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Chapter 73

Royal Capital Flight Drama


 Due to the wind raised by Rchan using the Wind Magic, skirts were dancing elegantly on the main street, exposing them to the eyes of the people (mostly men) .

 It may have been flashed to everyone for only a moment, but to me, it’s as if I’ve been looking at them for a very long time .  www . ihavesinnedtranslation . com


 Shelka, who had been covering her face with her arms out of reflex, let out a short scream and then she held down the hem of her skirt a bit late .

 The southern main street is always bustling with people, but only this time that a silence descended on it .

 Shelka, who displayed that thing under her skirt to the crowd of people, sent her gaze around, and then her face and ears quickly turned crimson .

 What a course of events . .  

 After that, she releases the grip on her skirt’s hem, and hangs her head . .

 I can’t see her expression since her bangs are in the way, but she’s probably filled with embarrassment .

 As for Rchan, she was observing Shelka’s reaction with great interest .


 Shelka said with a small voice, while her body is shaking .


 Was that directed toward Eric and me . .

「You saw it didn’t you?」

「「 . . . . . . . . . . . 」」

 Whaat? I feel that she’s kinda angry when I heard that . I have to carefully choose my words here . That’s what my intuition is telling me . It’ll be terrible if I were to choose the wrong words to say .  www . ihavesinnedtranslation . com

 Maybe Eric felt the same way, but I can see a drop of cold sweat on his stiff expression .

 The fact that he can grasp this situation, is proof that he also had some unusual experience before .

「You guys saw it, didn’t you!」

  Maybe it’s bad to keep silent following our intuition, Shelka scream at us hysterically with disheveled hair .

「「I didn’t see it!」」

 Eric and I decided that we had to answer with something, so we answered immediately .

「You saw my light blue panties didn’t you!」

「「No, it’s pink!」」

「 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 」

「「 . . . . . . . . . . . . . ah……… . . 」」

 Darn itー! I unintentionally made a tsukkomi! What a mistake I did! 

 Because Shelka was telling a downright lie that it was light blue color, I said the exact color by mistake .

 Nevertheless, to ask us a leading question even when she was being hysteric, what a dreadful woman .

 Shelka doesn’t explode in anger, but it feels more frightening for us .

 I really wanted to get away from here right now . But, I’m afraid of the aftermath .

 First, it was Rchan who rolled up Shelka’s skirt using wind magic . There’s no reason for her to get angry at us .  www . ihavesinnedtranslation . com

 It was a quarrel between sisters . It has nothing to do with us .

 But still, I should apologize to her as a guy since I’ve seen it . That’s what a cool guy does .  

 Yosh, with this Eric and I won’t be blamed, and we should be able to settle this peacefully .

 Eric and I look at each other .

 ――let’s apologize . And we’ll settle everything peacefully .

 ――that’s the only way

 We talk to each other with just that short exchange of glance, then we head toward the motionless Shelka .

「As expeced from the magic taught to me by Al! It’s the first time I see oneechan’s face like thisー!」

「Wait Eric! Where are you going!」

「Le, let me go, you bastard! I don’t want to die because of getting involved with you! You! Just where did you get that kind of strength!」

This is a strength brought about by using all of my magic power . There’s no way for Eric to shake free from me .

「Oi, you bastard! Look over there!」

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「You won’t get rid of my hands that easily!  I will absolutely not let go of you!」

「That’s not it! At this rate, we ‘re really going to die you know!」

 It’s impossible for him to run away by distracting me . I thought so, but don’t you think that it’s too much of an exaggeration to say that we’re going to die? I look at Eric’s excessively desperate appearance, and look back .  www . ihavesinnedtranslation . com

「『I ask thee     Burn brightly in deep crimson……』」

 When I turn around, Shelka’s magic has mostly completed, and there are eight balls of flames around Shelka, giving the impression of short lances .  1

 A magic incomparable to Rchan’s Gust of Wind2 magic, as it was a strong offensive magic .

 Furthermore, it was not a mere fireball as its shape made it so that it has a high penetrating power .

 The people in the surroundings were surprised by the fire magic suddenly used, they left or hid behind walls, but they didn’t go that far . They were looking this way while looking excited .

