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A+ A- Chapter 129

Yuan Ye was qualified to join the elite team. The strong Europa build and strength would be useful for the team, but he stood firmly by Sister Nan. Even though he didn't think that the nest was by the sea, it would still be romantic to take a walk and enjoy the sea breeze with Sister Nan. All of a sudden, he felt grateful towards Wang Zheng. This wingman scored on creativity.

Seeing that Wang Zheng's side had gathered close to twenty people, Masasi said, "I don't make much of a difference around here. Why not let me go over with them to take a quick look?"

Milo blinked and eventually agreed. "I have no objections if you want to join them. Anyway, Atoksi School of Warfare and Liviton Military school are expressing discontent because they haven't been chosen."

Lin Ruofeng smiled and said, "I have no objections either."

The Martians could not be bothered at all. Nothing would change with Masasi gone, as their strength was more than sufficient.

But seeing that Masasi was really headed to Wang Zheng, Carl rolled his eyes and said, "Idiot."

Giving up an opportunity to earn merit on the good team and instead fooling around here, Masasi was way too irresolute.

Lin Ruofeng's eyes twinkled as he sized up Masasi and stopped Carl.

Masasi went up to Wang Zheng and said, "I wonder if I'm welcomed here."

The rest were bewildered as to why Masasi would join them, but having another skilled person on the team was undoubtedly a good thing.

"Of course, we welcome a master any time." Wang Zheng put his arm out and shook hands with Masasi. They looked at each other and smiled, but those smile meant more than they seemed.

While they were still chatting up on this side, the elite team of 40 had already formed up and was starting their journey towards the lake.

Wang Zheng's side, on the other hand, had formed a team of 23. The small number aside, their capability was far weaker.

Yuan Ye and his three other teammates from Europa were also in the group. It was not the style of Europa Military School to abandon teammates. He could not bring himself to dump his three friends to earn merit on his own?

Meng Tian stepped forward and said, "Since our team has been confirmed, let's have a round of self-introductions. Remember to include your strengths. I'll start. Meng Tian. From Earth. Ares College. Archery is my strong suit."

"Zhang Shan. Ares College. I'm good at close combat. Please look after me."

"Wang Zheng. Ares. I know a little of everything. Hmm, consider my strength as close combat."

A number of people grinned. What did it mean to be okay in everything? Was this some kind of Earth humor that was in trend?

"Zhang Runan. Ares. I'm good in strength and close combat."

Not a single soul ha

d dared to slight Zhang Runan when she opened her mouth to speak. On their very first day on the Moon, they had all seen her level of performance. She was a true person with Ability X.

"Let me just add that Sister Nan has an Ability X. I'm Yuan Ye, from Europa Military College. Strength is also my area of specialization, as well as close combat. I have sworn to be Sister Nan's knight." Yuan Ye chuckled.

The crowd snickered. To think that love had blossomed from a fight!

"The three of us will do one introduction. Song Li, Zhao Wanxin, Qu Qiuzhi. We're from Europa Military College and we each specialize in long range shooting. That's not applicable in this environment, but all of us are developing Ability X. We have a pretty developed Ability X when put together."

The crowd's eyes lit up. Ability X was not something you could get off the streets; only one in tens of thousands had it. Those who had a complete Ability X that could be developed were one in a billion. It was quite a feat that the three of them could produce a complete Ability X when combined.

"Masasi. Moon. Moonlight Academy. Not too bad at anything."

Well, both had said that they were alright at everything, but it was obvious that everyone looked at him differently from Wang Zheng. They trusted him. As one of the Moon's Eight Stars, he definitely had something.

Very soon, all 23 were done introducing themselves.

Just then, a head popped out from the side. "Wait! Don't forget about me!"

Luo Fei squiggled his way in. "I've thought about it. It's still safer for me to tag along with you."

Yuan Ye was startled. "Where did you even go to?"

He realized that he had not even noticed when Fatty Luo Fei had disappeared. And the way he reappeared was rather spooky too.

"Answering nature's call. I got too hungry and ate something wrong in the last two days. Had diarrhea. Don't talk about it anymore."

"Damn. Introduce yourself then." Yuan Ye remembered his promise to look after this fatty.

All eyes were on Fatty. What could he be useful for? Or was he just here to make up the numbers?

