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Bai Mei and Wei Rong let out a relieved sigh when they saw Li Yujie was perfectly unharmed.

"This student knows his limits," Bai Mei said to Wei Rong thoughtfully.

Wei Rong coldly harrumphed as a response.

He cast a glance at the heavily panting Mo Fan. It was obvious that his energy was close to depletion after the prolonged battles.

If another expert ranked close to the hundredth appeared, he would most likely be defeated.

Having seventy-nine people defeated by a single person in a row had already cost the Fire School their face. Most importantly, he was only a transfer student!

Not only was the dueling ground crowded with students from the other Elements, even the Elemental Directors were here. Wei Rong had not wanted it to catch so much attention in the first place.

He hesitated for a while, before saying to the seemingly tired Mo Fan on the stage, "Let's call it an end. Shall we, Mo Fan?"

"What end, call the next one!" said Mo Fan.

"I take back all my words. You have proven your point with your strength," Wei Rong compromised.

"Do you really think I'm doing this because of what you said?" Mo Fan shifted his focus toward Zheng Jiahui, who was left speechless in astonishment.

A while ago, Mo Fan met a young man at Hangzhou who had only achieved the Basic Level. He was given odd jobs in the military, as he had nowhere to go, but even when facing the army that consisted millions of White Magic Falcons and a Super Magician, he never backed off, not even a single step. Mo Fan was extremely touched by the kid who had now lost his soul, and then he stumbled into Zheng Jiahui, who was in a similar spot as the kid. On top of trying to stop the endless challenges, he also wanted to help him, yet the timidity that Zheng Jiahui had shown him was ridiculous!

Everyone had the right to be scared of death, yet in the school, when there was no threat to his life, he still could not gather his courage or find the determination to take on the challenge before him... It was a selfish reaction, and had nothing to do with being weak or timid!

Normally, Mo Fan would not bother wasting his time on someone who had given up on himself, but when he recalled the sacrifice that Wang Xiaojun had made, he suddenly felt furious toward Zheng Jiahui.

Mo Fan was not trying to bring the Fire School to shame. He was actually trying to put Zheng Jiahui to shame!

"You've wasted too much energy from your Fire and Lightning Elements. How are you going to face the rest of the challengers, unless you're keen to apologize to the whole school," said Wei Rong.

"Cut the bullshit, hurry up and call the next one!" said Mo Fan.

If any phrase could describe Mo Fan's situation, it was definitely 'You have to fulfill the boast you've made, even if it means fighting on your knees!'

"I've given you the chance. Next, ranked one hundred and eleventh, Liu Qian!" Wei Rong yelled out the name of the next challenger.


The girls at the dueling ground screamed when they heard the name.

Liu Qian might not be the strongest in the school, but he was definitely the White Prince in the girls' heart. He was very handsome, thus all the girls who challenged him did not do so to take his ranking, but to have a chance to stand in front of him.

Even though everyone in the school was a noble Intermediate Magician, and such naive actions should not take place here, the fact was many girls had done it before.

Huang Xingli turned toward Liu Qian with an excited look, before blurting out happily, "So you challenged him, too? That's great. It's time to put an end to this, and your reputation is definitely going to improve, too!"

"To be honest, I'm more willing to be the first to challenge him, instead of taking advantage of his precarious situation now. However, someone has to do it in the end, and it just happened to be my turn," replied Liu Qian with his usual smile.

Huang Xingli nodded. There was a saying that those who were handsome would have better luck, too. It turned out that the saying was true!

The demon king who had defeated seventy-nine students in a row was going to be defeated by a handsome prince. This was definitely the best ending! As a matter of fact, she never expected the transfer student to be this strong when she first saw him.

Liu Qian slowly rose to his feet. Under the fiery gaze of the girls and the jealous gazes of the boys, he slowly walked down to the stage.

He wore a gentle smile and glanced at Mo Fan with gkeaming eyes, "To be honest, I'm fairly impressed by your capabilities. I'm pretty sure that you can easily fight your way into the top fifty, yet unfortunately, you're about to take my ranking of one hundred and eleventh."

"Who do you think is more handsome between us?" Mo Fan suddenly asked a strange question.

Liu Qian was stunned. He could only think, -What the heck?-

He hesitated for a while, before saying in a humble tone, "We've got our own merits."

"Hypocrite," said Mo Fan calmly.

Liu Qian responded with a chuckle, "If I answered me, you would say that I'm arrogant."

Mo Fan shook his head and said, "I called you a hypocrite because of your first sentence. As for the answer to who's more handsome, what do you mean by 'we have our own merits'? Please, my handsomeness totally outmatches yours!"

The smile on Liu Qian's face stiffened. He immediately thought, -Does this guy have some kind of mental disorder?-

On second thought, Liu Qian slowly accepted it. After all, a man with a high ego was expected to be jealous when the girls were screaming his opponent's name.

"I won't waste my time further on those boring questions of yours. Your winning spree ends here," Liu Qian's reply was cold. He no longer showed any mercy to the disdainful Mo Fan.

Mo Fan stood there. He did not panic because his energy had depleted. He waited patiently for Wei Rong to declare the start of the battle.


Wei Rong was still hesitant. He did not announce the battle to begin straight away, as if he were showing his kindness by giving Mo Fan some extra time to replenish his energy. It was extremely tough to last through so many battles like him.

"Qian Kun, this transfer student from your Lightning School is quite remarkable. Has he come here purposely to kick our asses? I don't think you're willing to let such a great talent go," said Bai Mei, when he saw the Elemental Director of the Lightning School.

"What do you mean, my student?" asked Qian Kun with a confused look.

Wei Rong turned his heard too and asked, "He's a transfer student, and his secondary Element is Lightning. How is he not your student?"

"I don't know him!" said the Elemental Director of the Lightning School.

"There are so many students, perhaps you didn't remember him?" said Bai Mei with a smile.

"Impossible, our Lightning School has far fewer students. I know every single one of them. This kid is not from my Lightning School," said Qian Kun sternly.

Wei Rong and Bai Mei were astounded. They exchanged glances with one another.

If this guy didn't transfer from the Lightning School, which Element did he come from?

"Err, I think that student..." The Elemental Director of the Summoning Element seemed to have something to say.

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