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Chapter 1127: 1127
Chapter 1127: Baili Jiajue Appeared

The exorcists’ expressions changed, and they turned their heads very slowly, as if they were worried that their identity would be exposed .

Baili Shangxie was still smiling . His small hand was holding a transparent glass cup, and on his thumb was a black gemstone ring . He looked luxurious everywhere . “I was joking . Why did you all stop?”

The exorcists also laughed dryly .

Baili Shangxie continued, “But you guys can’t go upstairs . My mom is still sleeping . She’s recently pregnant and needs to rest . ”

They couldn’t go to the second floor? The exorcists paused and looked at each other again . “Little friend, we’re worried that there will be criminals hiding on the second floor . After all, it’s a big place up there . Sometimes, the criminals will specifically target this place . It’s better to search . ”

Baili Shangxie glanced at them and then slowly put down the white napkin . His voice was very calm . “Since you are so insistent, then I will bring the two of you up to have a look . ”

As he said that, he lowered his head and said to Qing Chen, “I will be back soon . Go and tell mom to go downstairs and take breakfast . Don’t eat beef anymore, or else your stomach won’t be able to digest it, and you will have to eat stomach-strengthening digestion tablets . You don’t like that taste, do you?”

“Okay . ” Qing Chen was wearing his pajamas with pictures of cows . He didn’t eat as Baili Jiejue instructed . He was very obedient . His white and tender little tail moved excitedly in the air when he ran .

When the two exorcists saw this scene, they felt that this villa was more and more strange .

There were so many unclean things around, but only this place didn’t have a trace of demonic aura .

Moreover, the monsters they caught along the way also said that the monsters that disappeared for no reason had been to this villa .

However, why were these two children here not affected at all? Moreover, they were even more polite than ordinary children .

“How does the gangster that you mentioned look?” Baili Shangxie led the two people into the depths of the villa and asked uneasily, “It doesn’t seem to have been mentioned in the news . ”

The exorcists were still looking around at the dark places around them . When they heard his question, their gazes fell on his Little Tiger’s head . “It’s a big guy . It’s very cruel and kills people . It’s better for children not to see it . ”

“Oh?” Baili Shangxie stood at the side, his eyes were dim . “I hope you can find the criminal and bring him to justice as soon as possible . However, my mother doesn’t like the smell of blood, especially now that she’s pregnant with a baby . So during this period of time, it’s better for the two of you not to come to the villa . ”

The warning was so obvious that it was hard to ignore!

The exorcists’ pupils constricted as they looked at the little boy in front of them again!

However, he only smiled evilly . “Well, we have been looking around for quite some time . My father taught me that I must know how to treat guests . The butler has prepared tea and snacks . If the two of you don’t mind, you can stay and have some . ”

The exorcists were extremely curious about what this little brat was up to .

“There’s something wrong with this child!” One of the exorcists lowered his voice .

The other exorcist nodded and touched his own exorcist gun with his finger .

“Oh right, I forgot to remind the two of you . ”Baili Shangxie turned around, he looked at the person holding the gun with a faint gaze . “Our family dislikes using violence the most, so it’s best for the police to keep this gun . Otherwise, when the time comes, the gun will be gone and so will the person . ”

The exorcist’s arm suddenly stiffened!

Baili Shangxie continued to lead the way . The moment he lowered his eyes, his eyes emitted an evil light .

It was a pity that he couldn’t eat the two people who seemed delicious .

It was his principle not to kill people in front of his mother .

The exorcist walked around and didn’t find any clue in the villa .

However, it was precisely because of this that they became more and more flustered .

Those who understood yin and yang knew that the more powerful a person was, the more he could conceal his aura .

This place was obviously too clean to be reasonable .

Moreover, this boy in front of them was absolutely not simple!

In the living room on the first floor, Helian Weiwei sat on the dining chair . Just then, her eldest son brought two people dressed as exorcists down from upstairs . Her brows raised for a moment . “There are guests at home?”

“Two uncles said that they are police officers . ” After Baili Shangxie finished speaking, he took the small spoon in Qing Chen’s hand and scooped out some cream mousse for him and fed it into his younger brother’s mouth .

The invisible coldness in the surroundings finally disappeared . The two exorcists gradually relaxed the strength in their hands .

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“Hello, Madam . We are here to catch criminals . Recently, this area is not very peaceful . I wonder if you noticed anything unusual when you slept at night?”

Helian Weiwei laughed lightly . “No, I basically sleep very soundly every night . ”

“What about other situations? For example, would you hear any abnormal sounds?” The exorcists asked . They believed that there should be something around .

Hearing this, Helian Weiwei put down the wooden chopsticks in her hand, even with a trace of playfulness . In the past, she was the one who asked others these questions . She didn’t expect that one day the person being asked would be her .

The exorcists saw that she did not immediately speak . She seemed to have thought of something, so he wanted to speak again .

At this time, a man strolled down the stairs . He was wearing a neat black suit, and in his hand was a pair of black gloves . This suggested that he had just finished dealing with something and was about to throw away the gloves in his hand .

This man’s body had the smell of blood!

Although it was very faint, it really existed!

The exorcist narrowed his eyes and looked at Baili Jiajue .

The man didn’t even look at them . He directly walked in front of Helian Weiwei and stretched out his hand to stroke her fluffy head . “Why did you wake up so early today?”

“The police came . Qing Chen asked me to come down and eat breakfast . ” Helian Weiwei bit on the steamed bun and conveniently fed Baili Jiajue a mouthful .

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“Police?” Baili Jiajue had never refused Helian Weiwei . He swallowed the soft white noodles in his mouth and turned his gaze to the two exorcists . With an unnatural smile, he curved his thin lips . “There have been some unknown beings here recently . I hope both of two of you can help . ”

There was a hidden meaning in his words . Could it be that those monsters that disappeared were… . . The two exorcists held the guns in their hands tightly . One of them put his hands behind his back and drew a yellow talisman . He wanted to take advantage of Baili Jiajue’s lack of attention and make him reveal his true form!

He didn’t expect that as soon as the yellow talisman was drawn, it would be blocked by Qing Chen’s act of drinking soup, which could be intentional or unintentional .

“Damn it! It didn’t hit!” The exorcist clenched his teeth, while his partner’s cold gaze fell on the two kids…

The exorcist pressed on his partner’s hand . “We can’t make any more moves . Be careful not to alert the enemy . ”

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