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The Reincarnated Princess’ Guests

   I was offered to stay at a large building in town looking out to the harbour… likely the result of my threat, rather than their kind gesture. The doctor lived downtown so after a short while, the man who went to call for him returned with an old man in his 60s. He clearly was dragged out of bed since his grey hair and clothes were an ugly mess.

"This is… not good."

   The man was complaining about his untidy clothes until he saw Klaus' condition. His expression immediately turned serious.

   A streak of sweat ran down my back.

   Once the bandages were carefully removed, he touched one with his tongue and muttered 'poison'.

"You were attacked by the pirates near these islands, right? Their poisons were made to kill. It is rare that anyone ever survives. What did you use to treat him?"

"It’s the stuff I made myself."

   The old man looked his way after Wolf raised his hand.

"You? So you didn’t just buy some expensive medicine from some merchant but instead you made it yourself?"

"I know my ways around these things. I just properly formulated it, that’s all."

   The old doctor muttered half in amazement and half in awe. Wolf didn’t say much more and just chalked up dry laughs.

"I would never have thought of a chance to meet such an amazing person. One of the small advantages of living for so long, I suppose."

   The miracle clan, huh. Said the doctor.

   It was a small whisper that only I could hear since I was right next to him, but I believe what he said was correct.

"I’m honored. But right now we don’t have time for small chit chat."

"You’re right… But what would you have me do?"

   The doctor confusingly asked as he stroked his beard.

"I’d like to scrape the dead tissue around the wound but… You know, if he loses any more blood, he could die."

   I followed the doctor’s gaze in Klaus' direction.

   Klaus had very pale complexion and had been unconscious for a considerable amount of time now. Even if I held his hand, there’s no reaction at all. His breathing was so weak and shallow that I felt it could stop at any moment.

"It’s a different story if we could stop his bleeding immediately after the scraping. Would you happen to know of such a magical medicine?"

"There’s no way that exists. But there’s no choice but to do it, right?"

   Towards Wolf's quick reply, the doctor gave a dejected sigh and bitterly spat 'yeah'.

"Oi! You! Go boil some water!"

   The doctor spat out instructions for the servants surrounding us.

"Mary, what about you…"

"I’ll help!"

   When I gave him my absolute reply, his eyes rounded in surprise.

   Perhaps he expected me to wait in a separate room. He stared at me, confirming my determination.

"We’re cutting off his dead skin. He will bleed even more than before. Do you understand?"

   He was asking if I was prepared for the task.

   To be honest, I wasn’t good with blood. I was also scared of getting hurt. But leaving Klaus near Death's door, wandering between life and death was much much scarier.

   I looked up at Wolf and gave a firm nod.


"… Really, you…"

   Wolf said in amazement and raised his face to the sky. Then he released a deep sigh, emptying his lungs.

   He turned back to me again and I averted my eyes in a fluster. He waved me to come closer.

"Got it. Then start by cleaning the dirt off."

   After a strong nod, I turned my heel around, waded through the busy crowd and started running.

   I washed my hands and rinsed my face with the crummy water we had available and changed into some clothes I borrowed in a separate room. The grey blue dress was hidden underneath a simple white apron. I tied my hair together so that it won't get in the way.

   On the way back to Klaus, I was stopped in the corridor.

   Looking over my shoulder, Mr. Yang who was in charge of the kitchen said that a guest was looking for me.

   I shouldn't be acquainted with anyone in Flamme, especially since I was not supposed to be here in the first place. No one should know who I was except the people aboard the ship.

   Looking worriedly towards me, Mr. Yang's expression deepened.

"I don't think he's a bad guy… But if you think he's dangerous then please refuse him. Just to be sure, please don't go in by yourself. It'll be bad if you get in danger."

   He said so as if telling his own daughter and patted my head gently.

   However, he immediately straightened his face after he noticed something and took a step back.

"I'm sorry… Just now, I treated you the same way as I usually do. Please forgive me, Your Highness."

"!… Please don't worry about it!"

   He tried to kneel, but I immediately put a stop to that.

   He reluctantly got up. I could still see a hint of embarrassment on his face.

   I didn't expect him to treat me like normal, but this could get out of hand.

   Even if you were to say that it's the result of my own actions, it's still painful. I didn't know what to do next and kept silent.

   When I couldn't stand the awkward silence any longer, I told him I was in a hurry and left him on the spot.

   I returned to Klaus only to find that the preparations had already been completed.

