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Chapter 1 part 2

Great news, We’re gonna speed up our translations on this novel! What’s more, all chapters will be full chapters from chapter 2 onwards! Yippee~ Let’s thank our amazing translators on this project: Cristi Ray, pink berry puff & Juuzou! *huge round of applause* We’ll still take some time to iron out the chapter bear with us and enjoy this new journey!

Here’s your next half brought to you by Cristi Ray! Edited by Misty!

A lil note from Cristi Ray:

Hi everyone! Cristi Ray here, with a little bit about me! *waves repeatedly*

I am a fellow reader (I am an avid reader, if I could do it as a profession I would!), turned translation helper. I am glad that I am joining Misty on this project, and can’t wait to bring you doses of happiness soon!

This is my first project, please take care of me! *bows deeply*

I got into reading historical fantasy C-novels with GDBBM and after that a whole new wonderful world was opened for me. *eyes are glazed over and an aura of sparkles surround me*

I have a number of hobbies, but not enough time to do them all!! I think I have this point read every kind of novels both foreign and native to me, and I can say that I wish chinese web novels like series would exist in the western world as well!

Alas, this is why marvelous people like Misty are amazing and bring this wondrous joys to our mundane reading materials of the western world *grins widely*

Warmest of hugs and kisses for everyone,

Cristi Ray

Let’s put our hands together to give our support to Cristi and for recovering well over the weekend! Wooo Hoooo!

Also another round of applause for all our amazing translators who’ve joined our Misty Cloud Translations Family. Hip hip hurray! We are thrilled and determined to bring you more happiness and join us on our journey as we translate happiness for you. Clap. Wave.Whistle. Dance. Wave Pom Poms. Raise your cup in the air. Let’s Paaaaaaaaaaaaarty!

Woooo hooooooooooooo! Also, if anyone has any novel suggestions that you would love to see translated here on Misty Cloud Translations (You should know the type of novels we translate by now. Face Slappin’. Revenge. and Eye Candy. Oh! Character is definite!) so drop us an email at [email protected]

Maybe a Male Main Character next round? hmm? Any titles in mind? Let us know! For now, enjoy!

Hope to edit out chapter 2 soon~

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