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 The carriage shook me to and fro, but I was in Heaven. There were two reasons for this.

   Reason one. I went out today to celebrate Georg’s 9th birthday.

   However, this time it was special.

   Today, she was laughing robustly. We had tea, and she grumbled about how she’s gotten a little plumper, but with great cheer.


   The person riding inside the carriage with me smiled slightly.
   When I looked his way, he schooled his features and met my gaze. Without a hint of remorse, he closed his eyes and bowed his head.

   “My apologies.”

   “It’s fine…”

   I’m not offended because he laughed. Or, how should I put it? When I saw him laughing earlier, I knew he wasn’t laughing at me.
   I was simply curious. What exactly did I do to make him laugh?

   Unsatisfied, he shook his head and continued, eyes warm, as if he had read my mind, “Your Highness, you were smiling so happily, I could not help myself.”

   Unable to meet his unreasonably tender gaze, I looked down.

   This guy…Sir Leonhard holds my heart in the palm of his hands, after all.

   “Will you forgive my insolence?”

   “Of-of course.”

   For a moment, I stammered over my words, but I managed to smooth over my glitch.
   I repeated orders inside my heart to stay calm, calm! as I breathed in short breaths.

   “Rather, the one who should apologize is me. I’m truly sorry for interrupting your day with my selfishness.”

   “Please, say no more. There is no need to apologize to me.”


   “This is my personal work. Take no notice of it.”

   Work. It’s as he said.
   There was no other reason for him to escort me above work. It was so obvious, I scolded myself for getting depressed, You should be happy you can even be together like this.

   By now, I think everyone already knows the second reason why I’m on cloud nine.
   And that’s because Sir Leonhard is my guard today.

   My real guard is Klaus.

   Go on, go on, have fun at home. You take your time, no need to hurry back!
   Though I was sending him off with a light heart, Klaus was still unwilling to go.

   His excuse? On the same day, I had planned to go out.

   If you were only staying inside the castle, then I can agree to relinquishing my duty once in a while. However, if it involves traveling outside, then that is a completely different matter, Klaus grumbled.

   He became even more reluctant to leave when he imagined something happening to me en route to Georg’s.

   I can only entrust your life to a knight of more skill than myself, he continued to grumble.

   I think he was trying to brag, “I’m one of the top five most powerful guys among the royal knights.”

   I am happy he’s worried for me, but…my urge to kill was welling up. He’s an honest to goodness full blown stalker, not to be trusted.

   His are the only flags I can’t destroy myself, so I’ve stopped trying to.

   I guess I have to wait.
   But, there was a man standing nearby who couldn’t bear to watch my troubled expression, and he offered up his own name.

   That man was Sir Leonhard.

   Even Klaus can’t possibly find fault with the greatest swordsman in the whole kingdom, and he reluctantly went to his parents’ residence.

   Also, thanks for sharing your happiness with others, Klaus’s big brother!



   “As a bonus, I get to escort the pretty princess. There is no man alive who would not be happy to.”


   H-how smug. But it suits him.

   The destructive power of a smile on Leonhart’s face was beyond measure; after all, it was a face that defied approach, if not a downright fearsome one. He’s one of those so-called gap moe guys. If he turned those seductive eyes on her, there’s no woman wouldn’t fall in love with him.
   It goes without saying, I fell long ago.

   If it were Sir Leonhard, no matter what he asked of me, I wouldn’t have been able to say no to him. He could do no wrong in my eyes. Even if he uprooted me, I could still grow.
   That’s what I say now, but if he starts spouting the same lines Klaus does, I’ll definitely, completelyignore him.

   “I must remember to thank Klaus. He should be arriving at home right about now… I can just imagine that bitter look on his face.”


   I came crashing back to reality at Sir Leonhard’s merry words.
   Klaus will definitely be a pain in the ass once he returns, won’t he…?

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