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Volume 4: Chapter 15 – Determined to Become a Tyrant

An Mei's words hit the nail on the head and caused Yan Xiaosu to instantly gawk.

No one understood Wang Zheng better than Yan Xiaosu. Since he was young, Wang Zheng had always been extremely stubborn. He was as obstinate as a mule regarding his love for mecha, and it was no different when it came to making friends. However, Wang Zheng had been drunk with happiness and forgotten about Aina's true status.

Was this possible?

It might have been. After all, he had read many romantic fairy tales when he was young.

However, Yan Xiaosu felt he was deceiving himself.

"See? It looks like I hit the nail on the head. As his brother, you should go and give Wang Zheng some advice. Be it Meng Tian or Ye Zisu, either would be an incredibly good pick. Although I do not know the exact details regarding Meng Tian, her family is definitely not ordinary. As for Ye Zisu, there's nothing else to say—she's OMG's little princess. A goal cannot be something based purely on a dream. You must have enough strength and capital to fulfill your dream. Wang Zheng already has the strength. The only thing he's lacking now is capital."

An Mei's words rang true.

"Cough cough. Mei Mei, can't our relationship be a bit more simple?"

"Childish!" exclaimed An Mei as she stared at Yan Xiaosu in contempt

"So, the reason you like me has nothing to do with myself…" Yan Xiaosu felt slightly hurt.

An Mei made a childish pout at Yan Xiaosu before replying, "So you think you have a lot of money, don't you? Calling you a local tyrant must be praise to your ears. Hmph!"

Yan Xiaosu broke out into hearty laughter as he said, "I knew that our family's An Mei is the best! Relax, I'll definitely work my way to become a true tyrant!"

An Mei tapped against Yan Xiaosu's forehead with her scallion-like finger before she scowled, "Show some ambition! I want to be a rich and powerful madam! "

"Good. I'll work my way up to become truly rich and powerful!"

Student Yan Xiaosu started to become motivated.

The dance came after the banquet. All of the girls had already left the grounds to prepare. In a while, the students from the Zeus and Apollo colleges would arrive. With the competition having ended, as the hosts, and more importantly as the victors, the students of Ares College had to carry themselves with even better conduct. Naturally, it was also only logical to entertain one's guests.

After this win, the students of Ares College were able to walk with their heads held high. Evidently, everyone was feeling much more enthusiastic. Rumors had it that some people wanted to express their gratitude to that fatty, Luo Fei. If not for him, the results might have been very different.

Although Lear had been unable to participate in the final battle, his strength was clear to all. It was even possible that he had yet to show his full strength. Even so, his luck was just slightly lacking.

There was no doubt, however, that future skirmishes would unfold between Lear and Wang Zheng.

The Physics Department also managed to receive full-blown publicity this time around. They not only had Wang Zheng and Zhang Shan who brought them out of the fringes and straight into the limelight, but also Xiao Fei. The results of her research further solidified the popularity of the Physics Department.

The Federation would definitely increase their investment in Ares College. This will open the floodgates to research and increase the contribution of resources. All of which represents the strength and grade of a college.

A double blessing had descended on the house. There was no reason for the Ares College to not properly celebrate for once.

Gu Te's position was thoroughly stable now. With those two results, his prestige triggered the media to turn their attitudes 180 degrees. He received praise and compliments from all angles, including on how he was able to patiently suffer, how he could plan good strategies, or on having a trump card. This kind of inflated praise incessantly fell on one's ears.

To Gu Te, who had long since seen through the facade of vanity, these praises and compliments meant nothing compared to the happiness he felt at the transformation of the Ares College. It was a nest, and it had to attract golden phoenixes.

The strength of an individual was limited, yet if someone were to be able to bring about change and enter the Ares College, their talent and standards would definitely reveal itself.

✫        ✫        ✫

Mu Zhou remained in his office resigned to his fate. This sudden outburst of Wang Zheng's had saved many people, and while Mu Zhou's method had been right all along, there had always been a lack of talent.

