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TL: Kourii


Chapter 2: A Dishonest System

Feng Jun unresignedly looked at the back of Lan Ke who was getting further away, wanting to chase but suddenly hesitated. Lan Ke is clearly taken by anger, so even if he chased her now, it's useless, and it might even make her distance herself even further.

Feeling the eyes of the people around him, Feng Jun's expression grew darker and darker.

F**k! Just how did Lan Ke that b*tch find out? Unless someone blabbed in front of her? He used almost half a year just to make her attitude soften. Were his efforts going to be wasted?

"Ah Jun!" Sun QingQing seeing Feng Jun's dark expression, felt scared that her hard found golden turtle would up and leave her. "Ah Jun, my wrist hurts, quick bring me to the hospital!"

Actually she should have gone sooner, but she was waiting for Feng Jun to arrive. The two girls helping her saw Feng Jun's expression, not knowing what to say.

The two weren't stupid, Feng Jun's expression now was so dark that the two selfish girls didn't dare to help Sun QingQing speak up. Just helping her stand already counts as helping enough!

Feng Jun looked at Sun QingQing with disgust. If not for this nosy woman, would Lan Ke fall out with him? However, looking at her face which was so similar to a certain woman, his heart soften.

His expression changed, Feng Jun quickly went to help Sun QingQing up: "Just endure for a bit, I'll take you to the hospital now."

Forget it. Just let that Lan Ke be cold for a bit. Wait till he give maternal aunt a call, would she still dare not to obediently obey?

As soon as they left, the crowd also dispersed, but the story of what happened today was remembered in their hearts. With so many people gossiping around, it won't take long before it'll spread through the whole school.  

Unfortunately, all of it no longer had anything to do with Lan Ke.

Lan Ke went straight to her apartments after that. It was one of the things her mother left her, and she had been living here since she got into university.  

Having walked into the familiar apartment, Lan Ke's emotion turned complicated, and she almost burst into tears, but remembering about the something system, she held it in. She wouldn't let others see her cry not even a system!

"Now come out and let's talk. Just what are you?" Lan Ke spoke while simultaneously rummaging around her fridge, "Why did you choose me? Me being reborn has something to with you right?"

"I am an universal trade system, host can trade with people from other universe through me."The system said monotonously, "Every universe can only choose one universe merchant. Once one has become an universe merchant, there'll be countless advantages, and days of rising success awaits!"

"Oh, not interested. You go look for someone else." Lan Ke chose her ingredients then walked into the kitchen. "You still haven't told me whether me being reborn is related to you?"

System: "There was an accident at the time! Originally, I didn't want to choose you. Who knew there would be a sudden magnetic field throwing space time into chaos. Had I not bound with you, your soul would have dispersed."

"You talk as if you are so kind-hearted." Lan Ke didn't believe the system was so kind that it bound with her to save her. There must be something else other than the magnetic field and chaotic space time which made it had no choice but to bind her!

"Say, why didn't you let me die peacefully? What's so good with being reborn? To live in the apocalypse again?" Just as she think about welcoming the apocalypse again soon, with the present earth turning into hell, Lan Ke's heart turned sour.  

The system was flabbergasted: "Don't you want to take revenge? Don't you feel that being reborn to take revenge on scums, emasting food as preparation for the apocalypse, thriving and rising in the apocalypse stimulating? Didn't your world's novel all written like that?" Or did it read it wrong?

Lan Ke wasn't the least bit moved, "I already took my revenge before I died. Why should I be reborn just to do it again? Do I seem so bored as to tangle with those guys nonstop?"

If she was reborn eighteen years ago, she'd absolutely kill that d*mn Tang JingTian and Chu Jia those two bastards without a second thought as to avoid her mother's tragedy, What's the use of being reborn at this time? Her mother's long since dead.

"Cough, the system has already bounded you, from now on, you have officially become an apprentice universe merchant." The system stiffly changed the topic and brought her view to a system panel, "Apprentice universe merchants can get 10 inventory space for free, until you have accumulated 100 points, you can self upgrade into a junior universe merchant. Then you will get a big gift packet, please work hard, host!"

Only now did Lan Ke grow interested. Having the inventory, doesn't it mean she has her own space? Although she was a bit annoyed at the system one sidedly binding with her and making her reborn before the apocalypse happened, she still can't just make herself commit suicide to die. At least with this what-you-call-it system, she can relax for a bit  in the following apocalypse.

"What is this point accumulation? How do you do it? What other functions does this system have? Quickly tell me, and no secrets!" Lan Ke asked. She had to first ask clearly what this what-you-call-it system is all about, then decide what to do next.

The system explained for half an hour.

Lan Ke gnashed and bit her teeth: "So your meaning is that is I don't complete 100 trades, the system will rescind the bond and if lucky, I'll turn into an idiot, if not, I'll turn into meat paste?"   

System: "Based on your intelligence, this is just a piece of cake." Wuwuwu, it has degenerated. To think it has to boot-lick its host.

"Seems you do have some insight." Lan Ke outrightly accepted the system's 'praise', "Let's go, to have a look at your so called trading district."

Borrowing the system's words, the universal trade system have three places for trading.

The first is the system's shopping center, universe merchants can buy merchandise from here, and can also sell products on hand to the center. The center's sell out price is high, but buying price is low. The pros is that you can get money instantly without having to pay tax.   

The second place is other people's shop, universe merchants who have saved a certain amount can lease a shop, and open one as their own. Then one just have to place their merchandise for others to choose from. The pros is that one can set the price, making it better than being swindled by the center, but it's just that the trading time is not clear, and one still have to pay tax.

The third place is the trading district. One can set up stalls here, but the majority of people here are apprentices and junior merchants who have little savings, whether one can make a trade depends on luck and tax is still required.

Lan Ke decided to go take a look at this trading district, to see what are there for sale, and investigate the market price a bit. If it's not as good, she'll just have to settle with trading with the center.

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