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Slowlife Chapter 4 I want to use new magic

I’ve gotten considerably used to practicing my mana manipulation these days. I can now invoke light magic in one breath.

I exhaust my mana every day, repeat it after recovering, and recently, I can feel an abundance of mana within myself.

Because space magic is usable, there should be a lot of knowledge about mana in order to use it.

However because it’s that Kamisama’s statement, therefore, something like 『To tell you the truth, it is unfortunate that your latent amount of mana is insufficient to use it. 』is probably ordinary.

Besides light magic, my body is also covered in mana, and I concentrate to cover parts such as my feet and arms. This is extremely difficult. My mana becomes unstable as soon as I become negligent.

Although I have gotten used to light magic, it seems that I still have a long way to go. Magic is very deep and profound.

On the next day of my mysterious moving incident, I show a complete roll over in front of my mother Elna.

Elna was in high spirits for my large growth.

Because she asks to do it once again many times, I roll over again, and then I roll over in rapid succession.

Elna rejoices more and more. Sarah who is waiting in the back and says “I see” has a refreshed expression.

Later, when my father Nord returned, I was asked to roll over again, and both my parents also clamored.

Five months later.

「Huh? Mana? 」

「Now that you mention it, there is a slight presence of mana. 」

Elna and Nord are talking face to face.

I unintentionally exposed pouring my mana in public due to curiosity.

Is the sensitivity of the two people sharp? Because I am carried by Elna, I don’t know if it’s ordinary if I am exposed pouring so much mana at point-blank range.

「By any chance, did it come from Al? 」

Elna looks into my pupils and asks.

「Aiー? 」

「Because a baby with a high amount of knowledge in magic can unintentionally use it, I wanted to ask you. Isn’t Al the same too? 」

「If that’s so, then I’m happy.  Maybe, Al will become an excellent magician in the future. 」

Elna and Nord smiles at each other.

All right, I will surprise them more.

I move with a rustling sound that I want to come down to the floor from the arms of Elna.

「What’s wrong Al? Do you want to roll around? 」

Elna was surprised that I who was quiet just a while ago have begun to move suddenly.

No, it’s different. I don’t want to roll!

I have more progress!

Elna carefully lowers me on the floor slowly.

With that alone, I understand that she cares and pays attention to me.

Elna and Nord crouches down to carefully observe me.

I lie face down similar to when I roll over and face upward from my current state. Then, my upper body is raised by both hands and I start crawling using my arms and feet.

「Crawling!? Al can already crawl!? 」

「But Eleanor was only able to do it at seven and half months old. 」

The two people who were watching while holding their breath begin to be delighted at the same time.

「Al is still only 5 months old and yet he is this amazing~ 」

「You’re right. 」

「Because he was a child that doesn’t cry at all and didn’t need much help, I was worried~ 」

「I had troubles with Eleanor and Sylvio.  I’m glad that he grows up rapidly. 」

Smiling at each other, the two people kiss for a moment.

Both are in good terms with each other. Please do the continuation in the evening.

I intend to look around the residence because I can now crawl.

Though I’ve already looked around a few times when Elna was holding me for a slight change of pace, it’s only to the places such as the entrance of the first floor and Elna’s room.

I also don’t know what kind of view is beyond the garden outside.

Because it was recognized that I can now crawl, I steadily explore around.

My babysitter today is Eleanor-neesan.

Her cute chestnut-colored hair tied in a ponytail shakes while she follows me closely behind.

「This place is not allowed. 」

Because I was a child, I thought Sarah would let us go anywhere we like, but she would interfere on quite trivial matters.

When I peeked at the stairs to the first floor, it has been blocked. I’m sure that I look like a dog waiting for permission right now.

「The first floor is not allowed! 」

It seems like we are absolutely not allowed to go to the first floor.

In the inner part of the second floor was Nord’s room, Elna’s room, Eleanor-neesan and Sylvio-niisan’s room, and the playroom.

Next is my room, the living room, a vacant room, and then, the study room where I was withdrawn from some time ago, the second floor is made to be a secured private space.

