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Chapter 1062: Chapter 1062 - I Really, Really Want It

Chapter 1062: I Really, Really Want It

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Fortunately, the two of them had a contract, and it didn’t suffer any damage . Moreover, it was signed after Baili Jiajue was demonized .

Therefore, the contract would definitely be irrefutable .

If either side left, there would be a corresponding punishment .

For example, the soul signed to that particular devil could not leave the devil’s side .

And the devil must obey the master’s words .

This was a true demon contract .

With such a demon contract in place, it would be very easy to find her .

Of course, when he saw Helian Weiwei, Baili Jiajue had already returned to his most harmless form . Two silvery white ears popped out from the top of his head, and his figure had also shrunk by more than half his original size . He just looked at Helian Weiwei sitting on the steps at the entrance of the hospital and immediately stretched out his hand to hold her . “Why are you sitting here? Isn’t it cold?”

“I was thinking about something . ” Helian Weiwei stood up as he pulled her up . She rubbed her eyes and murmured, “I’m sleepy . ”

Baili Jiajue smiled . “Let’s go home and sleep? ”

“Okay . ” Helian Weiwei felt that she really needed to sleep to wake herself up . What’s more, she had just done some meritorious deeds . If she slept more, she would grow faster .

Of course, Baili Jiajue wouldn’t let Helian Weiwei walk home .

Especially when she was so tired .

He turned around and his voice was gentle, “Get on my back . ”

Helian Weiwei looked at his back, paused for a moment and then leaned over .

Baili Jiajue just got up and started walking .

Helian Weiwei subconsciously used her legs to stabilize herself, and her nostrils were filled with that familiar peppermint sandalwood smell . The smell on his body made it very easy for her to feel safe .

It was a gentleness that she could feel no matter when and where she was .

He was obviously shorter than her now, but he could actually carry her .

It seemed that she had to re-evaluate his combat ability .

Helian Weiwei rubbed her face against his back in a daze . The only feeling she felt was comfort .

During the day, Baili Jiajue could not fly . After all, it would attract unnecessary attention if he caused panic among the citizens .

However, the ability that a demon had was never just as simple as flying .

Baili Jiajue shuttled through the crowd easily . Every time he swayed his body, it was too fast for anyone to see . It was as if a black shadow flashed past in front of you, but when you looked carefully again, there was nothing in front of your eyes .

Helian Weiwei slept very soundly . When she was placed on the bed, her kasaya was pulled up a little, exposing her slender white ankle and a section of her calf was actually faintly visible .

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Baili Jiajue’s eyes were half closed as his gaze withdrew from her ankles and fell on her entire body .

Her head of black hair cascaded down like a waterfall . Her kasaya was slightly opened, so her exquisite and alluring collarbone was faintly discernible . Those slightly opened lips seemed to be waiting for someone to kiss them .

But because of that order…

Baili Jiajue couldn’t do anything at all . He could only look at her as the desire hidden in the depths of his eyes became heavier and heavier .

No, not just touch her . He wanted to see her constantly trembling and begging for mercy in his arms, especially with that pair of beautiful eyes that were filled with tears and could only reflect his appearance .

He really, really wanted that .

Baili Jiajue’s gloved left hand tightened . He was actually starting to lose control of himself .

He stood up, forced himself to leave her surroundings, and then walked into the bathroom . His entire body was emitting a thick black fog .

As a demon, Baili Jiajue didn’t really need to take off his clothes or put on clothes . After the black fog dispersed, his tall and perfect figure could be seen and every inch of his body seemed to be carved out . His attractive abdominal muscles and Apollo’s belt was enough to make any young lady go crazy over him .

He turned on the shower and the cold water hit his body . After all, he needed to be alert .

Helian Weiwei also sat up because heard the sound of water, but she was still not fully awake . Her two long white legs were crossed and her right hand lazily supported her chin . She looked at the glass door of the bathroom not far too away and thought for a while about what Elder Yue had said, then lay back down again .

By the time she really woke up, the sky was already dark .

This habit of sleeping during the day and going out at night was really no different from a devil .

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The first thing Helian Weiwei did when she opened her eyes was to confirm whether she had grown taller .

The Kasaya she wore before was already getting shorter . In the past, it hung down to her calves . Now, it was below her knees, which made her legs appear even more slender and beautiful .

The transition from fifteen to seventeen years old was such a magical thing . Her skin was clearly very tender, but it was also more alluring than when she was fifteen years old .

Helian Weiwei was originally that kind of true beauty . In the past, even without makeup, she would give people a feeling like she was full of vigor and life .

Now that she was just growing up, her black hair was dyed jet black and reached her waist while her toenails were smeared with a light red cardamom color . Her waist was slender and tender, exuding the sweetness of a young girl . But more than her sweet looks, she also had an imposing manner of looking down from above .

She still couldn’t take off her kasaya . It was just that the difference between her and the previous Phoenix King was that there was an additional black ring on her neck . That was something Baili Jiajue had given her a long time ago . When it was seen on her fair and clean neck, it always gave others the feeling that she was someone’s property .

It was as if she had been encircled . Helian Weiwei furrowed her brows and her fingers tightened around that circle around her neck .

Just then, Baili Jiajue walked in . He was like a full-time Japanese butler of sorts as he wore tight black gloves and held a wooden plate in both hands . There was freshly brewed rose mint tea and a piece of strawberry yoghurt cheese on the plate .

When the weather was hot, eating these refreshing things would make a woman feel the happiest .

However, after Baili Jiajue saw the way Helian Weiwei moved just now, his expression sank for a moment and but he didn’t let anyone notice .

After that, he just smiled, and the silver ears on his head made him look very harmless . “You’ve slept for so long, you should be hungry . ”

Helian Weiwei was indeed hungry . Every time she ate a mouthful of dessert, she would move that collar around her neck, as if she was thinking about something .

Baili Jiajue’s gaze also fell on her neck . After all, it was his favorite place to gnaw, and also her most sensitive spot .

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“I’m done eating . ” Helian Weiwei pushed the plate forward and obediently lay back on the bed .

Baili Jiajue looked at her how she looked so satisfied after she had her fill and the corners of his mouth curled upwards .

Sure enough, once a Phoenix ate until it was full, it would become dazed and silly .

He laughed softly and put away the plate .

Helian Weiwei looked at that tall and straight back . She turned her back and closed her eyes .

Elder Yue’s words kept ringing in her ears .

No matter how hard she tried, they refused to go away .

It was true that Baili Jiajue did prefer her when she wasn’t fully an adult yet .

Was he really trying to raise her?

When she had just become small, he would frequently carry her around and he looked very happy .

It seemed like the two of them had very little to talk about these days .

At the thought of this, Helian Weiwei opened her eyes and looked blankly at the table lamp by the side .

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