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Li Ye, dressed in a black robe, walked out of the gate with his hands clasped behind his back and looked at Li Guanshu who was in front of the gate with sarcasm in his eyes. "Uncle, you came to visit me as soon as you came back. I'm really flattered."

Li Guanshu frowned slightly at the guards' strict discipline. Seeing Li Ye who carefreely went out the door and was calm, poised, and completely unafraid, Li Guanshu could not help snorting. "Yesterday, your Manor was attacked and Li Yao worried about you and came to help you. Where is he now?!"

Li Ye sneered and answered, "No one came to help me last night, only Pang Xun's followers came to attack."

"Li Ye!" Li Guanshu's face was abruptly severe. "Do you know what you're talking about?"

Li Ye said, "Duke Xing, do you know what you're talking about?"

Li Guanshu said, "Now I speak to you politely in order to save your face. Don't be ungrateful! Do you really think that you can stop me if I want to find someone in Prince An's Manor?"

Li Ye said, "if you want to enter Prince An's Manor without permission, just come."

Li Guanshu said, "Do you think Chang'an Office will come to rescue you and uphold justice for you?"

Li Ye said, "If you want to do it, just do it. Why talk nonsense?"

Li Guanshu said, "I am the General of Left Guards, and my friends are all over the imperial court. How can you compete with me?"

Li Ye asked, "Why don't the General start then?"

Li Guanshu stepped forward, Spiritual Qi agitating in his palms and garment fluttering automatically. "Then I'll do as you wish!"

Li Ye shook his wrist, and Luke Sword was already in his hand. "Take another step forward and I'll make you regret!"

Li Guanshu took a step forward.

And Li Ye had disappeared from where he was and stabbed toward Li Guanshu with his sword. The sword glittered with white light and looked like a streamer that went straight to Li Guanshu's throat!

"You're courting death!" Li Guanshu slapped. The white hand condensed in front of his palm was several times larger than the previous one, the length and width of which reached more than thirty meters. The gate of the Manor was magnificent enough, but in front of the white hand, it also looked like a child. When the palm was struck out, the guards on the platform lost balance and fell down. The Manor gate shook wildly from side to side like falling leaves and was about to break.

The full blow from a master in the middle-level of Qi-refining was enough to destroy the gate of the Manor, and by no means could be directly withstood by a cultivator of Level 2 Qi-refining. In front of this huge palm, Li Ye's attack was too small and weak.

But Li Ye, as if he didn't see the palm, just thrust the sword at Li Guanshu's throat!

His long hair and robes fluttered behind him, which made a great sound.

It was as if he was in the center of the storm and would be brought into the air by the storm the next moment.


It wasn't Li Ye who flew backward.

But the huge palm dissipated in the air.

The guards on the platform regained stability and the crazily shaking gate restored its calm.

Everyone's eyes widened.

Because they saw that the Luke Sword in Li Ye's hand had reached Li Guanshu's throat.

Li Ye was in good condition.

The Luke Sword went straight forward.

Then Li Guanshu took a step backward.

He had to retreat.

The Luck Sword would pierce his throat if he didn't retreat.

"You dare fight with me?! You are really not afraid of death?!" Li Guanshu was in a rage and his expression was ugly.

Li Yan sneered. "Do you think I'm afraid of you?"

Li Guanshu's mouth twitched.

He naturally didn't dare to hurt Li Ye.

So just now he held back on his attack.

After all, Li Ye was the Heir Apparent of Price An. If he dared to hurt Li Ye in Prince An's Manor in Chang'an City, he would get into trouble. Although the Empire was politically corrupt, it still was ruled by law and order. It was not a wild age and basic rules could not be ignored.

Li Guanshu came to Price An's Manor today with great arrogance and even wanted to destroy the Manor. But actually, he was bluffing. He wanted to intimidate Li Ye, making him fearful and retreat.

After all, Li Guanshu was the General of Left Guards and held a powerful force in the imperial court. But Li Ye was alone and had no force in the imperial court. The strength of the two was not at the same level, and Li Ye would fall if they continued comparing. So Li Guanshu thought that Li Ye would be afraid. Was there any reason for Li Ye to not be afraid?

However, from the beginning to the end, Li Ye's sword was surprisingly steady and went straight for Li Guanshu's throat. There was no sign of deviation and stagnation.

Until it forced Li Guanshu to retreat.

Even if Li Guanshu made a full effort and was going to kill him, Li Ye still didn't retreat even half a step.

If Li Guanshu did not stop in time, Li Ye would have already died.

Li Ye was a madman.

Li Guanshu found that he had underestimated Li Ye, who was quite different from the one he had known before.

In the past, Li Ye couldn't cultivate and was a weakling who lived under the protection of Prince An. Now Prince An had died, so Li Ye naturally had nothing to rely on. Li Guanshu felt that he could treat Li Ye in any way he wanted.

In the past 20 years, Li Ye had lived in the Manor and couldn't become an official and had little life experience. Why was he so calm? He rarely had the experience of fighting, why did he have the courage to cut off all means of retreat and risk his life?

"Does Li Ye know that I am bluffing and dare not hurt him?" This thought came out in Li Guanshu's mind, but was immediately denied by himself. If that was true, Li Ye's knowledge was awesome, which was more terrible and unacceptable than his courage to risk his life.

At this time, Li Ye's sword was still in front of Li Guanshu who bristled with anger.

