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Volume 5: Chapter 4 – Magical Bird

While Wang Zheng relaxed and enjoyed himself, the entire CT system was a flurry of activity because of Skeleton's extended inactivity. Solon had even been chanting his name in his dreams. Solon had a solid plan but it required Skeleton to appear more frequently: at least once a week.. However, the contract stated no such requirement and Solon did not push for it.

At this moment, Solon was like a great general, directing with ease and competence.

The list of challengers had already grown quite long. Previously, Skeleton appeared but did not battle, whetting the appetite of many. This time, many more appeared.

Furthermore, this time the officials even sent out an advertisement.

The problem was the opponent!

During his last training session, Wang Zheng had felt a bit off. He was quite confident with his shooting skills and felt like he could do it, yet he had continuously failed.

However, after undergoing the five elements training, Wang Zheng had a completely different understanding of his body and the world.

The laser rifle in his hand was waved about in big movements as he shot. This was not the conventional way of shooting and even a child would not do what he was doing. However, Wang Zheng was ecstatic.

In the natural world, laser was a kind of light and light was a form of matter.

In the domain of the element Space, everything existed. Mystery was just the unknown.

It could not be perceived.

Hence, to perceive the void around him, Student Wang trained with zeal.

Solon was still busy when Fawn and Little Suds arrived.

In Europe, Lear was sitting in a big room. In front of him was an enormous information screen.

"This is the strange fellow that you spoke of?"

"Yes, after analyzing many of his battles, his strength is decent. Under the circumstances where the quality of the body is irrelevant, his holistic battle quality is excellent and suitable for being your practice opponent." The caretaker said respectfully.

Lear had already returned to Europe. The unfavorable situation at Ares College was only a small interlude. The entire team from Zeus College had been picked by him. He did not punish the fatty. Instead, he identified their weakness. After all, a team needed to bond through hardships. However, mistakes could only be made once. That was his principle.

The Three Great Military Academies meet was just a small springboard. The laymen were there to watch the fun and that was his only his warm up match. His true objective was the Sol System military trials.

Earth only had a quota of five people and he was naturally one of them.

"You feel that this person is a better choice than the military soldiers to be my opponent?"

Lear was quite trusting of the caretaker and the caretaker had an eye for things. His opponents were all chosen by the caretaker. Various mecha in the dozens were lined up in his family's backyard. His house could barely be described as a home.

From a bird's eye view, the entire manor sprawled about the hills, taking up tens of hectares. There was even a landing site for planes. It was more like a military base.

Previously, Lear's regular training opponents were picked from the army.

A compilation of Skeleton's matches were being played on the big screen. Initially, Lear was quite disinterested, but after viewing for a while a trace of a smile appeared on his face.

"Seems like this guy is quite decent."

The caretaker smiled lightly, "Young master, he can be considered of the highest standard that Earth has to offer. Taking into account that he uses Wargod No.1 and seeing how he operated it, it can be said that he is skilled."

Lear nodded. "Go and settle it, I will go and prepare."


The caretaker left the room with a wave of his hand. In another room, there were all sorts of machines flashing. Over 10 employees were currently busy.

On the CT's side, it had chosen an opponent for Skeleton.

ID: Magical Bird.

In half a year, he achieved a stable position in the top 10 snipers on Earth. He is a Diamond rank and frequently uses a certain mech: Shadow Demon A.

Shadow Demon A was currently the best mech Earth's military owned. It was limber, agile, and possessed incredible flight capability. It also performed acceptably on land. Magical Bird specialized in city maps and held an amazing record of 20 straight wins.

Magical Bird was definitely a very strong opponent.

Little Suds and Fawn had already appeared on the screen.

"This time's  opponent is Magical Bird. Magical Bird has had a good performance recently and this will be Skeleton's first time fighting a flying mech. I wonder how he will perform. I'm really looking forward to this match." said Little Suds. Her outfit today was carefully chosen as she knew that Skeleton might be able to see her.

Fawn chuckled. "last time Skeleton left us hanging. It seems he felt a bit in over his head. Let's hope that he's not so craven this time."

Little Suds rolled her eyes. "My friend Fawn, you should faced the reality. I heard that you started a beginner CT class. Have people even joined?"

Fawn smiled confidently, "It's full of course. I have a wealth of knowledge and welcome anyone to join my class. You'll become god-like in no time. For pretty ladies, there will be a 30% discount."

"Just how many pretty ladies' skylink numbers are you after?"

Fawn's face was solemn as he shook his head, "I am an upright person. Learning would mean only learning. How could I go after pretty girls' skylink numbers? Actually, if there are any ladies who have any questions about their skills, please open a room and wait for me. It is better if I teach you face to face."

Little Suds was turning into stone.

Fawn's commentary was falling to new lows. Initially, it was thought to be a rumor but now it seems that it was true. It was said that when people suffered from a blow to their spirit, they would go to extremes.

