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Wang Zheng was not picky with mech models. He was interested in any novel mecha, and the more difficult it was to pilot, the better.

Golden Wheel Battle God…this name was quite domineering. Entering the battle room, it felt like the mech had not been used for a long time.

The exterior of the Golden Wheel matched its name. Two gold, X-shaped wheels with diameters of 120 cm were hung on the two shoulders. Each intersection was intricately combined. It was said that the designers took a long time designing the Golden Wheel. The radian and the sharp edges had to be designed carefully to achieve a swift kill when thrown.

However, the design team was indeed too complacent. Strong mecha were useless if they could not be controlled by people.

Looking at the sleeping Golden Wheel, Wang Zheng gently patted its armor. This was not just any ordinary mech. In fact, the surface treatment of the armor could reveal the fineness of this mech. This mech felt smooth and looked beautiful despite the extremely faint wrinkles and scratch marks.

A sleeping Golden Wheel.

Chen Xiu also gave a detailed introduction to this mech. The evaluation showed that the mech was not popular as few could understand it. The quest for perfection had always failed to deliver good results.

You never knew how good a mech was, unless you took it for a ride.

Wang Zheng entered the pilot seat and felt the fusion of the G material around him. The difference between this and other mech could be felt. However, considering that it was barely used, the material was still easy to work with. Maybe it was due to the fact that it was not a popular model and few people interfaced with it. By the looks of it, it was only experimented with by curious onlookers.

The roar of the engine was equally powerful, and the movement of the mech was also stable. The designer took into consideration the recoil force of the wheel recovery. The seat was designed for this, but what was unexpected was the difficulty in rotating and recovering the wheels after an attack.

At the very least, the mech's wheels were extremely lethal.

After taking time to acclimatize himself, Wang Zheng entered the training program of the Golden Wheel.

This was a targeted course, but in the beginning, Wang Zheng could not help but swear.

What was with this darned mech?

This designer really was...

The first problem with the mech was the crazy big wheels. In pursuit of greater lethality, the wheels rotated so furiously that the pilot felt fear towards the weapons even before the opponent did. This was especially so if the wheels actually hit the pilot by mistake. In fact, there was the chance that one could accidentally slip and injure themselves!

Of course, with guidance devices, this was definitely not a problem. However, the pilot had to overcome the psychological barrier first and not be afraid of the weapons they were using.

Although Wang Zheng was quite gutsy himself, it took him a while to get used to it.

The second question would soon follow. Once the golden wheels collided with the opponent, the recoil would change the speed of the wheels, making it difficult to recover them.

Regardless of whether the wheel had a minor or major collision, the change in momentum of rebound was the key difficulty encountered when attacking with this mech.

If it took one a little longer than usual to offset the collision, the opponent could potentially attack during this period of recovery. This was probably the reason why the Golden Wheel had been archived.

When Wang Zheng tried to recover and immediately attack several times and failed, just as he was ready to give up, he suddenly had an idea in his head.

Was he being too rigid?

When the mech was recovering its wheels, it was basically passively waiting for the attacking wheels to arc back to the mech. Could this be predicted?

The simple logic was to predict and follow the path of the wheels.

In particular, these kinds of weapons were very lethal and difficult to operate. The key was that they did not move in a single direction, but followed a specific trajectory.

At the thought of this, Wang Zheng got excited. When he had previously undergone weapon training, he had also learned other less conventional weapons that were similar in nature. But it looked as though he might be injured before he could use these weapons effectively…

This sort of weapon focused on one being flexible. This was especially with regards to their footwork and movement. It was indeed a difficult challenge!

Wang Zheng was now immersed in the mech and wanted a taste of it.

The training was hard at first, and Wang Zheng completely lost focus on several occasions. Since his last training session with Bonehead, it was the first time he had been through such difficult training. The average mech could be familiarized with just a touch. It was said that this was the ability of a super warrior. But this was the first time a mech had bullied him with its complexity!

Wang Zheng was practicing when he received a notification from his Skylink and remembered he had an interview.

It was with Aslan Royal College's Sword Shield Rose Disciplinary Association, referred to as the Sword Shield Rose Association or the Disciplinary Association, was the most powerful student organization of the Aslan Royal College. Their members were all outstanding figures within the student body.

Wang Zheng came to the third office lobby of the Sword and Shield Tower. At the gate, he scanned his ID and entered.

In the office lobby, faint glances were directed at Wang Zheng.

"The guy actually came."

"What is Si Jiali thinking? How would she recommend an Earthling?"

"She has always done things that aren't normal. But the Earth exchange student actually dared to come? What audacity"

"What will become of our association?"

"You said that it was an exchange student. Maybe he hasn't figured out the nature of the Sword Shield Rose Association and thought it was like any other club"

Here was the place where Aslan's future elites and leaders were cultivated. Those who were not real talents would be under tremendous pressure here, to the extent where they might suffocate to death.

"Classmate Wang Zheng, hello."

Si Jiali was the sponsor and thus was responsible for receiving Wang Zheng. She was clad in a beautiful Sword Shield Rose uniform and stood out from the rest.

"Hello, Si Jiali. What do I need to do?"

Wang Zheng smiled.

"Let's talk about it inside." Si Jiali nodded and led Wang Zheng deeper into the building.

At a conference room, Wang Zheng was asked to fill in a basic information form and would soon be scheduled to have him undergo a preliminary examination.

Si Jiali returned to another round-table conference room and sat at an empty seat. Together with her were the ten main cadres and vice-chairmen of the Royal Sword Shield Rose Disciplinary Association. This was a regular meeting at the conference. They would speak one after another, determining the recent affairs of the college.

"The last topic is about Si Jiali's recommended newcomer," Vice-President Berwick Pompey looked at the time and finally mentioned.

President Oz had gone to visit the Princess, so all matters mentioned in the conference were decided by majority vote.

"I strongly oppose this. Our association has never accepted an individual from the Solar System. Moreover, he is an Earthling. He is not suitable and cannot adapt to the high standards of the Sword Shield Rose."

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