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Chapter 159: 159
Chapter 159: Teach

Why didn’t I help her? Chu Liuyue sneered in her heart and wanted to ask why she should’ve helped Gu Mingzhu . Chu Liuyue was not related to Gu Mingzhu, and Gu Mingzhu had even sold her out to the black flying python to save herself .

I did not even calculate this debt, so why does the Gu family have the cheek to ask me to compensate for Gu Mingzhu’s life?

Chu Liuyue lightly said, “The situation was very dangerous back then, and it was already very hard for me to survive . How can I still care for other people? Madam Gu, don’t forget that it was a black flying python . Do you think I’m its match?”

Yue Zhenling was stumped . “T-then, how did you escape? Who knows if you used my daughter’s life to exchange for yours? Yes, it must be so!” When Yue Zhenling said this, her voice suddenly went higher as if she was certain that Chu Liuyue had used despicable means to survive .

Chu Liuyue was so angry that she laughed .

The saying went ‘like father like son . ’ Yue Zhenling and her daughter, Gu Mingzhu, really thought the same way .

If the person at the scene were Yue Zhenling instead, she would probably make the same decision as Gu Mingzhu and use other people’s lives to exchange for her own .

“Madam Gu, I’ve already explained it clearly . I was lucky to survive, but you don’t believe me . What else do you want me to say? You only believe in your own imagination . Since that’s the case, I can’t stop you . However, if you can’t produce evidence, I’m not leaving with you . I still have something on, so I’ll take my leave . ”

Then, Chu Liuyue turned around to leave .

“You can’t go!” Yue Zhenling went forward and tried to grab Chu Liuyue’s sleeves, but Chu Liuyue easily avoided her .

Chu Liuyue’s patience was running out . “Madam Gu, I’m not that patient . ” Her tone was calm, but a harsh cold light flashed across her black eyes .

For some reason, Madam Gu was suddenly afraid, and she did not dare to hold Chu Liuyue back .

Chu Liuyue turned around and walked to the academy .

Bai Chen walked to Yue Zhenling and sighed before saying some comforting words . “Madam Gu, I know Mingzhu’s incident has greatly impacted you . As teachers, we’re also very sad . However, even so, you can’t randomly accuse someone else, right? Besides, we all know Little Liuyue’s character very clearly, and she would never do something like that . So, I think you should go back home and rest today . ”

Yue Zhenling refused . “Teacher Bai Chen, you’re just bent on protecting Chu Liuyue, right? How exactly did she brainwash you to believe her in this manner? Think about it, if she didn’t use some tricks in that situation, how could she possibly escape?”

Bai Chen’s face turned cold . “Madam Gu, do you mean that all the teachers and elders in Tian Lu Academy are protecting Chu Liuyue?”

Yue Zhenling thought that this was possible, but she did not dare to say it aloud . She glared at Chu Liuyue with resentment .  Lu Yao is right . This Chu Liuyue really is a cunning and poisonous snake!

“Hah, I don’t know what kind of person Chu Liuyue is, but I know that she could even betray the Chu family that brought her up . She even stirred chaos in their family after she left . Who knows what she could do to other people? Chu Liuyue, if you don’t give me a satisfying explanation, I’ll never leave . ”

Yue Zhenling’s legs then gave way, and she collapsed on the floor . She loudly cried, “Mingzhu! My pitiful daughter! You’ve died a terrible death! Other people harmed you, but I can’t do anything about it! I’m so useless . Your mother is so useless!”

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When her few subordinates saw Yue Zhenling on the floor, they immediately knelt down and cried in unison, “Second Missy, you were harmed by a despicable person!”

Is she planning to cry in front of Tian Lu Academy? Chu Liuyue’s eyelids twitched . She knitted her brows and turned around .  This is ridiculous . No matter what, Yue Zhenling is the Gu family’s Mistress and has a distinguished status . How can she do something like this? No matter how depressed and furious she is, doing this is akin to tarnishing the Gu family’s reputation . Why didn’t she consider that at all?

When Yue Zhenling saw Chu Liuyue give a reaction, she thought that Chu Liuyue was scared and instantly cried even louder . Her miserable shrills could be heard from miles away .

Very quickly, many people gathered around to watch the commotion .

Some people started pointing at Chu Liuyue and looked very nosy .

Bai Chen had never seen such a scene and was shocked . When he recovered his senses, he was furious .  Their cries will defame Chu Liuyue; they have also disregarded Tian Lu Academy completely!

He knitted his brows and said, “Madam Gu, this commotion isn’t very suitable, right?”

Yue Zhenling pretended like she did not hear him and continued crying,

“You…” Bai Chen’s temper exploded, and he became anxious .

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Chu Liuyue hurriedly held him back . “Teacher Bai Chen, don’t . ”

The first person who acted in this situation would be in the wrong .

Bai Chen was beyond frustrated . “Am I supposed to let her cause a commotion here then? What about your reputation?”

The surrounding audience had generally understood what happened and began discussing the situation softly .

“I knew that this person’s status was different . It turns out she’s Madam Gu! It’s no wonder she dares to go against Tian Lu Academy!”

“That can’t be… Tian Lu Academy isn’t one to be trifled with . ”

“Don’t you know? Gu Mingzhu is Madam Gu’s only daughter, and her status in the Gu family was only secure because of Gu Mingzhu . Now that Gu Mingzhu is dead, many people are eyeing her position . She’s in a perilous situation, so how can she not hate Chu Liuyue? You can’t blame her for causing a scene . ”

“No wonder! According to her, it seems like Chu Liuyue caused Gu Mingzhu’s death?”

“I find it weird as well . Think about it, why did only Chu Liuyue survive in such a dangerous situation? Gu Mingzhu was the Gu family’s most doted on Second Missy . She must’ve had a trump card on her, yet she died . However, Chu Liuyue…”

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“Actually, I wanted to say that this Chu Liuyue is a little sinister . When the Chu family was bad to her, she severed ties with them . The Chu family’s days then became miserable . I heard that Gu Mingzhu wasn’t on good terms with her, and she died after being trapped with her . What happened in between… it’s really hard to say…”

Upon hearing the discussions, Bai Chen was beyond furious, and he looked at Chu Liuyue . However, not only was she calm, but even her lips had curled into a smile .

“Aiya! Little Liuyue, how can you smile at this moment?! If these people continue babbling, you’ll really become responsible for Gu Mingzhu’s death! Don’t you know that the majority wins?”

Chu Liuyue hugged her arms and lightly smiled . “Teacher Bai Chen, someone purposely arranged such a show for us . Won’t it be a waste if we don’t admire it properly?”

Bai Chen was stunned . “Y-you mean that these people…”

“I don’t believe Madam Gu would do such a despicable thing, considering her distinguished status,” said Chu Liuyue calmly as she walked to Yue Zhenling . “Madam Gu, who taught you this?”

Yue Zhenling’s cries suddenly stopped .

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