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Chapter 129: Injured
Chapter 129: Injured

Upon sensing the danger, the wolf pack leader stopped its attack on Gu Mingfeng and turned to lunge at Chu Liuyue .

Her sword scraped across the wolf’s back, but its fur was as strong as steel needles! Her sword only managed to leave a small cut on it!

Chu Liuyue pursed her lips . Even though the wolf pack leader was only a third-grade fiend, its ability could be compared to fourth-grade fiends! The most important thing was its fur coat!

However, Chu Liuyue’s actions completely angered the wolf! It landed on the ground near her after their exchange of blows, a cold and murderous aura coming from it .

“Awoo!” The wolf pack leader howled as it ran towards Chu Liuyue!

Chu Liuyue raised her sword to meet the wolf’s attacks .

The wolf went straight for the sword’s body with its teeth .


Her sword broke in half! Chu Liuyue only had a broken sword in her hand now!

The wolf pressed on and went for Chu Liuyue’s neck!

Gu Mingfeng’s heart dropped when he saw this! However, Chu Liuyue did not back down . Instead, she shoved the broken sword down the wolf’s throat .

The wolf cried out in pain . The next instant, it mustered all its anger and energy and bit the sword to pieces!

Blood splattered everywhere .

Chu Liuyue felt a few drops of the warm liquid splash on her face; the smell of blood was nauseating . She quickly let go of the sword and backed away .

The wolf attacked again . This time, even faster than before .

Chu Liuyue could not avoid its advance in time . She could already see the wolf’s sharp teeth . She tilted her head and narrowly avoided the wolf pack leader’s attack .

In the next instant, her eye filled with killing intent . She brought her knee up and kicked the wolf’s stomach .

That kick would have been fatal for regular people, but it was not much for the wolf pack leader . It only paused briefly before it continued attacking .

Its sharp claws went for Chu Liuyue’s heart! If she got hit, she would definitely die!

Gu Mingfeng—who had just managed to get up—froze when he saw the scene before him . His pupils constricted, and his heart jumped into his mouth .

At this time, a light flashed .

The wolf pack leader saw something flash before its eyes and felt a cold sensation on its front leg . It finally stopped attacking, but it saw that Chu Liuyue had a dagger in front of her .

Its front paw—which had just reached for Chu Liuyue—had been severed!

The crippling pain suddenly set in!

In that short time, Chu Liuyue raised her leg and struck again .

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Having lost a paw, the leader of the wolf pack fell to the ground heavily . It was covered in dust and blood, looking rather pathetic .

“Mingfeng! Liuyue! Hurry up! We can’t hold on any longer!” Mu Hongyu cried out suddenly .

Chu Liuyue turned and saw that the other three were already overwhelmed by the pack . They were barely visible!

Without hesitation, Chu Liuyue quickly charged forward and jumped up! With her dagger in hand, she sliced through the wolf pack leader’s head!

A gash instantly formed as its eyes popped out and flesh was sliced open .

It struggled to get up as Gu Mingfeng got up and dealt another strike to the wound!

The wolf twitched twice, then stopped moving .

Following its death, the wolf pack sank into chaos . They soon dispersed, disappearing into the dark forest without a trace .

The surroundings finally quietened down again .

Only the blood, filth, and the wolves’ carcasses bore witness to what happened .

Chu Liuyue made sure that the crisis had been resolved before she relaxed, laying against a tree to catch her breath . Her current ability was rather good compared to Chu Xianmin, but it was still quite lacking when it came to battling fiends like a red wolf pack’s leader .

The brief exchange earlier had drained her of her energy . If she did not use the dagger to block the deadly attack from the wolf earlier, she would probably be…

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Chu Liuyue looked down at the dagger in her hand . The thin but sharp knife glistened in the moonlight without any trace of blood . However, she had felt its might earlier .

She had Rong Xiu to thank for this . Her previous dagger would not have killed the wolf pack leader that easily .

Rong Xiu had saved her yet again . She spaced out a little as she stared at the dagger .

“Liuyue! Are you okay?!” Mu Hongyu hurried over and eyed Chu Liuyue up and down .

Chu Liuyue returned to her senses and shook her head . “I’m fine . ”

“Aiya! Your arm is bleeding!” Mu Hongyu was about to relax when she saw a few cuts on Chu Liuyue’s right arm .

Chu Liuyue glanced at her arm . “The beast scratched me by accident just now . It’s nothing . ” She then nonchalantly asked, “What about you guys? You were attacked by the wolf pack just now . Are you all okay?”

Mu Hongyu only put her mind at ease when she saw that Chu Liuyue looked and talked perfectly fine . Her eyes darkened when she heard Chu Liuyue’s question . “I’m fine, but Liao Zhongshu is seriously injured because he tried to protect Cen Hu and me…”

Chu Liuyue looked up and saw Liao Zhongshu seated on the floor . Cen Hu was holding him up . Liao Zhongshu’s body and face were covered in blood . A glaring wound was on his thigh . It seemed like the wolves had taken a good bite of him .

She frowned and walked over . “How are you feeling?”

Liao Zhongshu’s face was pale and without a trace of blood . “I-I’m fine…”

“How are you fine!” Cen Hu’s eyes were filled with worry and anxiety . “It’s all my fault! The wolves lunged forward just now, and I couldn’t hold them back . Zhongshu was helping me, so…”

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Liao Zhongshu shook his head and weakly said, “You’re injured, so it’s normal for you to struggle . You don’t have to feel bad… We’re a team, right?”

His voice got softer and softer as if he was about to pass out .

Mu Hongyu was about to cry . “Liuyue, what do we do? You’re a heavenly doctor . Can you do anything?”

Chu Liuyue bent down and inspected his wounds . She thought about it, then shook her head . “It’s too serious . ”

“Even you can’t do anything?” Mu Hongyu turned and wiped the corner of her eyes . Liuyue was the strongest amongst them, but even she said that she could do nothing…

Liao Zhongshu pulled his lips into a smile . However, coupled with his pale skin, it only added to their anxiety . “I know my own body…”

“I’ll stop your bleeding first . Cen Hu, activate Zhongshu’s signal bottle and have the teachers pick him up . He can’t continue in this state . ”

Wan Ling Mountain’s terrain was treacherous . It would only become more dangerous when the Fiend Tidal erupted . Thus, Liao Zhongshu had to go back and recuperate .

The others looked at one another and quietened down .

Cen Hu looked down and took out Liao Zhongshu’s signal bottle in the end . He then pulled its strings .


A firework soared into the sky!

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