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Being at the mech battle rooms for the second time, Wang Zheng couldn't wait to dash in and get his hands on to the simulators. Even the lower-end mech rooms were rather huge. Most importantly, the mock training system on Aslan was said to be comparable to a real battle, and furthermore, there was no need to hold back. They could exhibit their attacking skills at ease.

It was undeniable that the Maca Tiger was very reliable. The mech ID he had gotten was rather useful, and he received user rights straight away.

It wasn't actually as bad as Chi Muye had described. There were five different levels of user rights for students, and the one that Wang Zheng had was level two. It was not the worst.

The mech training field was humongous. There were many of the same type of mecha, and there were also the larger mecha types. What Wang Zheng saw was merely the tip of the iceberg, just a small part of the mecha training field.

Aslan Royal College had indeed put in everything for their hardware and facilities. In Aslanian words, although one might never become the very best at piloting a mech, since they could get the best in terms of hardware with their money, why not?

This was no doubt the tone of wealthy men.

But.... damn. Why was the mech training room so popular? Student Wang was prepared to have a good time, only to find that there were many people who shared similar thoughts.

Other than the rooms being used for class, all others were allowed to be used freely within the levels of rights given. However, the usage of the room was also affected by different levels of priority within the levels of user rights! Dammit, what sort of lousy day was this?

The training rooms were almost completely filled. Especially those with lower levels of authorization. What a scam.

After going all the way around the field, he finally caught sight of a training room door opening. Student Wang dashed up immediately. The guy took a quick glance at Wang Zheng and said, "I'm going to the toilet, wait for your turn!"

God damn. Wang Zheng felt helpless, but thankfully, Student Wang's brain worked fast. He connected to the system using his Skylink to check if there were unpopular mecha. He couldn't believe that all mecha were being used.

It was a pity that there were no Wargod No. 1, Hercules, or mecha of that type. To put it simply, mecha that were way too far on the lower spectrum were not used on Aslan.

In the Aslanian mecha beliefs, the pilots were important and so were the mecha. Wasting time on poor quality mecha was also a form of disrespect towards the pilots.

They were elitist from head to toe.

Very soon, Wang Zheng found an unoccupied mech. An Arbiter Overlord mech. This mech was not of a low level, but here, it was classified as a level two and was left unused. It was probably because Arbiter had a bad name on Aslan.

Wang Zheng immediately rushed over according to the instructions on screen. Zoom..! The feeling of adrenaline surged through him

This was a true blue Overlord mech!

Looking at the slightly larger than usual mech, Wang Zheng felt excited. This feeling of realness was not something CT could bring about. When a person had sufficient skills and abilities to operate a mech, he would surely look for a new challenge. Only that would make him feel alive.

After touching and experiencing how it felt, Wang Zheng entered the cockpit.

That feeling and level of comfort... Arbiters may be weird, but their mecha were pretty good.

Wang Zheng didn't know how he would apply the thing that Xie Yuxin had said about Ability X. But at the very least, he could make use of this period to understand more about mecha.

A real battle was the best way of allowing one to understand the capabilities of a mech.

"Student 12122, begin battle?"


Wang Zheng was puzzled. This was what Chi Muye claimed to be a good number...

Once a real Overlord mech was used, they would feel the amount of pressure on the body increase. This mech was indeed rather violent, but the power it could exert was larger than normal mecha too. And such feelings could not be experienced in CT.

The humongous shield was polished finely and was detailed. The sides were imprinted with spirals that were obviously used to increase its spinning speed and ability to rotate. The smoothness of the arched tip was a work of art. The mech seemed steady but was able to exert a burst of movement if needed. A hooked pike hung from its hands, and it felt comfortable to hold. It was so detailed that even the spiral design of the hook allowed the pilot to improve his grasp on the weapon.

This type of mech could actually exude an aura on men. Different levels of understanding of mecha would give completely different effects.

Among the various types of weapons, the pike was frequently used in training. It could be used in all sorts of situations and adapt to anything.

Reality could never be replaced by the virtual world. In CT, Wang Zheng could only use certain tricks and techniques at most. But this was a completely different thing.

The designer of this mech had put in a lot of effort. This was truly a masterpiece.

The shield!

The use of the shield was rather broad too. It appeared to be used for defense, but it could also be used in attacks. Basically, the Overlord had been designed with simplicity in mind. Even its cannon firing capabilities were simple. Simplicity also made it easy for it to inflict damage.

The pike was good. It was exquisite. For someone who was good at using pikes, it could be used however they wished. It was a pity that the Arbiters were talented at war but stopped short at the surface.

The Overlord mech stood motionless in the training room, as though it was senile. Even the system gave out a warning.

"Student 12122, Please do not waste shared resources. If no selection is made in 30 seconds, the system will log off automatically. Thank you."

29... 28... 27...

Every sound was like some sort of a melody. It has to be said that mecha these days were like weapons in the ancient days. It could indeed cause a wonderful change when in the hands of a warrior.

The user of the Atlantis Phantom King was not Wang Zheng. He was more like an on-looker. But it was not the same situation. He personally felt something extraordinary.

8... 7... 6...

