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"Crown Prince, why hasn't the emperor arrived yet?" Minister Bai asked. Many officials dared not ask the Crown Prince, but regardless of whether it was his relationship with the Crown Prince or his ways of being an official, Minister Bai was the most suitable one.

Shang Chen's hand that was holding the teacup slightly lowered, nodding fearlessly to the people behind him, and then fearlessly came to stand behind Professor Bai. No one understood the meaning of the Crown Prince's words; could it be that his question displeased the Crown Prince, and he wanted to do something to him? "Ah, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no …"

"Isn't he already here? Don't be in such a hurry! " Shang Chen said with a smile on his face, but everyone's mouth dropped open in shock when Shang's gaze fell on them. Some officials even stood up, and the military officials clenched their fists in preparation to step forward.

He hadn't even entered the hall when he heard the Duke of Qing's hearty laughter. "Hahahaha!" [The Crown Prince is truly worthy to be called the Crown Prince. He can still sit at this time?] The Duke of Qing was the first to enter the hall, followed by Emperor Shang, who had a long sword on his neck as he was forced into the hall by two strong, masked men.

The officials were shaken. When Minister Bai saw that Emperor Shang was about to rush out to save the emperor, he was stopped by the fearless man standing behind him. Minister Bai was loyal, but when he saw how calm the crown prince was, he knew that he was powerless to save the emperor. He could only shout at the Duke of Qing, "Duke Qing, are you trying to rebel? Hurry up and release the emperor! "

"Rebel?" Then, under the gazes of the crowd, he directly walked up to the high position on the golden dragon throne. Seated on the dragon throne, the eyes of the Duke of Qing flashed with ambition, and even his two hands trembled as he looked at the Duke of Qing Shang standing below, "Indeed, this dragon throne is different. So this is what it means to look down on all the officials!"

"You traitor!" Minister Bai had never thought that the Duke of Qing would have such guts. Even the officials were shocked by his actions. It was not that they didn't know that the Duke of Qing was a traitor, but they had not expected it to happen so quickly.

The Duke of Qing ignored Minister Bai. In the eyes of the Duke of Qing, he was nothing more than an old official. Once he successfully ascended the throne, he would be done with it. Looking at the motionless and unperturbed Prince Shang, the Duke of Qing suddenly felt uncertain. But since he had come so far, the Duke of Qing had no chance to retreat. Now that he was old enough to know his fate, he had to take this gamble.

This pair of long fingers holding a pen didn't seem to be very nimble, but Miracle Mo Che peeled them very seriously. After a while, the plates on his table were piled high with peeled walnuts, and Illusory Mo Che placed the plates in front of Shang Wuxin. This calm demeanor made him seem as if he was in his own mansion.

Everyone's eyes were on the Crown Prince and the Minister of the Left, yet they were still eating? Perhaps it was because he felt that the walnuts were not bad today, but the crown prince's eyebrows actually relaxed a bit, and then he saw Minister Zuo look at the crown prince and continue to peel the walnuts. The two of them had a strange sense of harmony, but at least it wasn't at this moment when the officials really wanted to go up and flip the walnuts in front of the crown prince.

When the last hundred officials saw the look in the eyes of the emperor of Shang and the Minister of the Left, with a faint sense of satisfaction and happiness in his eyes, they immediately felt that the emperor must have been angered to the point of confusion. Many people even felt that if the emperor was lucky enough to escape this time, then the position of Crown Prince would be at an end.

"Your majesty, look at your most beloved crown prince, he's only so-so. He doesn't even have the intention of saving us!" Even though the Duke of Qing was smiling, he was still somewhat anxious. After all, the reason he took Emperor Shang was to coerce the crown prince. If the crown prince really did not care where he would get the Imperial Jade Seal from, then he would not.

"Crown Prince!" At this time, there were officials who could not stand it anymore. Although they did not criticize him, their voices were filled with disappointment.

Standing there, An Cang's heart twisted with pleasure at the sight of his father's death! However, he raised his head and said to the crown prince anxiously, "Crown Prince, quickly save father! Do not let the Duke of Qing succeed! "

"Creak!" However, the sound of Illusory Mo Che peeling a walnut resounded in the main hall. Illusory Mo Che personally poured a cup of water after he saw the crown prince eat it and tested it with his own hands, and Shang Wuxin took the cup of water and drank it. His eyes drooped down as he continued to eat.

This time, Shang An Cang was not dissatisfied with the Crown Prince's negligence, but his eyes flashed, "Crown Prince, could it be that you're saying that you have succeeded?" Could it be that you hope for something to happen to royal father? Crown Prince, you want to ascend the throne so much! Do you know how much I have doted upon you and how much I have placed my hopes on you?