Mu Zhong felt rather guilty since he didn't have much relation with him, yet Gu Te only made one statement regarding this—if he had not let Wang Zheng go up on the stage, today's Wang Zheng wouldn't have appeared.

This was an instructor's analyzation ability.

And at times, it was the most important factor.

✫        ✫        ✫

Soon, voices of astonishment could be intermittently heard coming from the ballroom. It appeared that the beautiful ladies in their splendid attire had entered the room.

The students from the Zeus and Apollo Colleges also entered the ballroom at the same time. Wearing black had always been the classic attire for such events..

Although he had lost, Campana didn't display much disappointment. He might have had some regrets, but the ability to endure defeat was one of the necessities of a soldier.

Meanwhile, Lear's arrival stunned the entire ballroom. He was handsome by nature and well-ironed. His exquisite black suit served as a contrast to himself, while the aristocratic air he exuded was not something that could be trained in a few days. Every gesture he made had a sense of indifference and calm. Compared to him, even Campana was a few notches below.

A number of the female students of Ares College were attracted to him.

"I gotta say, this fellow is truly handsome, but he's a bit cold."

"He's heartless by nature!"

Quite a few female students mulled over the possibility of dancing with this handsome guy.

Yue Jing had also appeared, wearing a pure-white evening gown matched with a pair of delicate diamond-drop earrings. Lain on her chest was a massive oval-shaped pink diamond necklace, and her hair had underwent meticulous treatment. She had prepared a very long time for this moment. The Ares College was originally her domain, and now that she returned, she would still be the focus of attention of the masses.

Yue Jing gently hooked her arm around Lear's, whose eyebrows faintly wrinkled in response. Yue Jing softly spoke into his ear, "To handle a girl, you must first make her feel jealous and let her feel your charm."

Lear turned his head to look around, but Meng Tian had not yet arrived.

Their two families had a long-lasting relationship and their engagement had been decided since they were young. Lear saw such a thing as the norm, yet Meng Tian held no such thought. She wanted to have her own dreams and her own life.

Lear and Yue Jing had, without a doubt, become the focus of the entire ballroom. A handsome man and a gorgeous lady gave off a blinding brightness when next to each other.

At the moment, Yue Jing was as arrogant as a white swan as she looked around the ballroom. She thought of Meng Tian as a typical example of someone who would never see what she wanted even if she was to stare it in the eye. To have actually rejected an outstanding man like Lear… In any case, Yue Jing would not give up the opportunity to take him for herself.

To conquer a man, the woman had to make him need her.

Campana and the rest also had quite a few fans in their surroundings. While they had lost, that didn't affect his prestige too much. Something he accumulated over so many years would not just disappear overnight.

With the arrival of Masasi and the rest, the ballroom was immediately filled with applause. This was, after all, the celebratory event after their victory.

Wang Zheng tried to find Aina's figure within the crowd when he suddenly thought of her status. An appearance within such a public venue would not have been ideal and it was obvious that it would be better for her to lay low.

Meng Tian and Ye Zisu walked in together, hand in hand. The appearance of these two beautiful ladies immediately attracted the gazes of countless people. Meng Tian seemed like a proud and aloof snow mountain lotus, while Ye Zisu was like a gentle, soft, dainty water goddess—slender and elegant.

Their complementing styles, coupled in strength and gentleness, immediately became a fixture of the films of many.

Student Wang had learned many things in his life, and the number of these things further increased with Bonehead's torturous training. Dancing, however, was not included.

The others were accustomed to such situations. Even Zhang Shan who seemed like a cumbersome brute was actually very capable in this aspect.

Yan Xiaosu and An Mei had also arrived to the ballroom. Looking around the place, An Mei asked, "Our hero doesn't even have a single dance partner. Where's Shishi?"

Wang Zheng gave a smile and replied, "She isn't comfortable with events like these."

