prince Li treats you differently!”

She lowered her voice, and her nosy desire burned . “Prince Li hasn’t really appeared in public much after he returned to the Imperial City . , The only time he did was at the Crown Prince’s banquet, and he even helped you out then . Isn’t that weird? Anyway, I just feel that he treats you differently…”

Something flashed across Chu Liuyue’s eyes as she picked up the booklet and hit Mu Hongyu’s head . “So when you said you were bored, you spent your time thinking about this?”

“Aiyo!” Mu Hongyu touched her forehead . “I was just kidding!”

“I think your injuries are still pretty serious . Is your cultivation time going to run out soon?”

When Chu Liuyue mentioned this, Mu Hongyu pouted . “Yeah! I went to Jiuyou Tower to cultivate many times because of Wan Ling Mountain, but it’s a pity that I haven’t become a stage-four warrior until now . ”

Chu Liuyue thought for a while . “Do you really want to break through?”

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“You have a way?”

“Actually, you should be on the verge of breaking through . If you cultivate for a while longer after your body recovers, you can smoothly become a stage-four warrior . ”

Mu Hongyu held up her chin with both hands and curiously asked, “I heard that some pills can help one in breaking through? Liuyue, since you can help Zhongshu with his poison, can you help me—”

“No matter what, using pills still means you’re depending on an external force . Even though you can rapidly break through, it’ll pose a huge disadvantage to your future cultivation . If you consume such a pill now, it will most likely halve your future progress . ”

“Oh, I see . ” Mu Hongyu was shocked and hurriedly rejected, “I don’t want it then! I’ll just diligently cultivate . ”

“Just rest well for the next few days, and I’ll lend you some of my cultivation time later . When you become a stage-four warrior, you can just return the hours to me by completing the tasks listed in the booklet . ”

Chu Liuyue then returned the booklet to Mu Hongyu and wanted to stand up to leave .

“Aish… Liuyue, how do you plan to earn cultivation time? The tasks are pretty troublesome!”

The corner of Chu Liuyue’s eyes gained smiling intent . “I have my own ways . ”

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“What? Are you sure you want to use this fifth-grade Xuan formation drawing to trade for your cultivation time?” asked Elder Wei Yun in shock when he looked at the Xuan formation drawing in his hands .

Chu Liuyue left and returned just because of this?

“That’s right . ” Chu Liuyue looked at him strangely . “Why? Can’t I exchange it?”

“You can, but… this fifth-grade Xuan formation drawing is very valuable . Are you sure you want to use it?”

Elder Wei Yun still could not believe it .  An average person wouldn’t even see a fifth-grade Xuan formation drawing; they would also definitely treasure it to death once they have such an item, but what’s with Chu Liuyue? How can she directly use it to exchange for Jiuyou Tower cultivation time?

This is too wasteful!

“Liuyue, I think you should consider this carefully . You don’t have to cultivate at Jiuyou Tower since you can cultivate somewhere else . It might be slower, but it’s stable . Why are you so anxious?”

Elder Wei Yun had already tried very hard to say his words curtly . Actually, he really disapproved of Chu Liuyue’s actions .  Does she not understand what ‘more haste less speed’ means?

Chu Liuyue’s lips curved up slightly .

Of course, I know that I can absorb Heaven and Earth Force to cultivate at any place, but the Dijing Yuan meridian can withstand the force much better than an average Yuan meridian . Not only will I not feel any adverse effects in Jiuyou Tower, but I can even increase my cultivation speed . Why will I not do it?

Besides, I’m truly in a rush for time .

“Elder Wei Yun, I know what I’m doing . Could you help me exchange it?”

Seeing Chu Liuyue’s determined look, Elder Wei Yun knew that there was no point in advising her, so he could only agree . He accepted the fifth-grade Xuan formation drawing, placed Chu Liuyue’s nameplate on the black stone, and lightly drew on it .

Chu Liuyue clearly saw that the number above changed from ‘0’ to ‘200’ .

“Thank you, Elder Wei Yun!” Chu Liuyue happily placed the nameplate back on her chest .

With these 200 hours, she temporarily did not need to worry about earning more cultivation time .

Elder Wei Yun secretly shook his head .  This child’s mindset and thinking aren’t far-sighted enough . I need to properly advise her another day…

Chu Liuyue glanced at him and knew what he was thinking, but she had no plans of explaining herself . If she told him now that she would come again and continue to use Xuan formation drawings to exchange for cultivation time, Elder Wei Yun might even want to beat her up .

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