『Another Magic Academy’s students, huh . 』

『It’s surprisingly a pretty ojou-chan today . 』

 The citizens of the royal capital look awfully unyielding . How should I put it, what's going on with the education of the Magic Academy . .   www . ihavesinnedtranslation . com

「Don’t tell me, miss Shelka is going to use magic on this main street?」

「Fire magic is no joke you know!」

 Eric and I groaned as we slowly moved back . 3

 As for Shelka, she still had her eyes closed, not holding back her flow of magic power at all .

「「Don’t get that angry just because we saw your panties!」」

「『Piercing Flames』!」

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 And the moment Shelka suddenly opened her eyes *ka*, she also swung her arms at the same time .

 Due to Shelka's action, it made those sharp-looking, pointed flames to lock-on and attack us . .

「Put the penetrating power in moderation at least!」

「Just what the heck is wrong with those sisters!」

 When we saw that, we ran away as if flying .

 The flames pierce through the place our feet used to be


「Uh, she’s seriously trying to hit us with those!」

「Aah, that person is serious . 」

「Especially you Alfried, I will burn you thoroughly! So that you won’t be able to remember unnecessary things!」

 Damn it, are you holding something against me or what . Even though you self-destruct by yourself .

「……hey, why don’t we split up here and run away?」

「What the heck are you talking about . It should be better for the two of us to cooperate right?」

 I pulled Eric who was trying to enter the side road by himself .

 I think this guy has a rotten personality .

 Well now, which way to go . Guess I’ll just run away toward the same direction where Eric ran so that we run together, eh .   www . ihavesinnedtranslation . com

When I smile at him, Eric’s have this stiff smile on his face . .

 It seems he's about to escape by himself, but that is a sin you see, and that’s not gonna happen .

 During our exchange, a flame spear came flying from behind us for the second time .

『What, what happen?』

『Oi, students from the Magic Academy went berserk!』

『What, again!』

 The people on the street we run to are surprised as they split up to the left and right of the street . It feels like they’re quite used to it .  www . ihavesinnedtranslation . com

 Rather than that,

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「Look Eric! Another one came flying! Cut it down quickly!」

 You’re my shield, so if you can’t do something that much, then there’s no reason for us to be together .

「Do, don’t be stupid! There’s no way you can cut down magic!」

「Oi! Don’t lie to me! My oneechan can do it with a wooden sword, and she can beat them down as long she had her mana and fist you know!」

 Although Eleonorneesan will cut it whether its fire or water . Maybe, she can even cut wind magic . But if it’s lightning, there would be the electric current so I guess she won’t try it .

「Is your oneechan really human!? There’s no way I can do that!」

「Damn it, this useless guy! ……『Shield』 whoops」

 I defend against the flame heading toward the place around my shoulder, using the smallest-sized Shield I can cast .

 The thing about this small Shield is that, you can construct it by compressing the mana to increase the defense of the Shield and the consumption of mana will be less . I don’t want to make a big, high-mana consumption, but useless Shield . .  www . ihavesinnedtranslation . com

 Although if you were to cast it with my amount of mana there’s no need to worry about it .

「How could you execute such a high-precision magic !」

 The dangerous woman in the back shouts while swinging her arm .

 Four simultaneous flames were fired at us, but I defended against it by deploying small shields just like before .

「I can’t figure it out! 『I ask thee……』」

 Perhaps her flame spears have run out, she’s now running behind us while chanting . Even though it’s difficult to chant while you’re moving .

 But as expected from her, she didn’t skip grades for nothing .

「Oi, Eric . You’re too close . Go away . 」

 Eric, who wanted to leave me some time ago, suddenly came close to me now .

 You can’t even cut down her magic, this guy is so useless . It became hard to run and he’s a nuisance .

「The two of us should cooperate together to run away, right?」

 Eric said that while smirking .  www . ihavesinnedtranslation . com

 This guy, he only wanted to rely on my Shield to defend himself . Trying to get as close as possible to be under the protection of my Shield . Such a despicable guy .

 Come to think of it, if I was alone then I could go to a suitable back alley to teleport and all of this would have been over already .  www . ihavesinnedtranslation . com

 Well, I shrank away from the vivid pressure given by Shelka, and I shouldn’t have stopped Eric .

「A, anyway, we need to lose her . You’re familiar with the streets right?」

「Yeah, it would be easy enough if it’s to shake Miss Shelka off . After all, Miss Shelka is a young lady from a Duke house, she wouldn’t go to those suspicious streets . More importantly, I’ll leave the defense to you」

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