However, Li Guanshu could not continue to be angry and was unable to maintain his anger. Unless he could kill Li Ye or hurt Li Ye and break into the Manor, his anger would be useless - anger that could not bring about results was naturally useless.

Li Guanshu looked at Li Ye deeply and took a deep breath to calm down.

He decided to communicate with Li Ye in another way.

He could only change the way.

He calmed his anger and softened his tone. He didn't reproach but negotiated with him equally.

Yes, he gave in and compromised.

He said, "Li Yao heard that your Manor was attacked and he came to help. You must admit that. Those who attacked Prince An's Manor must be handed over to Chang'an Office to be punished!"

Li Ye took back Luke Sword and said, "I could say so to others."

"That's good." Li Guanshu stunned. He didn't expect Li Ye to suddenly become accommodating. "Now I will take away Li Yao."

Li Ye shook his head. "No."

"What do you want? Magic treasures or cultivation methods?" Li Guanshu asked.

"Title of Prince An." Li Ye answered.

"This is not something I can decide. You should ask the Court of the Imperial Clan." Li Guanshu said hypocritically.

Li Ye said, "As soon as I succeed in inheriting the title, Li Yao can leave Prince An's Manor. Of course, you can secretly come and take him away. But I can guarantee that as long as I find someone sneaking into the Manor, Li Yao will lose his life."

"You dare?!" Li Guanshu's eyes widened.

Li Xiao shrugged with a smile. "I am not afraid of losing my life. If you want, you can stop me now and break into the Manor to have a try."

Li Guanshu's finger twitched.

To tell the truth, Li Guanshu had considered the idea that Li Ye said just now. With his cultivation in the middle level of Qi-refining, no one could stop him from entering the Manor and taking away somebody. As long as he didn't hurt Li Ye, he would not get into big trouble with his power in the imperial court.

However, Li Yao was now in the hands of Li Ye. Li Guanshu didn't know the situation of Li Yao and also didn't know if Li Ye had prepared accordingly. If it was in the past, Li Guanshu might not think too much. But now he couldn't underestimate Li Ye who was in front of him. He had to treat him as a real opponent and didn't dare to be careless.

"I said, whether you can inherit the title depends on the Court of the Imperial Clan!" Li Guanshu's face was gloomy. Of course, he would not be so easily manipulated by Li Ye. In order to help Li Yao inherit the title of Prince An, he had already paid too much. Bribing the relevant officials had cost him a lot of money.

Li Ye said, "Please."

"What do you mean?" Li Guanshu's face was extremely gloomy.

Li Ye replied, "Bye."

"You!" Li Guanshu was so angry that he wanted to kill Li Ye.

But he couldn't.

Li Ye turned and walked into the Manor, and said to the Shangguan Qingcheng, "Recall the team."

"Yes!" Shangguan Qingcheng waved her hand and said, "All soldiers return to camp!"

Seeing that Li Ye and all soldiers entered the Manor one after another and directly ignored him, Li Guanshu was angry and his face became red. "You dare to affront me?"

Li Guanshu was the General of Left Guards and Duke of Tang Empire. How could he tolerate his dignity being trampled by Li Ye, who had no official position and no title?

Li Guanshu's fingers twitched and he couldn't help but start a fight. He thought about it again. Even though Li Ye had arranged it well, he was still superior to Li Ye in cultivation. If he attacked Li Ye before he prepared well and caught him, Li Guanshu could defeat Li Ye.

Just when Li Guanshu was about to start his attack, he suddenly saw someone.

Two figures appeared at the door. One of the two was a young man in a splendid brocade suit. He looked outside the door for a while and asked Li Ye, "Who is outside? What happened?"

It was Prince Pu!

And the other was Duchess of Li, Wu You.

The Spiritual Qi that Li Guanshu had already gathered instantly returned to the Ocean of Qi.

"Nothing. Let's go back and play chess." Li Ye intentionally looked back at Li Guanshu, and then disappeared through the door with Li Yan and Wu You.

Li Guanshu's anger suffocated in his chest. He was about to attack but was stopped suddenly. One could imagine how uncomfortable he was now. And his face looked pale.

In the end, Li Guanshu swung his sleeves and left from the gate of the Manor.

An old man in black robe followed Li Guanshu and asked, "Duke, are those who appeared in the door Prince Pu and Duchess of Li?"

Li Guanshu did not speak and admitted by default.

Prince Pu and Duchess of Li. The former was the prince and the latter was the best genius in the Imperial Clan. Both of them were powerful.

Li Guanshu certainly couldn't attack Li Ye in front of them, which was not the most important thing. If Prince Pu and Duchess of Li knew of Li Yao's attack to Prince An's Manor, then this thing couldn't be covered. Li Guanshu's only choice was to agree with Li Ye's request. Li Guanshu clearly knew the relationship between Li Ye, Prince Pu, and Duchess of Li.

It was much easier to deal with the Duchess of Li. After all, Wu Hongshan didn't want to offend Duke Xing. But how to deal with Prince Pu? He was a prince, a leisurely prince. Who would he scruple about?

The old man in black robe couldn't help asking, "Duke, do you really agree with that guy?"

Li Guanshu paused and was silent for a moment. Then he suddenly heavily swung his sleeves once again. "Yao'er... He really makes me angry. He fell into the hands of Li Ye, which is a big problem for me. Why didn't I find out that he was useless before?!"

The old man in the black robe bowed his head and said nothing more.

He didn't dare say a word.

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