   Klaus was lying face down with his hands and feet tied so that it no one would get hurt if he regained consciousness. His mouth was biting something and the room was filled with drifting smoke. Incense. I believe they were used to relieve pain and help with relaxation.

   Wolf whispered 'you're late' with a cloth covering his mouth. I apologised while putting one over my own.

   As I stood next to Wolf, I saw the doctor's hands across where we were. In one of his hands was a shiny scalpel. It made my heart jump.

   My mouth felt dry and sweat started to spread as I panicked. Even though I haven't done anything, I felt like I was going to faint.

"I'm starting."

   The doctor declared in a heavy voice as the scalpel touched Klaus' skin.


   A small sound was made as the blade penetrated and sank through the skin. Blood oozed out and formed a ball around the blade handle. Just watching already hurts, but I won't look away. I had made my decision that I would help.

   I held my hands tight. The pain from my nails digging into my skin kept my consciousness together.

   Only the clank of metal tools could be heard in the suffocating cold air.

   As if breaking the excruciating silence, a busy crowd could be heard from beyond the door. Before long, the door was kicked open with a loud bang.


   It was a good looking boy who pounced in with heavy momentum.

   The hood that covered his face fell to reveal his platinum blonde hair. He must have rushed here as sweat was covering his face. His violet eyes adorned with long eyelashes frustratingly sought after the person he was looking for.

   It was a face that I knew well.


   I called out to him.

   The people that chased after him stopped once they saw my reaction.

"Thank god… You're not hurt, are you?"

"Why… are you here?"

   I questioned him as he breathed a sigh of relief.

"A bird delivered the message. It said that you were attacked by pirates and was aiming for this port town."

"… A bird?"

   He nodded while adding that it was 'a black bird.'

   It's no surprise that I didn't recognise it, and of course I wanted to know who sent the bird but now was not the time.

"Mary, keep your reunion for later. Also please ask that man to leave us alone."

"I'm sorry!"

   I apologised to Wolf in a fluster.

   After I told him that we would talk later, I pushed him away and returned only to be pulled back by his hand that didn't let go.

   He was holding onto my wrist. I was confused and embarrassed more than I was angry. It was a gentlemanly thing that was rare for Georg.


"About the treatment, please wait a moment."

   Georg's gaze passed through me and was directed at Wolf's back.

   Looking over my shoulder I could see the doctor rolling his eyes and Wolf's expressionless face. His face was stoic like a statue, which made the room temperature dropped even further.

"There's a person dying here and you want us to wait? Who the hell do you think you are? God? Can you change a man's fate?"


   Georg's expression became stiff, but he did not avert his gaze.

"I'm no God. I'm just a brat with no talent. But he might be able to help."


   The sound of the door that opened once more drowned out Wolf's voice.

   Miss Bianca entered the room with a slender young man supported by her shoulder. Due to the hood that covered his head, his glossy black hair was ruffled up like a bird's nest. Beads of sweat formed on his face along with an exhausted complexion and he was badly out of breath.

   Each step he took was unsteady and erratic. But the young man eventually pulled himself away from Miss Bianca's shoulder. Miss Bianca looked at him anxiously as he laughed his worries away.

"I'm fine from here."

"But… Michael…"

"It's alright now. Thanks, Miss."

   The young man… Michael, took off his coat and handed it to Miss Bianca before turning to face me.

   Our stare was awkward. I mean, when we last parted it wasn't exactly a fond memory or anything like that. I didn't know how to call out to him.

   Michael showed a troubled face when he saw me confused.


   Michael who looked at me noticed something and adjusted his line of sight downwards. I followed his gaze and noticed that my apron had a few red spots here and there. I had unwittingly ruined the dress even though I borrowed it.

   My right hand that had a few crescent moon-shaped wounds was being delicately lifted up. Those were when I held my hands a little too tight. Michael put both of his hands on mine.

"I want you to keep a secret for me."


"You know that I'm a magician with the Earth attribute, right?"

   He asked. I nodded.

"If a magician can't use offensive magic, what magic can he use instead?"

   His thin fingers started to trace my hand.


   With just a light stroke of his hand that barely touched my skin, I felt a certain change in my palm.

   Looking at it, the three wounds carved along my palm lines had beautifully disappeared.

   I kept staring at my right hand.

   Michael smiled brightly when he saw my face. It was the smile of a child who was on the verge of crying from immense happiness.

"I will save your precious person… That is why I am here."

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