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Chapter 4 Looking for a New Soul Pet.

Inside the hall of an even more prominent and luxurious wooden cabin, another spot in the camp, were four males. Among them, three were the three middle-aged foremen who had just previously watched over the children.

These three foremen were the heads of Cyan Nightmare Island and they each had 20 foremen under their command. On this island, whatever they said was law.

However, currently, these three Cyan Nightmare Island Chieftains were reverently and defferentially standing in front of a male wearing white clothes. Previously, when they faced the children, they were cruel and vicious, but none of those emotions was showing now. In fact, they were even afraid that their expression wasn’t even cordial enough, and that they weren’t acting as reverent as they should have.

“Leader Xia, for you to be able to once again visit our island, it truly is our honour.” The foreman acting as the head spoke up.

“Cao Yi, has the brat that I threw here died yet?”  said the male called Leader Xia.

This Leader Xia was about 30 years old. His skin was pale and it gave off the appearance of someone who was weak and sickly. His entire body gave one an ice-cold feeling.

“For the time being, he hasn’t.” said the island chieftain Cao Yi.

Leader Xia revealed a somewhat shocked expression and muttered to himself: “In Gangluo City, the employer data clearly indicated that this brat had only just recently entered the Soul Disciple Realm. Thus, it is reasonable to say that this sort of weak Soul Power should have been devoured by the White Nightmare when it enters the second stage. Why has he not died yet?”

To the side, the three men didn’t know what Leader Xia was talking about and could only look at each other inquisitively.

“Leader Xia, do you want us to directly kill him? If your White Nightmare is to eat that sort of a weak soul, it will be an insult to your honourable White Nightmare.” Cao Yi finally said.

“There’s no need for that. Since he hasn’t died, that shows that his Soul Force is still enough to provide for my White Nightmare. It seems that this brat still has a bit of ability. He’s not a nobody like the other’s think. That’s fine too; temporarily, there isn’t a suitable host body, so I’ll let him nurture my White Nightmare first. Not everybody is able to raise it a few stages…” Leader Xia said.

After speaking, Leader Xia stood up and said, “Continue to let him receive training here. After he dies, you can send the White Nightmare back to my island.”

“What if he doesn’t die?” One of the adjacent forment asked in a low voice.

“Idiot! What kind of a White Nightmare doesn’t need over 1000 corpses to lay its foundation for growth? How can that brat survive?!” Cao yi immediately scowled at his own subordinate.

“Yes, yes, yes, this small one is dumb, this small one is dumb…” The foreman who asked too much instantly nodded his head like he was pounding garlic.

Leader Xia let out a profound laugh and didn’t say anymore. He turned around and walked out the door.

Truthfully, this Leader Xia didn’t believe that Chu Mu could survive. This was because the every growth of a White Nightmare left behind a trail of blood. They frequently needed up to 1000 relatively high quality host bodies before the White Nightmares were sufficiently supplied for.

The new born White Nightmare of Leader Xia could still make do by devouring the soul of a child soul pet trainer with potential.

Nevertheless, this was only because the White Nightmare was at a low stage. Once the White Nightmare increased its stage, the quantity of food it ate would exponentially grow, signifying that this White Nightmare needed to search for a host with stronger strength. It was no longer something that Chu Mu, this sort of 15 year old, weak soul pet trainer, could provide.

This Leader Xia estimated that when the White Nightmare grew to the third stage, Chu Mu’s time would be just about over.

Inside a wooden hut.

“The high stage and skilled soul pets on this island should be of a limited amount, so we should capture our battle soul pets earlier. If we obtain a trash soul pet, even if we pass the three months of stringent training and cultivation, it will be extremely hard to obtain the top ten spots.

Last night, the events from the life and death struggle caused Ting Yu to not sleep very long. On the morning of the second day, she definitely decided to set out and capture her own soul pet.

“Yes, I wish you good luck.” Chu Mu lightly nodded his head and spoke to the ready and waiting Ting Yu.

“What? Do you not plan on going with me?” Ting Yu asked.

“I’ll travel alone. You also don’t want to make this room only have one person left because of an encounter with a good soul pet right?” Chu Mu nonchalantly said.