Then, is my Eleanor-neesan going to read books in the study room? As long as Eleanor-neesan can take a book, I’ll have her carry it afterwards. If so, perhaps she will read her favorite book in the room.

「Auー 」

「Do you want to enter this room? There’s nothing but books there you knowー? 」

「Aiー 」

To express that I want to enter the room, *tonton*1 I knocked on the wooden door.

I seem to have actually become a dog.

「Well… Alright. 」

The door opens and I immediately entered the room, I look up to the sight of books on bookshelves.

I’m looking for a book related to magic and a book to understand the information in this world. Is something like an adventure record or legend good?

Found it!

『 Magic Textbook 』2

『 Dumfries’ Adventure Record 』3

『 A Delicious Cookbook 』4

『 Daily Life of Savory 』5

Un’un,6 as expected, there is a magic book. Because Elna-kaasan can use magic, I expected there to be one.

Besides an adventure record, there is also a cookbook.

This is good, isn’t it? It’s interesting.

I’m really drawn to 『 Daily Life of Savory 』 for some reason. I wonder why.

I want to see what Savory was doing.

I want to check it out. I’m curious.

Un, let’s check it out when others are not looking and if there is time.

For the time being, the magic book is read.

I focused on the target, the magic book.

The magic book is in the middle section of the shelf, it’s at a position where Eleanor-neesan will be able to get it if she gets on a chair.

「Auー 」

I knock on the shelf, and appeal innocently to show that I want to see the book.

「What’s wrong Al? Do you want to see the book? 」

Eleanor-neesan guesses while looking at my appearance.

That’s right! That’s right!

「Ai! 」

I answer as if speaking the same language.

Eleanor-neesan doesn’t particularly doubt my appearance. ……It’s probably all right.

「Which book do you wantー? 」

However, Eleanor-neesan takes one book out from the lower section which she can reach.

No, that’s wrong. It’s not 『 Marine Princess and the 3 dragons 』.7

「Well, is it thisー? 」

That’s also wrong.

I glance towards the middle section.

「Is it the book in the middleー? 」

After stretching herself, but because she cannot reach it, Eleanor-neesan drags a chair drags it to the shelf.

I was crossing my new fingers as she goes to the middle section of the shelves.

「Thisー? 」

It’s close! It’s another one to the left!

「This one? 」

Eleanor-neesan grabs the magic book at last.

「Aiー 」

Watching my reaction to the magic book, Eleanor-neesan pulls out the magic book.

「Well then, I’ll start reading itー 」

As expected of Neesan. So reliable!

Eleanor-neesan lies down next to me, I snuggle up and the book is opened.

「All people have mana and there is nobody who doesn’t have mana in this world. 」

I know. I heard it from Kamisama.

「ーーーAnd magic depends on each person’s image and desire. The magic chant is also subtly different for each person. Although the chant seems to decrease when getting accustomed to the image and mana manipulation, details are still being investigated, a magician who doesn’t chant is very valuable. 」

I see, I didn’t know this. I should study.

Huh? What’s wrong Eleanor-neesan? Even though I wanted you to continue reading.

「……Let’s end it here. Because okaasan only reads up to here and ends it. 」

I see, so that’s why you were reading smoothly?

Where has the once gallant and intelligent person up until a while ago gone to……?

*perapera*8 The pages of the book was turned properly.

Ah! There is water magic! I want to see! I want to see!

「Eleanor-sama.  Alfred-sama must rest soon. 」

「Okaーy, Sarah.  The book is now closedー 」

That’s why, I can’t have the book get taken away! So, I cling to book.

「Nー, But it’s already finished you knowー? 」

「What’s the matter? 」

「Al doesn’t want to separate from the bookー 」

「He might have liked it.  Let’s also take the book together. It’s unusual to show interest in a book. 」

I succeeded somehow. I can study magic with this. I’m getting tired of light magic too.


1*tap tap*/*knock knock*

3『ダンフリーの冒険記録』- Danfurii no Bouken Kiroku

5『サーボリーの日常』- Saaborii no Nichijou

7『マリーン姫と三匹のドラゴン』 Mariin Hime to San Hiki no Doragon
8*rustle rustle*/SFX for paper; might also be : *fluent*/*smoothly*

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