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"Your Royal Highness, what is the matter?" Wang Zheng sent out a text message.

Moments later, a reply came. "The Princess is furious. She wants to cut all ties with you!"

"Oh. If that's the case, my ears will get to enjoy peace. That's great."

"You baddie! I shouldn't have bothered with you and let them lock you up!" Lin Huiyin was so mad, she wanted to sink her little canines into him.

"Haha, just kidding. Thank you. What's up, I was training and didn't see your message." No wonder everybody enjoyed teasing children. It was pretty fun indeed.

Too bad nobody knew. Or they would scream, "Damn it. you're mocking the Princess. You will have to be caned and paraded around in public!"

Honduras was speechless. The opponent had really slipped off after winning one round. And worst of all, he never came back, leaving him hanging there for three whole hours. Honduras was furious.

How could someone so skilled be such a coward? Just who was it who provoked him? An Arbiter?

It was both the most likely but also the least likely possibility. The Arbiters had just gotten into trouble. They were most likely to retaliate. But given the Arbiters' characteristics, they would not keep such a low profile if they had won.

How odd.

There were just three more days before Aina returned to Mengtalis. It was a piece of good news Lin Huiyin had brought. But Lin Huiyin's request was really giving Wang Zheng a terrible headache.

Lin Huiyin wanted Wang Zheng to record the new single "Boundless Seas and Skies" with her, but Wang Zheng didn't want to. His voice was an amateur among the amateurs. Singing with Lin Huiyin would be asking for trouble.

But the Princess Her Royal Highness had used her powers of clinginess. She wouldn't take no for an answer!

Carrot and the stick, coaxing and cajoling. While, to put it in one sentence, if Wang Zheng refused, he would not have time to learn and study at the Royal College.

Left without a choice, Wang Zheng could only squeeze out two hours a day for Lin Huiyin to do the song recording.

And Angela was the "chauffeur" assigned to ferry Wang Zheng specially. Angela complied without complaints, but she had her reservations about it.

Finally getting rid of Lin Huiyin, Wang Zheng hurriedly rushed to a hometown gathering.

A hometown gathering on Aslan was, of course, the gathering of students from the Solar System. Even though Wang Zheng and friends were just exchange students, they were also considered part of the group. It was only natural that they had been invited.

Ye Zisu had something on and couldn't attend the gathering. Wang Zheng thought that it wouldn't be nice if he didn't attend it either. After all, Earth had to have a representative no matter what.

This gathering had been organized by the chairperson of the Solar System Federation Townsmen Society, Zhuo Hang. He was a fourth year student at the Aslan Royal College and was considered a senior to all of them. Essentially, all students from the Solar System Federation would contact him upon arriving here.

Rely on parents at home, but rely on seniors when studying abroad.

Zhuo Hang was a member of the Royal College's Student Union. He wore a golden trident badge on his chest. Only members who were in the Student Union council were allowed to wear it. Together with the Thistle Flower of the Autonomy Union, and the Rose Coat of Arms of the Discipline Committee, it was one of the three main icons that represented the Royal College.

This was, on one hand, a regular meeting, and on another, a welcome to those who had just arrived. Anyone who could make it to Royal College, regardless of whether they could stay, were an important resource. As the chairperson of the society, Zhuo Hang knew this well. In fact, there were many things for the chairperson to do, but he always took things in his stride and did them willingly, all for the future.

Ever since he showed up, Su Sa had ditched Dale aside to follow Zhuo Hang around, behaving all sweet and lovable.

Dale was depressed. He had never thought that this girl would switch sides as quickly as flipping a switch. Gilbert and Song Naina, on the other hand, kept much lower profiles. Everybody else here were seniors.

Zhuo Hang took pretty good care of Su Sa, his countrymen from the Moon. He had provided ample support on Aslan in the past few days, something a rich man like Dale could never do.

That money of his was just a floating cloud in Aslan Royal College. Moreover, a girl like Su Sa didn't want money. A stage and a better network were more important than that.

Zhuo Hang's heart was not with Su Sa. He kept glancing at the door, hoping that that figure would appear. But he was disappointed.

Ye Zisu did not show up. The heiress of OMG, a major stakeholder of KING Corp., and a genius mech designer. Zhuo Hang had taken quite an interest in her. Unlike others, Ye Zisu could stay on Aslan given her situation. But it was clear that Ye Zisu would not join Aslan, and neither did she need to do so. For her, she had no need for all those things that were important to others.

And what he could provide, Ye Zisu had no need of, at all. Zhuo Hang had paid close attention. Ye Zisu very quickly integrated into Aslan's environment. As for Wang Zheng, he got into trouble the moment he arrived. It was said that he wreaked havoc at a police station and had Xiao Fei show up to resolve the situation.

He couldn't see what was so good about that lad that Professor Xiao Fei doted so much on him. If he was good-looking, so be it. But he was average at best, while Doctor Xiao Fei was a heavenly beauty. It was simply unfathomable.

Wang Zheng had just gotten here, and he could sense that everyone looked at him as though they were looking at a beast. He was puzzled.

