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Chapter 42

After having a delicious lunch, we enjoy a leisurely time in the living room .

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Eleonorneesan and I sit facing each other with a big table between us .  

But, Eleonorneesan is restless when she saw my feet from time to time .

「Nee, what is that thing Al wear on your feet? That’s not shoes right?」

「It’s not . It’s just a slipper」


In this world, there is no practice of wearing slippers at home . In the first place, slippers doesn’t exist . Normally, people wear shoes indoor . There are shoes for going outside and shoes when you’re spending your time at home, but it’s really troublesome . Since I was born in Japan, I feel that it’s fine if I wear socks or just went barefoot at home .  scelussceleris . wordpress . com

So I mostly wear socks in the mansion to walk around, but in this season, my feet get cold .

That’s why I made my own slipper and wear it .

Incidentally, this slipper is eco-friendly since I made it with used cloth . And there is no problem with the cushion as it’s very comfortable .

「It’s very easy to put on, and easy to take off . 」

「Heeー, lend for a moment . 」

It came out! This line . It’s a typical pattern where someone took a liking to it and it won’t be returned, or being returned in a few days but looks like a tattered piece of rags .

When I hesitate, Eleonorneesan shows her displeasure .

「What is it? It’s not difficult to take it off right?」

「Yes yes . 」

I swung my foot and the slippers flew to Eleonorneesan’s feet in front of me . I thought that she will be angry with the crude way I pass the slippers to her direction, but what came out is a voice of amazement .  scelussceleris . wordpress . com

「……heeー, it’s really easy to take off isn’t it . 」

She pick up the slippers on her feet and stare at it .

「Well . 」


「Eh? Somehow it’s different from what Mother wear earlier . 」

With a question mark floating on her head, Eleonorneesan observes the slippers from various angle .

Unfortunately, the raw material is insufficient, I can’t make four of this kind of slippers . Aside from the lack of material, it’s cause I’m also got bored . It’s absolutely in no way because I’m inclined to the latter . After all, I’ll be sad if they returned it to me cause they dislike it .  scelussceleris . wordpress . com

Before I know it, Eleonorneesan is already with Elnkaasan, who is relaxing on the couch .  

「Aa, Mother also wear it!」

「Yes, Al gave it to me . It doesn’t need to tightened like shoes, and it’s easy to take it off anytime, and wear it immediately . And it’s prettier than shoes . 」

「Al! This slipper, it’s even more cute than the one before!」

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Eleonorneesan look back vigorously and shout with a smile .

「That slipper is the frog Gekotkun . 」(ゲコ太君)

Gekotkun . Alfried’s masterpiece using luxurious green cloth . So as to not make the whole thing look monotonous, the place where you put your feet is made using pegreen colored cloth, and the part for the instep has round and cute eyes attached to it .

「Gekotkun!? Then what about this one?」

「It’s the piglet, Tonkichi . 」(トン吉)

Tonkichi . Using plenty of light-pink colored cloth, it expresses the cuteness of a little piglet even though it’s a slipper, a masterpiece from the master craftsman Alfried .

A small round tail is attached to the heel, will not in any way get in the way of one’s walks . The instep has adorable ears, little eyes, and the mouth is drawn using black thread . Especially the characteristic of a big, pink nose attached in the middle . scelussceleris . wordpress . com

「Heeー、what a great Tonkichi!」

My finest, prideful item .

Eleonorneesan confirms the feeling of the slipper while she walks using it, and she start approaching me .

「There’s only one Gekotkun . 」


「You can’t . 」

「I haven’t said anything yet!?」

「I will not give you Gekotkun . 」

「Kuh, as expected from you Mother . That’s where you look like Al . 」


Am I a guy who is utterly helpless to that extent? 

Maybe they decided that words can’t get through, before I knew it, Eleonorneesan and Elnkaasan started fighting for Gekota on the sofa .

The big sofa creaks, but they doesn’t care about that and still screaming on top of it .

Un . This fight is actually quite unusual . Eleonorneesan moves around nimbly on the narrow sofa, but Elnkaasan’s defense is strong . Especially, her defense of holding the slippers to her breast is formidable . It’s a pity that splendid chest is not inherited by Eleonorneesan .  scelussceleris . wordpress . com

 Irritated that she can’t break the strong defense, Eleonorneesan’s offensive became even more intense having been provoked by her own inferiority .

「Yaaan~! Tickling is unfair . 」

「Quiet! Something like this……!!」

I feel like I heard some seductive voice just now . Please stop it since it’s kinda unsettling .

Gekotkun has already fallen to Elnkaasan, but Eleonorneesan offensive doesn’t stop . It seems that they’re completely ignoring Gekotkun already . Right now in front of my eyes, there is a person that keep venting her anger .   scelussceleris . wordpress . com

「……what is this?」

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Sylvio-niisan enter from the door . Entering the room, one can immediately see the two people fighting .

「Just frolicking around . 」

「……o, oh . Hm? What is this?」

 Sylvio-niisan notice Tonkichi at my feet after he pulls his cheek a bit .  1

「It’s a footwear called Slipper . 」

「Footwear?It’s quite different from shoes huh . Can I try wearing it?」

「Sure . 」

After answering, Sylvio-niisan take off his shoes and excitedly put his feet in the slipper .

Right after, Sylvio-niisan walk around in the room, and tapping the floor to confirm the feeling of the slipper .