"Do you think Skeleton will win this round?"

"If I were Magical Bird, I would not plan on killing Skeleton first. Instead, I would destroy Wargod No.1's weapons. Once I did that, my victory would be imminent and I would just play around with him.”

Wargod No.1's weapon systems were quite standard, while Shadow Demon A was fitted with a long distance targeting system.

Shadow Demon A's flight system was not primarily used for air battles but for its maneuverability when sniping opponents. It was also great for agile tactical retreats and armed with an amazingly powerful Driss Heavy Laser Sniper Rifle that was devastating from a long range.

This kind of Heavy Sniper Rifle had an advantage: even if the shot was off by a bit, so long as it was in range, its powerful magnetic field would wreak havoc upon the Wargod No.1's equipment such as the laser rifle.After all Wargod No.1 had been phased out for many years.

In order to deal with newer models, countermeasures were installed in older mecha. If they hadn't, they would be obliterated.

The Skeleton Corps was ablaze with activity. The key members: Chen Xiu, Yao Ailun, Cai Hong, and Johnson were already prepared. At the moment, Skeleton Corps was also Asia's most active group.

Cai Hong and Johnson had a very deep understanding about the mech: Shadow Demon A. They had also fought it in battle. Currently, Milky Way Federation did not have any large scale battles. However, regional conflicts had always been present since the existence of mankind and mecha were merely a tool of war. Mecha were chosen based on circumstance and Shadow Demon A was intended for tactical operations. Could Magical Bird defeat Skeleton using such a mech?.

Both of them were skeptical as they had fought Skeleton before. They were very clear of his outstanding ability to adapt to circumstance.

The discussion online was mixed. The strange thing was that even with his disadvantaged position, half of the opinions were in support of him.

If it were anyone else battling, they would lose for sure.

Wargod No.1 vs Shadow Demon A?

This was a hopeless fight.

However, many people believed that, no matter the situation, there was always a way to win.

Wang Zheng was lightheartedly practicing as his opponent made his preparations.

The battle was about to start but Magical Bird suddenly went offline.

This kind of situation was rare. The officials urgently tried to get in contact with Magical Bird. Contact information for experts like him were public knowledge. This was a live broadcast not something done for fun.

Thankfully, after a few minutes, Magical Bird came back online.

In a manor in the European Alps, Lear had finished preparing.

The caretaker at his side quietly made his leave. The Cronus clan was omnipotent on Earth.

Lear Cronus was basically a god in the Cronus clan. He had no intentions of further consolidating his family's position. His family was already the most powerful on Earth. The influence of his family was already unshakeable and that had been so for over 200 years. Now his goal was to expand his influence beyond just Earth.

Since humans had originated from Earth, the Milky Way must be controlled by someone from Earth!

For that goal, Lear had withstood inhumane training since he'd been young and reached unreachable heights.

Actually, Lear was not the only case of this. The Moon and Mars had already begun ambitiously nurturing the next generation in a grab for control of the Sol System as if by a unspoken tacit agreement.

Long ago, the Sol System had ruled the Milky Way System Alliance for one hundred years. Now their position deteriorated to the point it was merely symbolic.

However, not a single country had a pride akin to citizens of Earth.

Lear did not think of it as a burden. The training had come naturally to him, he had no problem taking in any knowledge, and not to mention he had an S rank genetic score.

A person with an A rank was one in one hundred. An S rank genius, on the other hand, was one in ten million.

Only a handful of people with an A rank had Ability X, however, all S rank geniuses had Ability X!

During the battle at Ares College, Lear had not put in much effort. At such a level there was no need to be serious, but, unexpectedly, Wang Zheng suddenly appeared and turned the tables.

It had taken some time, but they had managed to get ahold of the opponent.

The caretaker who had left just prior pulled out his skylink, "A pleasure working with you."

On the other side, Magical Bird was dumbfounded as he stared at his bank balance. Another million had just been deposited into his bank account.

"Aren't you afraid that I'll log in to boot you out?" Magical Bird did not understand why these people would spend two million dollars just to obtain a chance to battle with Skeleton.

The caretaker smiled lightly, "I believe that you know the value of two million dollars. It may not be enough to buy a life, but it is enough to buy a new leg with change to spare."

Magical Bird shivered. "Haha, just joking. It's been a pleasure working with you too. If there are any more opportunities feel free to contact me."

With that, Magical Bird hastily hung up. What's with these people?

Now that he couldn't take part in the battle, he could only watch.

Both parties were now selecting maps and mecha.

Skeleton stuck to his usual and did not choose. Surprisingly, Lear could care less and selected 'random'.

Battle Map – Easter Island!

This was an island on Earth that had a long history. On the surface there were huge stone heads that were said to have been created by aliens. Hundreds of years ago this could have been said to be one of Earth's mysteries, but that was no longer the case.

This was the mark that had been left behind when the Atlanteans left.

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