"What happened? Why is everybody looking at me like that?" Wang Zheng asked, taking a seat beside Gilbert.

Gilbert was an honest person. "News about your fight with Klimton and you wreaking havoc at a police station were huge. How do you think people will look at you?"

Wang Zheng almost fell off his chair. Seriously? It was clear that he had encountered a gangster and was treated unfairly. How did it become him wreaking havoc?

The rumours had gone too far.

Seeing Gilbert's expression, Wang Zheng couldn't be bothered to explain. He didn't care how others thought of him anyway.

"Wang Zheng, that is Chairman Zhuo Hang, the boss of our Hometown Society. He's from the Moon, a member of the Student Union. The only person from the Solar System Federation who got into the Student Union. He is a great man."

Gilbert's eyes were filled with admiration. He was very pleased that he could stay on Aslan for some time. He felt as if he was here to admire the great people of all walks of life.

Of course, to him, Wang Zheng deserved admiration too. Not many rash men would dare to fight others and cause trouble on Aslan. Well, he had a good teacher, and there was nothing to compete with that.

Upon seeing Wang Zheng, Zhuo Hang took the initiative. "Wang Zheng, nice to finally meet you. I am Zhuo Hang, the chairman of the Hometown Society. Feel free to come to me if you face any problems on Aslan."

Wang Zheng stood up and shook his hand. "I hope Senior will treat me kindly."

"Ha. I can only help with the small issues. If it's big trouble, I can't help," Zhuo Hang said jokingly.

Wang Zheng shrugged. "It was an accident."

Zhuo Hang did not delve into it. He knew very well what sort of person Klimton was. It was too bad Klimton had offended the wrong man. But he didn't think that Xiao Fei from Earth had such a high level of influence on Aslan.

There were more than 30 people who attended the gathering. The overall feeling was one that was warm and welcoming. Even though they were not emotional about meeting up, one could sense that they were all willing to stick up for one another.

"Brothers and Sisters who have just arrived, welcome. We came here just slightly before you did and can share our experiences. My advice is for all of you to join a society as soon as you can. Only then can you integrate into the Aslan Royal College. The opportunity is rare, please don't just stand around and look and let such a good opportunity go to waste,"

said Zhuo Hang.

"Chairman, how do we join?" Su Sa asked charmingly. That tempting look of hers made her very lovable and made others want to get close to her. Dale, who was watching from the side, was fuming.

"Send your information and the society you're interested in to me, and I will submit it on your behalf,"

Zhuo Hang said, smiling.

Wang Zheng had good feelings towards this chairperson of their Hometown Association. At least he was doing something real and not pretending or acting cocky.

The meal was sponsored by the society. Societies in Aslan had different levels of rights and authority according to status.

Wang Zheng got to meet quite a few people in the gathering. Regardless of which part of the Solar System they came from, they were a family here.

It was just that Wang Zheng could sense everybody were living on edge here at Aslan, as if they were inherently inferior, as if they were constantly trying to get into others' good books. Take Zhuo Hang for instance. He might've been the chairperson of the society, he gave Wang Zheng the feeling that he lived his life with his head bowed. But at the very least, he didn't behave high and mighty in front of his own, while bowing low to others.

An exchange student who wanted to cause all sorts of trouble like Wang Zheng was rare.

At night, the Aslan Royal College gave out a unique, charming air. Both foreign students and Aslanians were enjoying themselves and relieving their stress under the night sky. Every society's activities came to a peak after nightfall.

Basketball, soccer, tennis, fencing, judo.... These sports societies were particularly active at night.

Similarly, Aslan's Discipline Committee and the Thistle Flower Autonomy Union were also getting busy, coordinating and managing the relations between all societies. Arranging the bookings of venues, competitions, as well as managing societies' funds, were all taken care of by these two groups.

Si Jiali, the top beauty of the Physics Department, an icy cold beauty, member of the Fencing Society. At the same time, a member of the Sword-Shield Rose Discipline Committee. She was dealing with a funding application from the Mecha Society, and the one standing right in front of her was Bi Yuyan.

Bi Yuyan blinked. "Aiyo, I say, Si Jiali, do you have to be that serious? Take a good look at who's standing in front of you. It's me, me! Would I play tricks in front of you?"

Si Jiali didn't even look up. She continued to assess all the items in the application, saying, "The Queen ice-cream from last time."

Bi Yuyan felt embarrassed. "It was warm, so I had to get something cooling for everybody."

"Usual products are fine. Or could it be that Queen has become a common brand?"

"Heh. Don't mind such details, it was just that once!"

Si Jiali continued to assess the items. A few minutes later, she looked up. "The application has no issues."

Si Jiali put her digital signature on the application and stamped it with the Rose Coat of Arms logo, indicating that it had passed her assessment.

Bi Yuyan received the digital certification. With that, she could withdraw the funds from the Student Union.

With that all done, Bi Yuyan collapsed onto Si Jiali. "Icy cold beauty, accompany your sister for a meal, won't you? Did you know, I am most afraid of loneliness."

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