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2:32. And forthwith they went out towards them, and made war against them on the sabbath day.

2:33. And they said to them: Do you still resist? come forth, and do according to the edict of king Antiochus, and you shall live.

2:34. And they said: We will not come forth, neither will we obey the king's edict, to profane the sabbath day.

2:35. And they made haste to give them battle.

2:36. But they answered them not, neither did they cast a stone at them, nor stopped up the secret places,

2:37. Saying: Let us all die in our innocency: and heaven and earth shall be witnesses for us, that you put us to death wrongfully.

2:38. So they gave them battle on the sabbath: and they were slain, with their wives, and their children, and their cattle, to the number of a thousand persons.

2:39. And Mathathias and his friends heard of it, and they mourned for them exceedingly.

2:40. And every man said to his neighbour: If we shall all do as our brethren have done, and not fight against the heathens for our lives, and our justifications, they will now quickly root us out of the earth.

2:41. And they determined in that day, saying: Whosoever shall come up against us to fight on the sabbath day, we will fight against him: and we will not all die, as our brethren that were slain in the secret places.

2:42. Then was assembled to them the congregation of the Assideans, the stoutest of Israel, every one that had a good will for the law.

The Assideans... A set of men that led a religious life; and were zealous for the law and worship of God.

2:43. And all they that fled from the evils, joined themselves to them, and were a support to them.

2:44. And they gathered an army, and slew the sinners in their wrath, and the wicked men in their indignation: and the rest fled to the nations for safety.

2:45. And Mathathias and his friends went round about, and they threw down the altars:

2:46. And they circumcised all the children whom they found in the confines of Israel that were uncircumcised: and they did valiantly.

2:47. And they pursued after the children of pride, and the work prospered in their hands:

2:48. And they recovered the law out of the hands of the nations, and out of the hands of the kings: and they yielded not the horn to the sinner.

They yielded not the horn, etc... That is, they suffered not the power of Antiochus, that man of sin, to abolish the law and religion of God.

2:49. Now the days drew near that Mathathias should die, and he said to his sons: Now hath pride and chastisement gotten strength, and the time of destruction, and the wrath of indignation:

2:50. Now, therefore, O my sons, be ye zealous for the law, and give your lives for the covenant of your fathers.

2:51. And call to remembrance the works of the fathers, which they have done in their generations: and you shall receive great glory, and an everlasting name.

2:52. Was not Abraham found faithful in temptation, and it was reputed to him unto justice?

2:53. Joseph, in the time of his distress, kept the commandment, and he was made lord of Egypt.

2:54. Phinees, our father, by being fervent in the zeal of God, received the covenant of an everlasting priesthood.

2:55. Jesus, whilst he fulfilled the word, was made ruler in Israel.

Jesus... That is, Josue.

2:56. Caleb, for bearing witness before the congregation, received an inheritance.

2:57. David, by his mercy, obtained the throne of an everlasting kingdom.

2:58. Elias, while he is full of zeal for the law, was taken up into heaven.

2:59. Ananias and Azarias and Misael, by believing, were delivered out of the flame.

2:60. Daniel, in his innocency, was delivered out of the mouth of the lions.

2:61. And thus consider, through all generations: that none that trust in him, fail in strength.

2:62. And fear not the words of a sinful man, for his glory is dung and worms:

2:63. Today he is lifted up, and tomorrow he shall not be found, because he is returned into his earth and his thought is come to nothing.

2:64. You, therefore, my sons, take courage, and behave manfully in the law: for by it you shall be glorious.

2:65. And behold, I know that your brother Simon is a man of counsel: give ear to him always, and he shall be a father to you.

2:66. And Judas Machabeus, who is valiant and strong from his youth up, let him be the leader of your army, and he shall manage the war of the people.

2:67. And you shall take to you all that observe the law: and revenge ye the wrong of your people.

2:68. Render to the Gentiles their reward, and take heed to the precepts of the law.

2:69. And he blessed them, and was joined to his fathers.

2:70. And he died in the hundred and forty-sixth year: and he was buried by his sons in the sepulchres of his fathers, in Modin, and all Israel mourned for him with great mourning.

1 Machabees Chapter 3

Judas Machabeus succeeds his father, and overthrows Apollonius and Seron. A great army is sent against him out of Syria. He prepares his people for battle by fasting and prayer.

3:1. Then his son Judas, called Machabeus, rose up in his stead.

3:2. And all his brethren helped him, and all they that had joined themselves to his father, and they fought with cheerfulness the battle of Israel.

3:3. And he got his people great honour, and put on a breastplate as a giant, and girt his warlike armour about him in battles, and protected the camp with his sword.

3:4. In his acts he was like a lion, and like a lion's whelp roaring for his prey.

3:5. And he pursued the wicked and sought them out, and them that troubled his people he burnt with fire:

3:6. And his enemies were driven away for fear of him, and all the workers of iniquity were troubled: and salvation prospered in his hand.

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