Ting Yu pursed her lips and said: “But, if more people don’t work together, how will one person defeat a Soul Pet, let alone capture it?”

Generally speaking, the first time a soul pet trainer fought a soul pet, one would be supported by his or her clan, teacher or elder. Only after experiencing a period of nurturing would one be able to truly fight as a soul pet trainer.

The training style of this Nightmare Island was particularly unique. It required soul pet trainers to think of their own methods to obtain their first battle soul pets, apart from the Nightmare. Most likely, they would have no choice but to personally fight with the soul pets.

“You should also realize that we live in a pillaging society. If you were to team up with others- unless you possessed a superior body like Zhou Shengmo, who when forming a team had no one attempt to steal his soul pet- there will definitely be casualties in the group. Thus, if you truly want to obtain your own satisfactory soul pet, the best option is to go alone…” Chu Mu earnestly said.

“But… It’s because I don’t trust others…” Ting Yu was spoke in a somewhat cute manner.

“I’m not worth trusting either.” Chu Mu said. After speaking, he walked out of the wooden room with a bag.

Ting Yu watched Chu Mu’s figure from behind and stamped her feet in rage. She said: “Hmph, you’ve already forgotten that I helped you apply medicine yesterday. Worse comes to worse, if we were to encounter a good soul pet, I would’ve let you pick first! You petty person!”

Chu Mu ignored Ting Yu’s grumbling. After all, applying medicine was an easy task, and perhaps when Ting Yu one day sustained an injury, Chu Mu would also help her apply medicine. This place was a barbaric, blood-thirsty and cruel, barren island-it wasn’t a civilized city. Why did he have to understand how to cherish a younger sister, or show courtesy to a young lady...

After the healing medicine had been spread for a night, Chu Mu was able to freely move again. The slight pain on his back wasn’t too disturbing.

Previously, Chu Mu had already gained a thorough understanding of the island’s topography. In order to enter the fairly lush jungle, Chu Mu moved like a small fairy as he quickly broke past hindrance after hindrance towards the center of Cyan Nightmare Island.

The perimeter of Nightmare Island was 20 kilometers, and although the island had been occupied by Nightmare Palace for a long time, the foremen would only mostly occupy the outskirts of the island. They would rarely enter within the 10 kilometer radius of the inner island to move about.

Cyan Nightmare Island itself was a small ecosystem. This place had a plethora of different soul pet habitats. In order to capture a good soul pet, not only was luck required, but outstanding perception and sufficient strength were also needed.

Luck naturally referred to coming across a high ranking soul pet.

Perception ability referred to whether or not one was able to discern the rank and aptitude of the soul pet.

Strength referred to whether the soul pet trainer himself was able to capture the soul pet.

In theory, no matter how weak or formidable a soul pet was, there was always a chance to obtain it.

A majority of the children had already begun searching for soul pets on the outskirts of the island. These people would walk and stop frequently, and every time they saw something living, they would meticulously observe it in order to make sure they weren’t passing up a good soul pet.

Chu Mu, however, wasn’t the same. He didn’t stop at any area in the outskirts of the island. No matter what kind of soul pet he encountered, he didn’t stop to look at it. Instead, he directly raced towards the inner area of the island!

The inner island was a dangerous area. Even if it was those foremen, they wouldn’t have dared to so easily enter this area.  The reason Chu Mu had the audacity to proceed was not because he was aiming to high or  because he had enough confidence in himself.

Instead, he knew that if he were like the other children and only stayed in the outskirts of the island to search for a relatively low quality soul pet, perhaps only if he had plentiful knowledge and perception would he be able to obtain one of the first 10 spots in the competition

Nevertheless, even after overcoming this challenge, he wouldn’t be far from death. This was because the White Nightmare in his body was much more terrifying than a Cyan Nightmare. Without a powerful soul pet, there would be severe limitations to Chu Mu’s ability to raise his own body’s strength.

It wasn’t that Chu Mu wanted to build a solid foundation with a good soul pet and slowly but surely allow himself to become stronger. Instead, it was that he fundamentally couldn’t lower his own requirements. He also absolutely could not put his own position on the same level with the other children on Cyan Nightmare Island.

He had already been forced onto a road of death. The only option that he had was to fight to live on the field of death!

(TL: Chinese idiom)

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