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   Crap… I seriously wanted to cry.

   Until the day we met, I’d planned to improve myself.

   I mean, imagine it. A little girl strongly coming on to an adult man? It wouldn’t be effective at all.(Unless he’s a creepy lolicon!)

   At the start of the game, Rosemarie was around 15~16 years old, and Sir Leonhard was already 31. Even then it would’ve been shady for him to date her, so now it’d be completely out of the question.
   And I’d thought it would be nothing but heartaches when I met him, but…

   It’s over. Not only did the unexpected happen, the way he looked at me with that knowing face? My romance was dashed against the rocks before it could even start.

   “Your Highness? What troubles you?”

   “Eh… Ahh… It’s nothing.”

   Desperately holding in my spilling over tears, I shook my head. I withdrew my hand from the palm of his big hand, and took a step back.

   “Sister? Do you hurt somewhere?”

   Johan watched me, worried for me despite the fact that I had treated him poorly not so long ago. I smiled to show I was OK, but it might not be convincing enough, so I summoned a real smile for him. He relaxed.

   My little brother is so innocent and kind—it pricked my conscience painfully.

   Sorry, Johan…

   All she can think of in front of the guy she likes is smoothing over her blunders. It’s so ugly and cowardly.

   From now on, she’ll truly become a demon who won’t waver no matter who stands in her way!

   Scolding my stiff muscles, I plastered a smile on my face.

   “I apologize for showing you something so unsightly. I am the First Princess, Rosemarie. I thank you for watching over my brothers.”


   Sir Leonhard looked at me strangely. His unexpectedly long lashes blinked several times, and he spoke to himself, singling out a single word.

   “Sir Olsen…?”

   “Excuse me. Err, Your Highness, do you refer to your brave display from earlier?”

   It was foolish of me, but when he said “brave”, I held my breath.
   My heart had broken, and it seemed like it would never recover. Now, I have no idea what I stupid expression I’m making, but I hope it’s not something I’ll get teased for later.


   Taking my silence as an answer, a soft look came into Sir Leonhard’s eyes. It was so unexpected I was struck by shyness, and he smiled faintly.

   “My sincere apologies. To embarrass a lady is the deepest shame for a knight. However… I am aware of how impolite it will sound, but there is one thing I would add.”


   “When I saw Your Highness earlier, I found myself thinking…you were magnificent.”


   The moment his words penetrated my brain, the beautiful sound of bells rung out, and the air became stifling hot in an instant. Obviously, I can’t see it, but I could tell that my face was boiling up. My ears were burning!

   Oh, no, what do I do? What happened to my resolve?!
   A scary sister is not supposed to be blushing! A demonic sister is not supposed to get carried away by romance, falling apart at the hint of a smile!

   No matter what I yelled at myself, my body itself was honest.

   Lips trembling, all I could do was hang my head.

   Sir Leonhard is pretty amazing.
   In no time at all, he had me eating out of the palm of his hand so easily.



   I had completely forgotten that he was standing next to me.
   SNAP! I switched my attention to him, and a chill ran down my back. He sent me a withering look, the cold light in his blue eyes pure contempt.

   Oh, shit. I guess he thinks I was making fun of him. While I gave him hell, in front of another man, I acted like a completely different person, cute and bashful. I’m a horrible human being. Fickle. A tease!
   I’m a fool!!!

   “Why are you blushing, sister?”

   I never thought I’d ever see my cute little brother like this. Questioned by such a scornful voice, my words stopped at the lump in my throat. I wanted to apologize and say, “I’m sorry,” but I’m sure that wasn’t enough for him to forgive me.



   Unable to watch as I mumbled, hemming and hawing, Chris cut into our conversation.

   “Stop condemning Rosé.”

   “But, brother!”

   “I do understand how you feel, but you shouldn’t take your anger on her.”

   Rebuked by Chris, Johan looked down, frustration written all over his face.

   “All right.”

   I-I’m sorry… I’m such a terrible person. Even though you don’t know what’s going on, I’m making you bear the brunt of everything. I’m really sorry.

   “Throwing a tantrum and imprisoning her in a cage of guilt won’t do you any good, either. The current you should understand, right?”

   Wait, what? What was Chris saying? How did it go from me messing up bad with my love craze to me needing to get locked up?
   I couldn’t follow him at all, but Johan seemed to have no trouble. Suddenly looking very mature, he nodded his head in agreement.


   “Then let’s return to training. There is much to learn.”

   Hey, hey, hey. Why do I feel like I’m being left out…?

   “Sorry for the holdup. Let’s go, Leonhard.”

   “Yes, sir.”

   “See you later, Rosé. Sorry we troubled you.”

   “Oh uh, not at all. Please work hard on your training…”

   Christof and Johan turned on their heels, leaving me in the blank.

   Is this what they call reaping what you sow?

   For some reason, Johan came to a stop in front of Sir Leonhard, his big eyes seeming to challenge the other man as he stared up at him.


   Several seconds passed in silence.
   Eventually, Johan left without saying anything, and began walking back to the training area. From behind, it looked as if Johan’s figure had gotten a bit taller.

   I wonder if it was just my imagination?

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