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Volume 1: Chapter 15

“Heh heh, I did not expect you to also be joining the Mech Department.”

The number of female pilots certainly wasn’t small. Among the elite human races, there was also a special position for female pilots in the mech combat troops, such as in the Aslan Empire, but on Earth there were still relatively few.

“It seems you forgot what our family business is.” Chuckled Ye Zisu.  

The Ye family possessed the largest component production and maintenance corporation, OMG, for mechs in the Asian Region.

“Do you have any business to take care of during summer vacation?”

“Not really any business, just a part time job, training, and waiting for classes when school starts.” Wang Zheng had not reason to avoid his circumstances. In any case, what was there to keep secret?

“Yeah? I too wish to practice. If you have any interest in coming to OMG, it may be possible for you to gain access to mech assembly.” Ye Zisu blinked, a twinkle in her eye. She knew this was an offer Wang Zheng would be unable to refuse.

Actually, wages were not  important. She was very clear regarding Wang Zheng’s fondness of mechs.  

Persisting for a single day or month, both were things that could be accomplished. However, ignoring fun things 4 years was inconceivable. Even though Ye Zisu made great strides so to inherit the family business, since she was a girl, her appearance, parties, and window-shopping was still essential.

If it were not for her paying attention, how could she possibly remember the name of Wang Zheng, who shockingly had a gene score of 28.

“If that is possible, then I will take advantage of it. Thank you.”Wang Zheng really wanted to get in contact with real mechs.

Ye Zisu smiled, “Don’t mention it. Consider it an apology and we’ll call ourselves even.”

Wang Zheng suddenly felt that if girls were pretty good if they were kindhearted.

An internship at OMG would be much better than part time work at a restaurant.

OMG’s Beijing Headquarters. Wang Zheng and Ye Zisu were already working there for 3 days, and no one there knew who she was. These two people were viewed as interns, and this eldest daughter of the family truly came here to learn.

This location possessed all kinds of mech analytic diagrams and components. Its primary task was to research and repair. This meant to sufficiently understand mechs, Wang Zheng had to admit, this opportunity was the best place to do it.

Wang Zheng was in the Testing Department, so he came into a lot of contact with machines, so of course he couldn’t not get dirty and greasy. Ye Zisu was in the Design Management Department. It had already been one week. Wang Zheng had a very fulfilling time there.

“Boy, have you finished wiping it clean yet? You need to move more swiftly, there’s still a lot of work left!”

A 60 year old man walked in, hearty and full of vigor. Wang Zheng completed his bitter work everyday from early in morning to late in the evening. Sometimes there would be overtime, involving all kinds of filthy work.

“With me working, you can be at ease, Old Luo. This Devil Wolf Type V has been wrecked this much, is it still possible to repair it?”

“There doesn’t exist a mech that I, Luo Mu, can’t fix. Come, come over and take a break.”

Wang Zheng slid down the mech and went over, “Wow, our Asia Region’s equipment is so unbelievably bad! I hear the Moon Fleet no longer has any of the Four Basic models.”

“Boy, don’t look down on the Four Basic mech models. However, these mech are the origin of those so called advanced things. They merely add few new weapons to the foundation. Many frivolous changes without much deviation from the original. As long as you master these 4 mech types, the others are a piece of cake.”

Luo Mu was quite arrogant, but Wang Zheng knew this stubborn old man knew his stuff.

Wang Zheng quite suited Luo Mu’s temperament, unlike the usual youngsters who had high standards with little ability. Watching him, he could tell his love of mechs came from his heart, not to mention that he was also hard working. In this week that he worked here, whatever work  Luo Mu assigned him he would do with precision. Therefore, if there was time, Luo Mu wouldn’t prevent him from exploring, and would thoroughly introduce him to anything regarding mechs and equipment. If one was truly interested in mechs, there was no better place than this.

This week, Wang Zheng was sleeping in the warehouse. The entire holistic designs of the mechs wasn’t too hard a thing for him, and he was always the best in terms of stereoscopic diagrams, since comparing and analyzing the components in the warehouse was the best place possible to understand mechs.

In the blink of an eye, a week had gone by. Wang Zheng was thrown out by Old Lou. The weekend ought to be for fun. Youngsters shouldn’t stress too much, there was still plenty of time for studies.

In fact, Wang Zheng was quite reluctant to leave his complimentary work meals. This saved him a considerable amount of money.

Brothers Net Cafe. The boss, seeing Wang Zheng, became a bit tearful.  Ever since Xiaosu gave up CT, he’d lost a big spender.

For the boss to give Wang Zheng a free drink, this was not easy.  

In CT, it was not only possible to do battle, there also existed an active community. In fact, it supplied players an interactive, imaginary, one of a kind world for people to gossip, browse the forums, and make new friends. Still, Wang Zheng had no interest in this, and directly entered matchmaking.

It wasn’t easy for him to allocate his time to fight a match, he was hoping for an impressive adversary. Internet fees could not be wasted!

Student Wang prayed.

At this moment, a crowd of people were fighting 5v5 with seething enthusiasm and there was a din of cacophony in their channel. Suddenly, the dominant party surprisingly threw the match. What exactly was going on!?

“Skeleton’s online!”

“Ah! Who is this guy? Is he very famous?”

“I heard that he is a BUG 1 expert, how about we check it out?”

“What level of achievement can someone in the Novice Arena reach?”

In the rookie area, Skeleton’s name was extremely resounding. Disappearing for a week not only didn’t reduce it’s impact, it instead increased expectations. Players at this level were mostly lacking experts.

