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Translated by Blue Blossoms

Chapter 76: Kneel To Apologize

During that split second, Wei Wei thought that she was seen through.

However, after thinking about it again. Even if she was seen through, so what.

Her beautiful phoenix shaped eyes looked up, an appearance of a belly full of attitude.

This was the perfect opportunity to leave Third Prince with an impression of a 'malicious spoiled girl', and save herself the trouble of having the consort selection matter fall on her in the future, which wouldn't be good.

Consequently, Wei Wei patted the spirit beast on her shoulder and used a voice that only two people could hear to lightly laugh and say. "Little White did pretty well."

"I haven't actually done anything. I've merely borrowed her older sister's well-timed slap, and have her say what's in her heart out loud, that's all." The white cat disdainfully looked at the two people in front of him tangled in the fighting and stroked its whiskers in disgust.

Because of this, Wei Wei was able to kill two birds with one stone. When Baili Jia Jue heard those words, his eyes actually became more ponderous, so much so that the corners of his mouth perked up into a kind of an evil arc……

This made Eunuch Sun suspect for a time whether his own eyes were deceiving him.

Otherwise, why would his master treat a 'swarthy' girl so favorably?

This was a misperception, it must be a misperception!

And at this moment, the person who in the past appeared innocent and pure, Helian Jiao Er, already had her hair grabbed by Helian Mei. The pain transferred from her scalp was so painful, it almost made Helian Jiao Er unable to control her urge to swear and curse. She was utterly exasperated as she glared at Helian Mei. She knew that saying more wouldn't be any use, so she might as well gather the qi in her body. Once she exerted herself, Helian Mei was pushed over one meter away!

Murong Chang Feng's complexion became ashen. He didn't understand what the heck was going on. How could Helian Mei, who'd always listened to Helian Jiao Er, say these horrible things.

He remembered that when he visited the Defense Division, this pair of sisters clearly weren't this way.

Looking at the way they are now, compared to at that time, they’re really as different as heaven and earth.

Could it be that this was their true nature?

Murong Chang Feng's body stiffened. Helian Jiao Er was still a bit better, however, she appeared more fierce than usual. That Helian Mei was just like a mad dog. If she was allowed to continue speaking like this, she might bring to light some other matter, but if he said something to protect them, it'd also be shameless.


Helian Mei was fiercely thrown to the ground. One after another, the comments from people all around her entered her ears. She flung her head back and gradually was able to clear her head. Recalling those things that she'd said just earlier, her complexion immediately changed greatly.

Why was this? How did it become this way?

Just now, it was like she was possessed, saying everything she shouldn't have said!

"No!" Helian Mei hugged her head and shrieked. "Who was it? Who entrapped me! I simply didn't want to say these things!"

It's done for. Everything had been ruined!

The look of despair was exposed on Helian Mei's face. Her throat was suffused with a bitter and sour taste. She simply didn't dare to look at the people all around her.

What's more even the young men from prestigious families were all standing here. Her conduct was so uncivilized just now, she was afraid she won't be able to get married in the future!

Upon seeing this, Helian Jiao Er also immediately teared up. As a pair of sisters, when had they ever cut such a sorry sight before. She didn't believe that this matter wasn't related to Wei Wei at all. She also knew that at times like this, she could no longer be fierce and must be softer in order to arouse people's sympathy.

That's why Helian Jiao Er disregarded their former hatred, held out her hands to hug Helian Mei, and turned around to face Murong Chang Feng's direction while she called gently. "Lord, Younger Sister must've been the victim of some demonic curse, that's why she went against her heart and spoke those kinds of things. Jiao Er begs Lord to allow us sisters to leave and rest first."

That Helian Mei becoming insane all of a sudden was also a good thing. Even though she also didn't want to see her own blood-related younger sister lose her reputation.

However, in this way, she's able to have a way out. Otherwise, Third Prince might have her and Jing Wu Wang dragged down together!

Right now, she can take advantage of the chaos and muddle through this matter.

However, Wei Wei had never been someone who could suffer a loss and just let it go. She looked at Helian Jiao Er and spoke in a lukewarm voice. "Second Sister, you're just going to leave after having accused me wrongly, is that it?"

Helian Jiao Er's arm stiffened as her beautiful eyes reddened and tears dripped down as she glanced at Wei Wei.

Looking from a distance, people who didn't know what's going on would even think that she, instead, was the one who was wronged.

However, everybody already knew that the situation was not like that at all!

That's why her act at being pitiful this time simply wasn't useful.

Such that even Murong Chang Feng didn't speak out to help her again.

Helian Jiao Er knew that this time, she'd have to acknowledge her mistake and apologize. Maliciousness flashed through her eyes as her little face hung down slightly. She turned towards Wei Wei and curtsied following which her lower jaw clenched. "Older Sister, this time Younger Sister is wrong. I shouldn't have, without any investigation at all, wrongly accused you."

"It's good that you know your wrong." Wei Wei laughed. "What I'm afraid of is that up until now, Younger Sister's heart is still unconvinced or else why curtsy with an unreconciled heart and feel unwilling about it."

Helian Jiao Er tenaciously clutched her fingers as her back bent again and even both knees immediately bent and touched the ground while her face strained to prop up a shallow smile. "Is Older Sister satisfied now?"

"Whether I'm satisfied or not isn't important. What's important is you, Younger Sister." Wei Wei curved her thin lips and paused after each word. "Will you submit?"

She did it on purpose. She deliberately wanted to add an emphasis on the last three words!

Helian Jiao Er was so angry her entire face became twisted, yet she couldn't help but lower herself further and replied with a trembling jaw. "I submit."

After saying these two words, the handkerchief in Helian Jiao Er's hand absorbed layers of bloodstains.

To have her face Wei Wei with this posture, this was simply more difficult to bear than having her killed.

She'd rather slap her own mouth than have other people see her like this, watching her bowing on bended knees, while Wei Wei possessed all of the glory.

Not only that.

This time, they even lost her younger sister's reputation as well as a lifeline at the academy that the Su family had been bribing for so many years.

If grandfather knew of this matter, he would go into a thunderous rage for sure.

And also Third Prince……how could Wei Wei have that man watching her bow to another person.

All of these things happening were because of Wei Wei, that slut!

Helian Jiao Er wished she could kill her right now, but she knew that she couldn't do that. That's why she could only bite her own thin lips and allow those imperial guards to drag Jing Wu Wang away.

She must get back at that little slut no matter what method she used!

She couldn't wait until the grand martial qi competition and also couldn't wait until after the consort selection. She wanted that little slut to die now!

The light in Helian Jiao Er's eyes drifted, then burst with a malicious intent.

Yet Wei Wei didn't care in the slightest.

The White Fen family were spirit beasts which were most capable of understanding the human heart, to say nothing of the fact that Little White was even a prince. Naturally, he could sense all of the resentment that issued from Helian Jiao Er's body, so he clearly and coldly reminded Wei Wei. "If This Highness were you, I'd immediately have her killed. Why make her say some apology and kneel or whatever. It's just a waste of time!"

"You don't understand, what's most painful to humans is not death. Rather, it's to have them lose the things that they depend on most in life. For example, power, or face……"

She believed that just now, Helian Jiao Er's feelings must have been even more difficult to bear than death.

For the past so many years, Wei Wei had always lived like that, suffering all kinds of humiliation, living worse than death.

What she'd wanted had never been to settle it with one knife!

All of the things they possessed should've belonged to the Helian family.

Regardless of how these people took away all of these things from her, she would seize them back bit by bit in the same way!

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