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Chapter 633

Chapter 633 – Treasure Storage Pavilion (7)

Su Luo deliberately raised her voice.

‘Nangong Liuyun’, these words, immediately stopped Nangong Yu’s slight movement.

Just at this moment, the doorway swayed a little as a person’s figure slowly appeared.

Nangong Liuyun’s mouth had a smile, but his eyes that watched Nangong Yu narrowed dangerously.

Nangong Yu retreated a step, bowed and made his salute: “Your Highness Prince Jin.”

Nangong Liuyun gave a cold snort, didn’t even acknowledge him and took large strides to walk towards Su Luo.

“How was it? Are you satisfied with your harvest?” Nangong Liuyun’s incomparably handsome face carried a touch of tender feelings. His elegant, bony finger hooked her nose.

“At least, unlikely to be inferior to yours.” Su Luo pointed to what she was holding in a flaunting manner, “However, don’t know if these will exceed the one thousand five hundred

green-colored crystal stones’ range.”

Now, Nangong Yu’s viper-like gaze stared fixedly at Su Luo.

However, Su Luo merely handed the three spirit treasures over to him, and smilingly said: “Elder Nangong, please give an estimate.”

Nangong Yu nodded his head and carefully examined these three spirit treasures, his lowered eyes flashing with greedy intent.

Not mentioning the other things, just that spirit pinball alone was enough to make Nangong Yu green with envy.

Su Luo might not know, but he was very clear, this was the condensed spirit force of a ninth ranked expert before his death.

The entire Nangong clan, merely had two such ninth ranked spirit pinballs that were passed down for many years. But now, this loathsome girl actually took away one so openly, if His Majesty was to know….

Nangong Yu couldn’t even imagine it, how infuriated Emperor Jin would become after finding out.

Nangong Yu pondered over the spirit pinball with an indifferent voice, saying: “This spirit pinball, at

at the very least, will require one thousand green-colored crystal stones. Considering His Highness Prince Jin’s face, then I’ll just record it as one thousand crystal stones.”

Nangong Liuyun’s expression condensed slightly, but he didn’t say anything.

Ninth ranked spirit pinball, its value was hard to assess, there was always a price but no market for it. Therefore, Nangong Yu’s appraisal of one thousand green-colored crystal stones also could not be said to be too excessive.

Su Luo’s eyebrows knotted slightly, seeing that Nangong Liuyun didn’t speak, she also endured it.

“Then, the remaining two items?” Su Luo unhappily asked.

Nangong Yu picked up that book of secret martial knowledge for wood element, a trace of chilliness

of chilliness flashing through his expression.

Inherently, he was also a wood element mage, this secret book was the most attractive to him. But now, in contrast, this loathsome girl had picked it up so cheaply, his heart was unwilling.

Nangong Yu indifferently said: “This book of secret martial laws for the wood element is at least eight hundred green-colored crystals.”

Only with such a high prince would his heart feel slightly balanced.

Su Luo frowned.

Originally, she only had a limit of one thousand five hundred pieces. Just now, the spirit pinball was quoted as one thousand pieces, this wood element secret martial laws was another eight hundred pieces. This was already above the limits ah.

Was Nangong Yu toying with her?

A touch of annoyance flashed through Su Luo’s eyes, had she known earlier, she would have placed them in her space and carried it away with her.

Seeing Su Luo frown, Nangong Liuyun’s expression was still as indifferent as before, and pointed to and pointed to the last item, the dagger.

“This dagger, this king will quote a price in your place, let’s say seven hundred green-colored crystal stones.” Nangong Liuyun’s tone was overbearing, to the extent of not allowing any refusal.

Nangong Yu originally did not agree, but faced with that pair of deep, ice-cold eyes, his heart suddenly dropped.

His eyes were not only freezing cold, they also had a cynical connotation, a murderous aura that made people tremble in fear…Nangong Yu quickly nodded his head.

His Highness Prince Jin’s eyes were too deep and too bright, as if the deepest and darkest parts of his heart were illuminated, forcing his secrets out with nowhere to hide.

Nangong Yu clenched his fist tightly, but could only nod: “Okay.”

Nangong Yu restrained the fear in his heart and respectifully said to Nangong Liuyun: “Don’t know what kind of spirit treasure did Your Highness Prince Jin choose?”

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