The Overlord mech boomed to life. It stepped forward suddenly, shields raised, looking intimidating. The pike struck without warning, and as it turned around, it moved as vigorously as a dragon flying into the skies, its grandeur second to none.

Ratatat ratatat ratatat...

It moved with an extremely rhythmic pulse, like a majestic and grand war song. The change between pike and the enormous shield, coupled with the seemingly normal but unfathomable footwork, made people feel as if they were watching a flowing piece of art.

Time had lost all meaning. Wang Zheng was completely engrossed in it. This was the excitement he wanted. The feeling that he craved. The mech that he wanted!

After a set of extremely ferocious attacks, Wang Zheng was perspiring. He was pumped up. He was in his best condition. This was how it felt after a warm-up. Now, for a vigorous battle.

Wang Zheng opened up the selection menu and entered the anonymous battling mode. Aslan probably had extraordinary standards. Wang Zheng picked a name out of the long list of challengers. This person had a domineering name - Lonely Ace.

Lonely Ace was most probably an ace.

This was not CT. Anyone who dared to use such a name had to be a master. The vice-president of the Fencing Society, Honduras.

Fencing, an aristocratic sport recognized amongst many empires and republics. Only those who were extremely fast and reflexive could master this art of attacking.

Honduras was out for a challenge. There was no need for him to be anonymous. He welcomed people he knew to come and challenge him. It was just that there were also cons to not being anonymous. The aces and masters would not challenge him, while the random opponents were too weak. Did he really have to openly challenge others all the time?

At Aslan Royal College, anyone with a status valued challenges but would not challenge anyone. At times, they would rather be anonymous.

Nobody showed up even after a long wait. Honduras was ready to leave when someone connected. Anonymous....

Damn. Which dumbass is it this time, trying his luck in attempt to get fame? Well, since he's here, let's just play.

"Time to teach this newbie a lesson, buddy!"

Honduras was only good at using one type of mech. The Aslan Imperial Swordsman. This was actually a mech more suited for female pilots. It was light and agile. But most people with a fencing background liked this mech. It could exhibit the cold methods of fencing attacks.

In the manifold of warfare tactics, fencing was the best!

Wang Zheng was deeply engrossed. The mech used by the opponent was clearly similar to the Brightmoon, but its attitude appeared neutral. Probably an assassin-type mech that emphasised agility and speed.

When Honduras saw that the opponent was using an Overlord, he was between laughter and tears. Which Arbiter dummy fancied using an Overlord to challenge him? A classic nutcase.

Using the Imperial Swordsman to attack the Overlord was a beating session that had zero difficulty. He would suppress the enemy to his death!

Ten seconds was all he needed to end the match.

"Eh.... someone challenged Honduras."

"Oh, damn, who is cocky enough to use an Overlord to challenge an Imperial Swordsman? Did this guy swallow some kind of magic pill?"

"Probably fell out of love, looking for something to make him feel alive again."

"Nothing fun about it. It will take one minute at most to end the match."

"Damn, you take Honduras for a cripple? Half a minute will be enough."

Wang Zheng very much enjoyed the state he was in. The outside world had nothing to do with him at all. It was as if he and the mech had become one.

The silver mech came at him at an extreme speed, with simple yet ferocious steps. By the looks of such an attack, there was no doubt a Leaping Strike would be used.

It was an exquisite move that had been repeatedly trained.

The Overlord mech moved with its shield raised, just as everybody had expected. When faced with the agile and fast Imperial Swordsman, put up a passive defense. That...

That was why the Overlord was often used like a tortoise's shell.

But right in that instant, the Overlord mech moved sideways. From raising of shields to its moving, it all looked like a hint that told the opponent "attacking is the right move."

Yet it was a misstep. The Overlord mech struck its pike right out.


The Imperial Swordsman was impaled and raised!

The students who were watching and chatting suddenly stopped. .... this ... damn, just what was that, how was that possible!?!?!


Anonymous, win!

five seconds, just five seconds!

Honduras' mech was killed in one strike!


In that instant, Honduras did sense danger. It was a premonition that had developed after years of training. However, he didn't know what the problem was. By the time he reacted, it had already ended.

Raising the shield and faking a movement, but moving aside to strike and attack. The judgement was impeccable. It could be said that Honduras was completely eaten up.

Who was that!?

A master from Arbiter had come out to play???

But with the Imperial Swordsman's defensive abilities, how was it possible for a pike to impale it in one strike???

It wasn't plausible even without the protective gear.

Being sent flying was more probable. What was going on?

"What did you say? Honduras was taken down in a second? Who from Arbiter has challenged him?"

"A nameless soldier? That's impossible, the Arbiters never hide their names!"

"Impaled with one strike? How is that possible? Do you think Aslan mecha are made of paper?"

It was a normal pike, and even if full force had been used, the mech was most likely to be sent flying, not get impaled. The level of destructiveness was entirely different.

But in the instant the move was made, the spear and the shield had come into contact with each other. It was not loud, but it was certainly forceful. The force of the spins was in complete control.

Take a step back, tilt ninety degrees around, spin, and strike!

This was the most fatal method of attack in all of the spear moves!

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