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17:5. He promiseth a prey to his companions, and the eyes of his children shall fail.

17:6. He hath made me as it were a byword of the people, and I am an example before them.

17:7. My eye is dim through indignation, and my limbs are brought as it were to nothing.

17:8. The just shall be astonished at this, and the innocent shall be raised up against the hypocrite.

17:9. And the just man shall hold on his way, and he that hath clean hands shall be stronger and stronger.

17:10. Wherefore be you all converted, and come, and I shall not find among you any wise man.

17:11. My days have passed away, my thoughts are dissipated, tormenting my heart.

17:12. They have turned night into day, and after darkness I hope for light again.

17:13. If I wait hell is my house, and I have made my bed in darkness.

Hell... Sheol. The region of the dead.

17:14. I have said to rottenness: Thou art my father; to worms, my mother and my sister.

17:15. Where is now then my expectation, and who considereth my patience?

17:16. All that I have shall go down into the deepest pit: thinkest thou that there at least I shall have rest?

Deepest pit... Literally, hell.

Job Chapter 18

Baldad again reproves Job and describes the miseries of the wicked.

18:1. Then Baldad the Suhite answered, and said:

18:2. How long will you throw out words? understand first, and so let us speak.

18:3. Why are we reputed as beasts, and counted vile before you?

18:4. Thou that destroyest thy soul in thy fury, shall the earth be forsaken for thee, and shall rocks be removed out of their place?

18:5. Shall not the light of the wicked be extinguished, and the flame of his fire not shine?

18:6. The light shall be dark in his tabernacle, and the lamp that is over him, shall be put out.

18:7. The step of his strength shall be straitened, and his own counsel shall cast him down headlong.

18:8. For he hath thrust his feet into a net, and walketh in its meshes.

18:9. The sole of his foot shall be held in a snare, and thirst shall burn against him.

18:10. A gin is hidden for him in the earth, and his trap upon the path.

18:11. Fears shall terrify him on every side, and shall entangle his feet.

18:12. Let his strength be wasted with famine, and let hunger invade his ribs.

18:13. Let it devour the beauty of his skin, let the firstborn death consume his arms.

18:14. Let his confidence be rooted out of his tabernacle, and let destruction tread upon him like a king.

18:15. Let the companions of him that is not, dwell in his tabernacle, let brimstone be sprinkled in his tent.

18:16. Let his roots be dried up beneath, and his harvest destroyed above.

18:17. Let the memory of him perish from the earth, and let not his name be renowned in the streets.

18:18. He shall drive him out of light into darkness, and shall remove him out of the world.

18:19. His seed shall not subsist, nor his offspring among his people, nor any remnants in his country.

18:20. They that come after him shall be astonished at his day, and horror shall fall upon them that went before.

18:21. These then are the tabernacles of the wicked, and this the place of him that knoweth not God.

Job Chapter 19

Job complains of the cruelty of his friends; he describes his own sufferings: and his belief of a future resurrection.

19:1. Then Job answered, and said:

19:2. How long do you afflict my soul, and break me in pieces with words?

19:3. Behold, these ten times you confound me, and are not ashamed to oppress me.

19:4. For if I have been ignorant, my ignorance shall be with me.

19:5. But you set yourselves up against me, and reprove me with my reproaches.

19:6. At least now understand, that God hath not afflicted me with an equal judgment, and compassed me with his scourges.

With an equal judgment... St. Gregory explains these words thus: Job being a just man, and truly considering his own life, thought that his affliction was greater than his sins deserved: and in that respect, that the punishment was not equal, yet it was just, as coming from God, who gives a crown of justice to those who suffer for righteousness' sake, and proves the just with tribulations, as gold is tried by fire.

19:7. Behold I shall cry suffering violence, and no one will hear: I shall cry aloud, and there is none to judge.

19:8. He hath hedged in my path round about, and I cannot pass, and in my way he hath set darkness.

19:9. He hath stripped me of my glory, and hath taken the crown from my head.

19:10. He hath destroyed me on every side, and I am lost, and he hath taken away my hope, as from a tree that is plucked up.

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