Shang An Cang's words caused many officials to look at the crown prince doubtfully. There were also some loyal officials of the Emperor of Shang who looked at the crown prince with anger and hatred, while the followers of Shang Guang and An Cang were already beginning to suppress the crown prince.

"You don't want to eat anymore?" With that, Huan Mo Che raised his head and saw that his peach blossom eyes were filled with a doting expression. "You don't want to eat anymore?" He took a look at the plate in front of Shang and noticed that there was still some left over in the sea. He then stopped peeling the walnuts.

"The Dragon Throne looks really shiny, but not everyone can sit up straight!" Shang Wuxin finally raised his eyes to look at the Duke of Qing. His indifferent gaze pierced through the bones of the Duke of Qing's limbs, yet it also seemed like tiny crystals of ice, emanating a gloomy and cold aura that penetrated through his entire body and straight into his organs. The Duke of Qing could not help but feel discomfort all over his body; even his sitting body felt as if he were sitting on pins and needles.

Duke Qing pretended to be calm. He had lived for so long and had seen so many things. How could he be intimidated by a little brat? The Duke of Qing leaned back in his chair, his eyes full of malice, "This Dragon Throne is indeed not something that anyone can sit on, but this old man can still sit on it!"

"Duke Qing, please let royal father go. If you let royal father go, perhaps I can spare your life!" Emperor Shang, with his longsword at his throat, had a look of deep disappointment in his eyes.

Shang An Cang's words confirmed that the Duke of Qing would not give up easily. After all, no one wanted to die, but neither did they want to spend the rest of their life in prison. It would be better to give it a shot.

Shang Xin Cang didn't understand, but he felt that his thoughts had been seen through by Shang unwittingly, "Crown Prince, royal father's safety is of the utmost importance! royal father's life is at stake right now, I beg the crown prince to take the overall situation seriously! "

"What do you want?" Shang was not in the mood to ask, but his gaze was not directed at Shang and An Cang, but at Duke Qing. For some reason, when the officials heard the crown prince's words, they felt relieved. Even if the crown prince did not do things according to common sense, the officials had to admit that he was a man of great means.

"This old man knows that the Imperial Jade Seal is in the hands of the crown prince. If the crown prince hands the Imperial Jade Seal to me, this old man can guarantee that the emperor will be safe and sound. This old man can even allow Emperor Shang to live in the palace in his later years!"

It was not that the Duke of Qing did not want to ascend to the throne, but he did not have the Imperial Jade Seal. Even more importantly, the Western Regions had once ordered him to obtain the Imperial Jade Seal, and even if he did so in the Western Regions, he could not afford to offend him.

"Imperial Jade Seal!" The officials sucked in a breath of cold air. The Imperial Jade Seal was in the hands of the Emperor, regardless of what dynasty or dynasty it belonged to. But now that the Imperial Emperor was alive, the Imperial Jade Seal was in the hands of the crown prince. The officials all knew that the Emperor was a good king and was very strict with the princes below him, but they were very tolerant of the crown prince. The crown prince was once the weak crown prince, but now the crown prince had shown his ability to help.

Shang An Cang looked at his father, his eyes flashing with jealousy, but the deepest emotion was hatred. In the imperial court, who didn't know? It was hard to walk on the road to the throne. The Imperial Jade Seal wouldn't fall into anyone's hands until the very last moment. How could Emperor Shang have treated them fairly? Thinking about the deaths of the other princes, Shang An Cang felt that his entire life was a joke.

"The Imperial Jade Seal is in my hands!" Shang Wuxin admitted directly. Just when everyone thought that the emperor was saved, he suddenly laughed and said, "But the thing in my hand, if you want to take it away …" "Impossible!"

The three words "impossible" left everyone in disbelief. Even the Duke of Qing was surprised by Shang's words. No matter what the outcome was today, Shang's unintentional words would damage Shang's reputation in the future.

"Hahahaha!" Your Majesty, did you see that? This is the crown prince you love, he really is inheriting your viciousness, good! That's great! " Duke Qing was so angry that he laughed, but his heart was full of anxiety.

Emperor Shang was also laughing, but even at this moment, he did not seem to have lost any of his dignity as the Emperor who was being threatened by the Emperor. There was not even a hint of fear in his sharp eyes, though even until now, the Emperor himself had no idea of Shang's unintentional plan.

"Since the crown prince is so heartless, then there's no use for me to keep the emperor. If the emperor is unwilling, then don't blame me for being merciless. You can only say that the crown prince you love has brilliant means!" The Duke of Qing sneered, and then saw the sword placed on Emperor Shang's neck move towards his neck.

"Your majesty!" There were shouts from the officials, and footsteps from loyal officials who wanted to stop them. However, Shang Wuxin remained unmoved as he watched the scene unfold before him.

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