Solom these days was sick with headaches at his mistake. He sent out that message, having the opposite effect, scaring away the recipient. As soon as he heard that Skeleton was online, his headache immediately went away.”

“Promptly, send out an official notice. Use my A level public advertisement!” Solon slapped the table and stood up.

“Boss, this won’t go well if the Inspector gets hold of this information…”

“Do it now!”

“Yes, boss!”

The staff members hastily rushed outside. Student Wang was eagerly waiting to be matched with an opponent. Why was this taking so much time? Could it be people were playing less these days?


The forums already exploded! There was a huge red headline: Skeleton Appeared. The Internet Water Army 2  already started posting like they were on a rampage, the attention paid to this match had already multiplied many times. Other than the newbies watching the match, it had also caught the attention of some experts. Despite the fact that it was probably someone’s alt, but as of yet no one had found the corresponding player. However, as the battles progressed, he shouldn’t be able to continue hiding.

Of course, if he lost, many would wouldn’t find it necessary to look for him.

Ding Ding

Student Wang’s opponent was finally revealed.

Due to his 4 game winning streak, even though he his accumulated points were low, he was matched with a very strong adversary.

ID: Solitary Crimson Flag – Wargod No. 1

Record: Fifteen wins, 1 draw, 1 loss. The reason he lost a match because his win rate was so high, he was finally matched against a high level mech. There was a very large disparity between a high quality mech’s ability, causing the loss.

There was no doubt that this was someone’s alt. Although he did not openly admit it, everyone already guessed that it was the Diamond Ranked, Desolate Corps’ solo player Justin. After losing that one match, this alt also disappeared, they didn’t expect that it would appear at this time.

The stage was lit up, so now everything was very clear. Some people couldn’t bear to keep looking, the way this alt rolled his eyeballs made people garner intense hatred for it. A few years ago this was very fashionable, but nobody would do this now. Whoever did it now, there wouldn’t be a scarcity of experts coming to beat him up.

They had actually met.

Solon’s heart sank. He really didn’t want for Skeleton to prematurely encounter such a powerful adversary, but this was not something within his control.

It was clear that this Solitary Crimson Flag really was Justin. This guy liked to plant flags in the enemy’s fortress after defeating them, his personality similarly allowed him to brag about it everywhere.

A solo player in the Europe Regions top ten. Justin was displayed on the screen, the corners of his mouth revealing a complacent smile. Fuck your granny! He couldn’t stand seeing others show off. Of course, he himself was an exception.

Justin had a reputation for a comprehensive list of violent techniques. He was able to utilize the formidable power of a human type mech to its pinnacle. For him, the mech was the same as the human body, he was very flexible in these terms.

A fearless rampage with a single titanium alloy cutlass.  In battle, everyone’s slogan was: Don’t trifle with Justin in a melee fight. Too shoot him is the Way of the King.  

The reason that he appeared today was because this guy called Skeleton was acting as lofty as he was. Wargod No. 1, titanium cutlass, he already played this since two years ago. In the end he was still intercepted, and this time it’s his turn to cut Skeleton off.

Naturally, he would never admit it.

Skeleton VS Solitary Crimson Flag.

This was going to be interesting. Both individual pricks meet each other in the end. Who was going to be more fierce?

It was rapidly given an official announcement: Who is the true Wargod?

The click-through rate rapidly surmounted 100,000. On one hand, it was on account of Skeleton, on the other hand, it was because of Red Flag, who had taken the web by a storm two years ago.

“It must be Justin! Ah, it isn’t possible for someone more popular than him to exist!”

“This will be a spectacle! This Justin is in the European Region’s Big 10 List! Even if you’re unable to win, you still ought to get exposure!”

“Unable to win, are you kidding me!? Justin is his best in a 1v1, the only reason his rank isn’t higher is because he’s too unrestrained and fierce. If they were to pick by ability, he would definitely be in the Earth Region’s top 10!”

“Forget it. No more talking nonsense. I’ll pay money to see this match!”

Ma Xiao also stopped training, a group of teammates grouped over. “Captain, is that Solitary Crimson Flag Justin?”

“Correct. It’s not a secret in this circle, only he doesn’t know that the account who beat him up is a substitute, haha.”

Ma Xiao said, “This kid is too cocky. That period of time, Crimson Flag truly caused too much clamor. Even if his equipment was a bit weaker, It was possible with Justin’s BUG close combat operation skills to mitigate that difference. However, if their skill levels are the same, and the equipment is also better, then it is impossible. Justin also realized that afterward. Of course it was depressing and he had no way to play anymore, but it seems like this kid still has some hatred, to seek out Skeleton in a public venue.”

Justin was still very manly to fight with Wargod No. 1’s in battle.

Wang Zheng also looked at his opponents record. This adversary should be good, to also pick a Wargod, he inevitably had confidence in himself.

“Boss, the number of paying people should reach up to 2,000 people. Our advertisements were far too short notice. On the basis of usual practices, this kind of spontaneous situation, can swing at least 5,000 if properly prepared!”

The staff members were discussing with excitement, but Solon seemed as if he were dead.

This damned guy! Can’t you let this sheep fatten up a bit before killing it? We only just started to get a little attention! Whimpers.

Solon waved his hand, beckoning. “Go ahead, do your best. I’ll rest for a bit, that damned…now my head is starting to hurt again.”


This is another word where the author writes it in english. It is meant to be a slang term meaning his skills are so sick that it’s like a bug in the game.  This is an interesting Chinese term as well. Slang for people who are hired by companies, etc. to post thing on the internet to form public opinion, for both good and nefarious purposes 
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