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The Reincarnated Princess' Conversation (2)

“That's amazing, Mary-chan!”

 Biancneesan said so when she came over.

“You peeled them so thinly, and fast! You're a wife material for sure!”

“I-Is that so?”

 I blushed my cheeks so red it's embarassing.
 Once I heard "wife material" I imagined Leonhart-sama standing in the kitchen. My heart raced.

 I lightly shook my head from my own dreams.

“It's amazing that you could peel these potatoes all by yourself.”

“Unlike a certain someone who didn't give a helping hand at all.”

“Isn't that you, a stinking man who's not cute at all? Unlike your sister.”

“No, I believe it's a certain woman that's being too familiar with my adorable little sister.”

 My fluffy delusion was ruined almost immediately. The two were smiling, filled with sarcasm to the brim.
 Hey Patrasche. Somehow it suddenly got colder around here.

“If you can't help, why not enjoy the scenery from upstairs?”

“Doesn't the one that can't help also applies to you too? Why don't you go stare at the ocean instead? Wasn't there a cute rich girl upstairs you can get along with?”

“No, please go ahead. I'm sure you'll be able to get along with her just fine.”

 What do I do? I'm afraid to even raise my head.
 The verbal battle overhead is making me shrink into the chair.

 'The ones that are not helping are the both of you!' You're literally in the same boat. But I also don't want to involve Flora with these two by sending them up.
 Why can't you two just go and gawk at the ocean by yourselves?

 I can surmise up a bunch of retorts in my head, but better not put them to use. The last thing I want is to join into their dangerous conversation.

“That's because the adorable lady that I want to get along with is right here.”

 As she said that, my body jumped.

“Please do not look at my sister with such lewd eyes. Mary, come here.”

 Please don't drag me into this, I beg you.

 With empty eyes, I turned to face Paul-san.
 He was watching closely just before, but now he immediately averted his eyes away. What a thing to do. There is no God after all.

 That's right. Everyone wants a piece of my cute self.
 Ufufu… While my mind wandered off to the verge of escaping reality, a knock came from the kitchen doors.


 Kurt-san who was nearest to the door answered, and with that the doors flung open.

 A tall man walked in.

 Ash-gray hair cut neat and short, with light brown skin. The long honey colored eyes were sharp, and old scars remained on the side of his right eye. A similar scar can be seen on his toned body along his neckline under the black shirt.
 I'd say he's in his late twenties.
 Facial features are in place, but he seemed difficult to approach. That atmosphere is probably invisible to the likes of sailors and merchants. He could be a soldier or adventurer… Maybe he's a mercenary hired as an escort for this ship.

 He searched the room and stopped when our eyes met.

“Oh, how cute.”

 Said the man after looking at me tentatively.


 A weird voice escaped my mouth.

“You look very much like a doll. It's cute.”

 The man's voice was deep which complimented his sturdy build, but his tone was soft.
 …No, I don't think that his soft tone was a good thing but my head can't keep up right now.

“Well… oh… um… thank you?”

 There must be question marks flying around my head right now.
 Tilting his head, the man smiled.

“The reaction is also cute. I feel like wanna take you (it) home.”


 He sent me a wink and I unexpectedly had to pull myself together.
 Then Klaus, who was just arguing but a moment ago, stood up to shield me from the man.

“What business do you have with my sister?”

“Oh, the brother is not bad either.”

“What do you want?”

 This is rare. Klaus got startled.
 This person is strong. Onee-san, you’re invincible, aren’t you?

 Onee-san struck his hand together in a pose as if he remembered something.

“Oh, that's right. Hey, sailor-san. Do you have any medicine?”

 Kurt jumped at the unexpected question towards him.

“Eh… The m-medicine?”

“Are you not feeling well?”

 Paul-san, being older, was the voice of reason. Though Kurt-san recovered quickly and turned a serious expression as well.

“It's not for me, but the person himself says he’s seasick.”

“We have no medicine that would help with seasickness.”

“Please don't be shy. Why not spit it out instead of keeping it a secret?”

“Now that's a problem. It's been hard for me too, you know?”

 Onee-san put his hands on his cheeks and knitted his brows.
 I heard them two whispering to each other. After giving it some thought, I reached for my purse and then pushed Klaus out of the way.


“What's the matter, my cutie pie?”

“Please, if you'd like…”

 I gave it to him.
 He tilted his head like I was a little earlier.

“And this is?”

“This is a medicinal herb. It will make you feel a little sleepy but if you chew it, it will help with your seasickness.”

 What I gave him was Sacred Bamboo (Nanten).

 Sacred Bamboo is a red fruit with thin leaves. The leaves are used to decorate small snow rabbits.
 Even though Sacred Bamboo is effective as a cough medicine, what I have prepared here are its leaves.
 It seems there were mentions of this stopping sickness long ago, but it seems that recognition is low in this world, as can be seen from the sailors not recognising it.

“Since you'll be poisoned if taken too much, I'll only give you a little for now. Does anyone else want some too?”

 Since I don't need it anyway.
 In my previous life, my semicircular canal was weak. If I drive for even a little, I'll get car sick right away. But now everything seems to be fine. Even a carriage poses no problems. I brought it with me again this time just in case, but I've yet to show any signs of being seasick.



 Onee-san looked at me silently before hesitantly recieving the leaves.
 F~un. As if breathing out a sigh, his lips drew a small arc.

“Will you please come with me for a moment?”


“I'd like you to have a look at the symptoms.”

“No, I'm not a doctor-”



 I lost against such a powerful smile.

 Wait… Don't tell me… Did I just do it again?

TN: I had some troubles with this one. What was that “tall man” about? Did the author just introduced a new character and ignored him all of a sudden? Help please.

So apparently the “tall man” is a man that acts like a girl. Hence Rose calling him “Onee-san (オネエさん)” I had so much trouble figuring this out. But I might still be wrong. If anyone who can actually understand Japanese have read the raws, I would be grateful to know if I am right.

I also took a new approach to the suffixes. Opinions welcome.

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