「How should I put it, it’s comfortable . I can remove this immediately, and it will be quite comfortable inside the room . 」

「Do you like it?」

「Un . If it’s possible, I also want it . 」

「Actually I have already prepared a slipper for Sylvio-niisan . 」


With a shine on his face, Sylvio-niisan quickly came over .

「Yes, here you go . 」

「……a rabbit?」

「It’s Pyonkichi . 」

Pyonkichi . The entire thing is made of pure white cloth, giving it a sense of cleanliness . The white color reminds one of snow, and above all the ear that protruded out which is the characteristic of the slipper .  The ear itself receive the master craftsman Alfried attention to the detail, and since it uses an extraordinary material, it has the best feel out of all the slipper . With its round and cute eyes, and light brown nose, makes it look cute and pleasing to the eyes . It’s a fine item to wear .  scelussceleris . wordpress . com

「Such a cute slipper . 」

「Since Sylvio-niisan is sensitive to cold, it’s  kinda like getting inside a blanket . 」

「It’s true . It’s warmer than the previous slipper, and also… . . it’s soft!」


 Sylvio-niisan looks happy as he turns around abruptly, and it seems that he’s pleased with the feel of the ear .

「Thank you ALl! Then I’ll accept this!」

「U, un . I’ll give it to you . 」

It was such a refreshing smile, I got shaken a little bit .

I see, so that’s the reason why the villager’s wife fell . Well you know, not only he’s such a lovely boy, but also gave a fleeting feeling of wanting to protect him, it’s tickling their motherly feeling . ?

The feeling is doubled when you look at this smile and his usual dignified appearance . This is the power of a mere nine years old him . In the event that one was told to protect him while growing up, are there people who wouldn’t fall for him I wonder .

With exuberant mood, Syllvio-niisan went out of the living room while snacking on some cookies .

 Now then, should I also head back early so that I won’t get dragged into the women’s quarrel .

 When I thought so, and put my hand on the door to withdraw from the living room that is already became a battlefield, my shoulder is grabbed .

「「Wait a minute . 」」

「……what is it」

「You still have it right? Gekotkun I mean . 」

 Eleonorneesan, please don’t put such strength on my shoulder . It’ll get dislocated .

「No, I don’t have enough cloth to make another Gekotkun . 」

「But you can make Pyonkichi right?」

 Even Elnkaasan is looking at me with suspicion .

「White and green cloth are completely two different things!」

「You truly can not make even one more pair?」

「Then Tonkichi――」

「「Don’t want it . 」」

 Why! What’s wrong with Tonkichi! Even though it’s so adorable!

「……actually there is another distinct pair . 」

「Ara, what kind of slipper is it . 」

「Is it even more cute than Gekotkun?」

With those few words, Eleonorneesan and Elnkaasan have a look of expectation .

「Yeah, but it won’t be suitable for the both of you . It’s exclusive for that person after all . 」

「It might be a cute thing just like the one Sylvio get . 」

「Ah, that’s right . I won’t understand it unless I see it myself . 」

 Nooー, but even so, this is――

「「It’s fine, let me see it (please)」」

Losing to the two’s pressure, I reluctantly held out the slipper .

「……this is that person’s stuff」

「I don’t need it . 」

When I show it to the both of them, they said to make Gekotkun as soon as the material is gathered, then they returned .

Since I manage to gather the materials earlier than expected, I made some for the maids and even for visitors .  scelussceleris . wordpress . com


 ×     ×     ×


「Hm? What is this . 」

 When Nord entered his office, there was a big wooden box on the desk . Naturally, Nord doesn’t remember putting such thing on the desk . It’s too plain of a gift for nobles .

 When he tried to pick up the wooden box, he can hardly feel the weight of the wooden box itself . Feeling relieved that it’s not the fragile kind of item, he put it back down and untie the strings covering the lid .  scelussceleris . wordpress . com

「……what the heck is this……hm? A letter?」

 The moment Nord opened the cover-right in the middle of the box-,he pick something that look like a letter with his hand .   He actually want to examine the thing inside first, but it is better to read the letter first since usually the content is written in the letter . If it was something sent by mistake, then it’s not good to touch it .  And then, since the sender is unknown, he’s concerned about touching it as it is closed .  scelussceleris . wordpress . com

And when he opened the letter which is neatly folded carefully with his hand, it was written as such .  


Thank you for the hard work as always . I’ve prepared a wonderful footwear for Nord-sama .

 Ryuta 2 . The whole thing is covered entirely of red cloth reminding one of a dragon . The scales is made properly – one by one – by the master craftsman Alfried, one can see the determination and attention to detail of the creator by just looking at it . The part where one insert one’s foot is giving the image of dragon’s belly, and it is by no means became looking monotonous .  On the side, the picture of wings that is about to fly at any moment are drawn, just by wearing it alone, there’s no doubt that you can fly . And then, the centerpiece is the part that is the shell . The dragon head is giving an impression of howling and about to bite you anytime . The face is designed cutely, but it is still became a dragon with full of majesty .  scelussceleris . wordpress . com

It is a footwear that is worthy of the name Dragon Slayer .

From the one who dearly loves you, Alfried .


「…………I don’t know what should I do about this . 」





TL Note :


Sounds a bit weird, think of it like when you touch your cheek with your hand/finger when in an awkward conversation . 竜太 . Lit . Grand Dragon
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