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Translated by Blue Blossoms

Chapter 78:

He pronounced each syllable slowly, every single word meant to charm. "I didn't come to get paid. I came worried about my financial backer's safely. I heard that you were taken to be a criminal by the cat clan and almost got arrested."

Look and see how good Third Prince's acting was.

Wei Wei yawned, didn't move back, and instead moved forward to pat his head, "Don't worry, your big sister, I, am not so easy to bully. All of them were forced to return by me."

"Really?" Baili Jia Jue looked at her motions meaningly, and after that, indifferently asked, "I also heard that you stayed with Third Prince alone for a day at Spirit Forest?"

Wei Wei 'mm'd a sound and suddenly seemed as if she thought of something, grabbed his sleeve, said, "If you didn't say it, I would've forgotten. Would you believe, he unexpectedly is the one on the bottom!"

"What?" Baili Jia Jue's gaze paused.

Wei Wei explained in response, "Homosexuals, uhm, aren't they classified as 'top' and 'bottom'? I really didn't expect, Third Prince appears to have such an imposing manner, yet surprisingly is willing to be positioned under someone!"

"Positioned under someone?" Good, very good! Baili Jia Jue's bewitching thin lips emitted an unprecedented chill. In the future, he'd make sure she knew whether he really was at the top or at the bottom!

"You're amazed, right? When I first guessed this, I was also very surprised." Wei Wei didn't notice his expression at present, too busy going through her things to take out the washed handkerchief from before, folded it carefully into a square and put it inside a yellow little box.

Shadow, who was concealed outside, heard what she said and went weak at the knees while cold sweat burst forth and turned to vapors. He wanted to make some movement and signal Wei Wei to stop what she was saying.

However, Baili Jia Jue merely raised his head, turned towards the window and glanced outside.
Shadow's four limbs then stiffened at once, and withdrew to his original spot.

Baili Jia Jue retracted his gaze to fall on Wei Wei's hand. His thin lips curved up somewhat, "You seem to treat the handkerchief as a treasure."

"Of course it's a treasure!" Wei Wei pretended to be serious as she said, "This is actually a handkerchief that Third Prince has used before."

"Oh?" Baili Jia Jue dropped his eyes as a light flashed in them, seeing how much she cared about his handkerchief, in that case, he’ll let her off…..

As Wei Wei was pressing on the lid, she was muttering, "I heard people say that a handkerchief he's used before is very valuable. After packaging it well, will resell to other young ladies. Should be able to fetch a good price at that time……"

"You wanted to take and sell it?" The tips of Baili Jia Jue's fingers paused and calmly interrupted her words.

Wei Wei also didn't know if there's a problem with her sense of hearing. She actually felt that face over there expressing a thread of annoyance, "Well yes, what's up?"

Baili Jia Jue's gaze lightly chilled, his ice cold breath blew over, not the slightest bit of feeling could be heard within the tone of his voice, "Nothing."

It would seem that this pet still had not learned to be obedient.

It's time for him to rip out her claws!


Baili Jia Jue smiled with an evil coldness, making shadow immediately shiver all over and nearly fell down from the tree.

Ever since master met this Helian family's oldest daughter, he tended to smile more and more. This truly may not be anything good!

Because for a person like His Highness, smiling was more horrifying, indicating even more that his mood was not very good.

"So I look a lot like the one on the bottom?"

When there were only two people, Baili Jia Jue and Shadow, he slightly raised his dense eyebrows and asked the servant following behind him.

Shadow's scalp numbed, immediately shook his head, and spoke in a low voice, "Your Highness, even if you were willing to lie down, no one would dare to keep you under them, for sure."

"Really?" Baili Jia Jue slowly twisted his ring, exquisite thin lips unhurriedly curved up, "However, since she likes this position, then at that time, if I don't satisfy her, wouldn't it be too unkind, heh."

Shadow's back stiffened.

What did he mean by since she liked this position? !

Your Highness, the position that you're talking about shouldn't be that position that subordinate's thinking about, right? ! ! !

Baili Jia Jue reclined under the ancient tung tree and didn't say anything more. Instead, his fingertips turned, took hold of, and wore the silver mask again. It's just perfect for covering up that by no means gaudy handsome appearance. Only those deep eyes and one pair of elegantly contoured thin lip was exposed.

Thinking that before long, he'd be able to strip the little fox's claws, have her sit on his body, letting him do whatever he pleased, those deep eyes submerged even deeper. The slender and long fingertips brushed across his thin lips, while young man's smile exuded even more devilish charm. He'd do what he said he would and let her know just how he'd be 'positioned under someone'……

A light wind brushed by. In the blink of an eye, under the dense, ancient tung tree, there no longer was that black robe and moonlight like white clothes.

At the west side of the academy.

Wei Wei received news telling her to make a trip down the mountain. The clan elders had some important matter to announce.

Wei Wei didn't know why these people, who she hadn't seen for ten years, thought of her and suddenly came today.

Once she visited the clan hall later, she'd find out whether they came on behalf of Helian Jiao Er to 'take revenge'.

Ah, she wanted to see. What in the world did they think they could do to her?

Wei Wei's pair of hands crossed in front of her chest, and coldly laughed. Those mocking eyes made Helian Guang Yao, who was sitting at the center seat, feel the pit of his stomach indescribably shudder.

When his senses returned, he fiercely slapped the tabletop. His face expressing an unprecedented rage, "Should this be your attitude? Doing whatever you want? No respect for elders?" Helian Guang Yao's eyes were gloomy, his tone of voice was full of loathing. If I'd known earlier that you're the root of trouble like this. That year, regardless of feelings or face, I would've immediately thrown you out! And now, each and every elder within the clan had observed everything that you've done at White Academy during this time. Wei Wei, bear in mind, it's not that father doesn't want to protect you, it's that you, yourself, are too spoiled. I'm already getting old and don't want to see your gentle and meek younger sister destroyed at your hands like this!" After speaking, Helian Guang Yao looked to the four elders sitting at one side, "Various elders, in all likelihood, before all of you came, you already heard about how this matter developed. Because of a misunderstanding, this evil spawn made her two younger sisters kneel and apologize to her. So vicious, every time I think about it, sigh, I feel that I have no face left!"

After hearing what was said, those four elders, one after another, put down the ceramic cup in their hands. Among them, one laughed mockingly. "I said before to have this trash driven out of the clan to save our Helian family's face. Now, great! She dared to bully even Miss Jiao Er."

"Miss Jiao Er's actually someone who's participating in the martial qi competition soon and also is a talent personally selected by Retired Emperor. This trash forced her to bear such a big grievance. This is only adding disgrace to our Helian family!" Another elder followed by commanding, "Someone come take this trash and beat her one hundred times with the board, then throw her out of the mansion. This kind of person mustn't be allowed to stay."

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