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Chapter 46

Chapter 46

After that, I tried my best to explain it, and I was able to convince him that I’m not the same person as ji for the time being .

“It’s a great coincidence that you were summoned and split at the same time… Oh, then I don’t have to be scared for my bowel movement… thank goodness . ”

“…I’m sorry . There’s no need to be scared, but I could use that magic myself . ”

“Oh… please! Don’t do that!”

“No, he doesn’t use it that often . He’s not that crazy . ”


While I was making excuses, an unexpected voice came from beside me .

Huh? Sasakursan, you don’t think I’m crazy for that reaction, do you?

…I was using it as a prank because I wanted to see her hold back her urine, so I’m certainly crazy, yes .

I’m sorry about that .

I’m sorry for being a little sad because I’ve been getting stared at before I activate it lately .

“Well, don’t worry, I won’t be using it anyway, unless you work too hard to do something bad . ”

“…I’ll believe you for now . The you over there… ji used it only for those who were so persistent in recruiting him… I can still remember their despairing face when they leaked before my eyes… It’s crazy that you want that kind of ability, Shinjou . I’m amazed . ”

“How rude! It wasn’t me who wished for the magic, it was ji!”

“You were originally the same person and you think the same, right? Then that means that idea was ultimately yours . ”

Kubotkun, who was apparently traumatized by seeing someone socially die in front of him, said something very rude .

ji was the one that asked for that, not me .

It’s not me, so I’m not crazy and I’m sane!

I insisted, but they hit me exactly where it hurts .

And the next moment, Kubotkun somehow panicked .

“Oh… wait, that’s kind of a slip up . I’m not trying to embarrass Shinjou or anything…”

“All right, all right . My bad, so let’s move on . Do you have another question?”

“Well… Oh, yeah . So what do you know about this situation where I’m not considered missing while I was gone, but instead, I’m supposed to be overseas?”

The trauma is deep-rooted, apparently .

I let out a sigh and got back to the subject, and he asked me about everyone’s perception .

It seems that it’s what’s been bugging him all along .

I’m not sure if I can explain it well, since I’m not the one who’s responsible for it .

“I don’t know much about that, so it’s mostly inference, but is that okay?”

“Yeah, any insight will help”

“I see…”

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I checked to see if he would accept my reasoning first, and then I started to explain .

I explained that for some reason my perception hadn’t been tampered with, and then I told him that the memories of the people who went to the other world had been erased, and their desks and such had already disappeared when I came to school that day .

As Kubotkun himself was probably aware of this, I also talked about memory supplementation, explaining that there was some kind of force, a modifying power, that is working to ensure that there were no problems with the disappearance of a certain entity from the world, and that there were no problems with the return of that entity .

Of course, I didn’t observe that clearly, so most of what I told him was my reasoning, but, well, it’s better than nothing for the sake of judging the situation .

“While I was gone, the memories of me disappeared from everyone… it’s creepy, but… I wonder what it is really . ”

“What’s more, you’re being conveniently supplemented in people’s minds with things that were supposed to have happened while you weren’t here . ”

“By the way, even talking like this doesn’t erase my perception that Kubotkun was overseas, so I think it’s hard to convince anyone regarding that . ”

The fact that he was forgotten while he wasn’t here, or rather completely erased from their memories, seemed to have been quite a shock to him, and he seemed quite depressed .

But even so, he seems to be conscious enough to admit it .

Sasakursan added some additional information to the explanation while feeling a little sorry for Kubotkun .

Hearing that, Kubotkun let out a big sigh .

“Huh… it’s kind of weird, but I guess I’ll have to go along with the story that’s been prepared, right?”

“Well, it’s a little weird, but it’s better than being missing . ”

“Yeah, you’re right . I guess I have no choice but to accept it… but Sasakursan seems to know that’s not the case even though her perception has been changed . ”

Kubotkun shook his head as if he had given up on the memories and perception of him, but he had some doubts about what Sasakursan said .

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It is true that her words would not have come out unless she was aware that her perception was being tampered with .

“It’s a simple matter”

Sasakursan told us lightly .

“Shinjou-kun told me that his perception was different . ”

“And you immediately believed Shinjou-kun’s words right away?”

“Yeah, I know Shinjou-kun would never lie to me . ”

What is conveyed from her confident words was a sense of trust in me .

Sasakursan’s blatant attitude made Kubotkun feel depressed again… or so I thought, but he nodded his head in admiration instead .

“Eh, what’s that reaction?”

“No, you’re really close… this alteration of perception is pretty powerful, isn’t it? But I didn’t care about that… I just thought it was amazing, and I thought it was great . ”

“I-is that so”

I didn’t expect to be praised head-on for how well Sasakursan and I get along, so my response was sloppy my good relationship, so I’ll give you a vague answer .

No, but Kubotkun’s the one who’s amazing . He probably liked Sasakursan, didn’t he?

“Well, it’s also because Kubotkun used magic . ”

“Oh… that’s right! I know Shinjou-kun knows because he asked me earlier, but how does Sasakursan know about magic too?!”

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The words Sasakursan added must have reminded him of that, because he asked me why she knows about magic .

Come to think of it, I told him about me, but I didn’t say anything about Sasakursan .

“There is magic here, too . So Sasakursan is actually a magician . ”

“That’s what it is . I’m the one who messed with everyone’s perception in the morning . ”


I guess Kubotkun didn’t expect that there were normal magicians on Earth, and that was probably the most surprising cry of the day .

The topic of magicians came up just in time, so I told him about magicians, their organization, and the underworld .

Kubotkun, who can handle magic now, might also get into some trouble .

The more awareness you have, the wider the world is .

The possibility of getting caught up in it, even if he doesn’t want to, seems to be high enough .

As soon as I became aware of Sasakursan as a magician through the unusual event of being summoned simultaneously, I became more and more involved with her and found out that there was a world on Earth that I didn’t even know existed .

“Thank you very much for today . …Oh, by the way . ”

Just when we were getting ready to go home the explanations .

Kubotkun dropped an extrlarge bomb at the last minute .

“How did I get back here? Do you have any idea?”

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