"Okay. But even so, we can't just leave our hero by himself. There's nothing I can do. I want to accompany Tyrant Su, so I can't be your partner," An Mei said while seemingly signalling someone by blinking her eyes.

Yan Xiaosu immediately pointed at the two pearl-like women and said, "Boss, Mei Mei is mine. We might have worn the same pants while growing up, but you can't just randomly borrow her like that. There are two beautiful ladies over there that you can choose from."

Wang Zheng replied with a bitter smile, "Brat, are you itching for a beating? I won't borrow her. It's fine as long as you guys enjoy yourselves as much as you want."

He then walked alone to the balcony. These events were good for people to interact and build relationships, but Wang Zheng preferred being free and unfettered. With such banquets happening more frequently, it seemed like the university was getting higher and higher in class.

At that moment, he truly felt like ferociously drinking a few rounds with Yan Xiaosu and the others and then counting the stars.

"Wang Zheng is such a blockhead. What good is that Shishi other than being a pretty face anyway? She's too reserved and she doesn't even give any face to her boyfriend. How could she leave Wang Zheng by himself at such a time! Hurry up and get him to dump her!"

An Mei felt indignant since the happiness she was currently feeling was thanks to Wang Zheng. Therefore, she tried to desperately save this crisis. To her, this victory was simply a miracle.

As his girlfriend, Aina should have been over the top with happiness, yet she actually had stage fright! How was that possible?

It didn't seem like the way a person from Aslan would behave. Rather, it would have been more likely coming from someone from the countryside.

Yan Xiaosu gave a bitter laugh and said, "Cough cough. Mei Mei, by all means, please don't make any irresponsible remarks. Everyone has their own… preferences. It might just be that she doesn't like this sort of lively environment. In fact, even I am not quite adapted to it."

An Mei stared at him with her eyes wide open and said, "You liar. You spent all afternoon tossing and turning to prepare for this. That suit you're wearing is freshly bought, and look at that honest Milky Way brooch on your chest. It looks to me like you're quite knowledgeable; why don't you get Wang Zheng one too?."

Feeling wronged, Yan Xiaosu replied, "How could that be. I've said this from the start, you don't understand Wang Zheng. If I were to do so, he would certainly beat me up."

Yan Xiaosu was just joking. In reality, as the hero of the night, Wang Zheng really should have prepared a sparkling outfit for himself.

As roommates, Chen Xiu and Yao Ailing were like fish in the water—expertly making their way through the great hall, seeking for targets. Their dormitory was seen as legendary, as they had four geniuses within, with two of them have already shown their awesome capabilities.

With the arrival of nighttime, the gentle and beautiful light and the splendid outfits coupled with the exciting atmosphere caused the youthfulness of the students to bloom out. Everyone was in an extraordinary mood, with the handsome looking even handsomer and the beautiful looking even prettier.

As soon as he saw Meng Tian appear, Lear immediately abandoned Yue Jing, causing her to stand by herself somewhat awkwardly. She was welcomed by Ye Zisu to whom she remained a long-time friend and schoolmate no matter what. However, Yue Jing disregarded Ye Zisu and walked past her. She hated not only Wang Zheng, but everything from her past, including her previous friends.

"Lear, the only relationship between us consists of some wishful thinking of our ancestors. I hope that you are not the sort of person who would care about such a thing," Meng Tian indifferently said.

A faint upward curl appeared on the corner of Lear's mouth as he replied, "I don't really care. But I recognize you as the most honest girl I've ever met. I believe that the ordinary wouldn't even enter your sight. Why won't you consider me? What flaws do I have?"

Upon hearing this, Meng Tian was at a loss. In truth, Lear was absolutely flawless. There was no need to mention his family background. In terms of strength, he was the kind with far-reaching ambitions, and he didn't even have a hobby of bullying ladies. His goal in life was very clear and he would undoubtedly persevere on his path. He would definitely become an outstanding person in the future, as he had everything he needed to succeed in life.

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