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Ji Ling'er saw that Chen Xiang had turned his head around, so he slowed down his pace even more. It had been a long time since he last made a circle, but now, he could faintly make out a faint blush.

Ji Ling'er, who was originally a little proud, saw that Chen Xiang's eyes were not burning hot like she had imagined.

"Hurry up, why are you dawdling?" Chen Xiang chuckled. Although he said that, it gave people a feeling that it was not important.

Ji Ling'er grumbled, but she did not continue to remove the veil, but instead wrapped it around her, because she did not plan to take it off for Chen Xiang to see, she only wanted to enchant Chen Xiang to see if it was truly as strong as he said, and not be affected at all.

Now she truly believed that Chen Xiang's mental fortitude was beyond ordinary, but she was still disappointed in herself, and actually did not move Chen Xiang's heart.

It wasn't that Chen Xiang hadn't seen beautiful women's bodies before, but rather, he had seen many of them.

Ji Ling'er put on his clothes and lied down on the bed, drinking some delicious ditty as he watched Chen Xiang concoct pills.

Although it was best if no one disturbed Chen Xiang when he was refining pills, it was very boring. A beauty was humming a tune beside him, which Chen Xiang enjoyed very much.

had refined quite a number of Level One Immortal Yuxian Dan before, but now, while refining the Level Two, even though he was using the Yuling bamboo shoots, he felt that it was extremely strange and hard to refine it.

Because Chen Xiang used the God purification, Su Meiyao's pointers were very limited. She could only tell him the specialties of the medicinal herbs and the things he should pay attention to.

Ji Ling'er looked at Chen Xiang's Yanlong furnace in a daze, not knowing why she had the time to do so. Just as she was about to lose her train of thought, an explosion suddenly occurred, scaring her to the point that her delicate body trembled.

"It exploded again." Ji Ling'er laughed, "Do you even know how to refine pills? You already wasted two sets of ingredients in one go."

Chen Xiang wiped off the sweat on his face and said: "This is my first time refining a Yuxian Dan of this level. Failing two times is normal, but when I succeed, it's fine as long as I don't get scared."

"Success means success, what's there to be afraid of." Ji Ling'er said casually. From what she knew, successfully refining a batch of pills was normal, how could it scare people?

Chen Xiang opened the pill furnace and looked at the scattered Medicine aura, frowning and thinking.

"I used the Five Elements Sacred Flame, which was enough during the burning process. Although it's a little difficult to use divine power to refine the spirit, I can still handle it. Why did the Yuling bamboo shoots suddenly explode when I was halfway through it?"

Chen Xiang told Su Meiyao about this discovery. Although Su Meiyao did not understand God purification, she was an experienced Dan Immortal and might be able to give him a solution.

"Give Xue Yi a stalk, let her see if there's anything wrong with the Yuling bamboo shoots itself." There was one in Su Meiyao's hand, so when she looked at it carefully, she felt that this Yuling bamboo shoots was a little different.

Chen Xiang did not notice this problem, he had checked on the Yuling bamboo shoots's medicinal strength to be at the Immortal Second Rank, but he did not pay much attention to the others, and when he was refining, he did not find any difference.

Long Xueyi quickly ate one of it. She chewed on the Yuling bamboo shoots and said with a bitter face: "It's not tasty at all. It's very old, very hard to chew, and a bit bitter … The Yuling bamboo shoots of the first stage of the Immortal Realm was very delicious, it was sweet and crispy. "

Chen Xiang asked: "There's something wrong with these Yuling bamboo shoots."

Long Xueyi swallowed the last bit of Yuling bamboo shoots with difficulty: "The problem is that there isn't any, the medicinal power contained inside is still very strong. It's possible that these Yuling bamboo shoots were grown using other methods, which resulted in them being different from the Nine Heaven World's Yuling bamboo shoots."

Seeing Chen Xiang standing there in a daze, Ji Ling'er lightly shouted: "What's wrong?"

"Little Ling'er, how do you grow the herbs here?" Chen Xiang felt that the Sky Realm's medicinal herbs probably weren't produced using an array, it wasn't something that grew in a natural state.

"It's very simple. Cultivators of the water attribute are able to release a very powerful type of holy water through some techniques, condensing it into rain clouds and suddenly watering the medicinal herbs. This can allow the growth of medicinal herbs and things like that to increase rapidly." Ji Ling'er said: "Isn't that place yours?"

"No, other than this, are there any other steps?" Chen Xiang asked again.

"Yes, I've heard that when these medicinal herbs grow, they are divided into several stages. Every time a stage is reached, someone will channel energy into the medicinal herbs, allowing them to grow steadily with great medicinal effects." Ji Ling'er laughed: "I learned it before, but it's too boring. In the end, I give up, but if I can control it well, I can still earn a lot of Holy stone."

Chen Xiang nodded, he now understood why when he was refining Yuling bamboo shoots, it would always explode out of nowhere. It was because inside these medicinal ingredients, there were still some sacred energy left over from others, all carried the consciousness of the original owner. If he used the Foreseeing Alchemy, it wouldn't have any effect.

But his God purification was different. The God purification wanted to suppress all sorts of spiritual energy within the medicinal ingredients so that they would not be able to resist, and then perfectly refine them into Medicine aura s and medicinal powders.

"Knowing this makes things much easier." Chen Xiang took out a Yuling bamboo shoots. As soon as he released his divine power, a large amount of his mental power gushed into the Yuling bamboo shoots. Then, he activated the Devouring magic kungfu and swallowed all the remaining spiritual power within the Yuling bamboo shoots.

He had to master this process well, otherwise, he would absorb the spiritual energy inside the Yuling bamboo shoots. Right now, he could only absorb a portion of the spiritual energy that carried a human consciousness, it did not affect the Yuling bamboo shoots at all.

"Will it work this time?" Ji Ling'er saw Chen Xiang put another Yuling bamboo shoots into the furnace and began refining the third furnace.

Chen Xiang did not answer, but in his heart, he already had an answer.

Chen Xiang's God Power was like a wave as it rhythmically surged towards the inner parts of the Yuling bamboo shoots, causing it to give up on defending, allowing his flames to quickly decompose the Yuling bamboo shoots.

Ji Ling'er saw that Chen Xiang had been working on it seriously for more than six hours, and felt that Chen Xiang had improved a lot compared to the previous two times, because the furnace had exploded very quickly.

The pill furnace swayed for a bit, and Ji Ling'er immediately looked at it seriously. But not long after, she heard a soft sound coming from the furnace, causing her to feel depressed.

"What a powerful Yuling bamboo shoots." Chen Xiang was sweating profusely, but his face was full of joy.

He realized that the Yuling bamboo shoots of the Saint Realm had a great advantage, that was, the medicinal power contained within them were extremely rich, which made it so that he did not expect that the moment the Yuling bamboo shoots was broken up, the boundless medicinal power would suddenly burst forth, catching him completely off guard, and causing him to be unable to react in time, and only then would it explode.

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