"Right.. Hehe. Luo Fei, Zeus Academy. My strength… is being a fast runner considered a strength?" Luo Fei asked, scratching his head.

"Yes, of course, yes. We're just short of someone with your skills. The task of baiting is yours!" Zhang Shan slapped his thigh in joy.

"You've got to be kidding me. You can't be that harsh! One look and you know that I don't make for a good meal. The Zergs will not be interested in coming after me."

Fatty shook his head vigorously, but words spoken could not be retracted. It was evident that they were all in quiet agreement that he should be the bait. Soft, tender skin with lots of flesh; who else would the Zergs want to eat?

The round of introduction had brought everyone closer together. Masasi smiled. "Since we're now a team, I shall cut to the chase. Wang Zheng, what proof do you have that the nest is by the sea?"

Now that they had recruited a team, it couldn't be all talk and no action. There had to be a goal or target to work towards.

"I've been eating Zergs' flesh for the past two days. There is a flavor of seawater in it. And the higher the level, the stronger the taste," Wang Zheng said, smiling.

"You really ate….."

"No kidding. How's that thing edible? It's nauseating just to look at."

"Damn. A talent you say? This is high level of gluttony."

But regardless, Wang Zheng's reason was convincing.

The Zergs were a race that evolved quickly. To enable the younger generations to adapt to seawater, it seemed likely that the Queen Zerg would build her nest near the sea.

It was the Zergs' nature to expand their territories no matter what. Being trapped on Demon Island, the only way to expand was to conquer their fear of seawater. No other race or species was as ruthless and determined as the Zergs when it came to evolution.

Meng Tian blinked and said, "Everybody, let's split into three groups according to abilities. Attackers, defenders, and support. Those good at close combat shall be attackers, or Group A. Group members should include: Wang Zheng, Masasi, Yuan Ye, and Zhang Shan. Those good in long range battling shall defend. Group members should include: Adam. Group D for short. The rest shall be in Support, Group S for short. Supporting members should include: Song Li, Zhao Wanxin…. Any comments?"

Everybody expressed agreement. Meng Tian's way of grouping had taken into consideration all of their abilities. They were all suitably grouped.

"All right. Now, let's talk strategy. First of all, we have to confirm that the nest is by the sea, then we will only have two problems to tackle: one, the exact location of the nest, and two, how to get inside it."

"If it is indeed by the oceans, it's likely it'll be facing the Sun. It will definitely be in the south. We can only ascertain its exact location when we get to the southern beaches." Masasi had completely assimilated into the team.

"That's right. I think so too. As for the second problem, I have a childish idea. The Zergs are highly hierarchical creatures. We can mask ourselves using the scent of a highly ranked Zerg to take out those guarding the nest. Get through them in top speed, and once we're in the Queen's nesting room, we will only have to deal with the Queen's bodyguards. There usually will not be more than 10, so it will be relatively easy to take down," Meng Tian said.

"So that means we should hunt for a highly ranked Zerg?" Zhang Shan scratched his head. Compared to going in head on, this method seemed easier but risky.

"Let's get the Brainworm." Wang Zheng chuckled. A timely suggestion.

"Brainworm… will that work?"

In the ranking and order of Zergs, the Brainworm was only second to the Queen. But as long as it wasn't a Queen, it would have to work, and they'd have the chance to take him down.

"It's feasible. The Brainworm does not usually stay in the nest; it has its own cave. As long as we do not alarm the Zergs in the main nest, everything will be fine. The key is how to get to the Brainworm," Masasi added, glancing at Wang Zheng.

"Leave that to us," the three musketeers from Europa chirped. "Our combined Ability X is sensing and detecting. We can detect everything within a 150 meter radius. 300 meter radius gives us a blurry image, but with a target like the Brainworm, it should be easy to detect."

Masasi was stunned. With this ability, they should have joined the Elite 40. If the Queen's Nest was indeed by the central lake, this ability would shorten the time taken to find the nest. It seemed like it was their blessing in disguise. This old saying indeed held true.

After having come up with a strategy, the team quickly started on their journey to the southern beaches.

They continued their discussion along the way, refined their strategies and tactics, and came up with emergency plans.

They headed south in broad daylight. It was not that the Zergs were inactive, but that their scope and level of activity was smaller in the day. That was because they were "getting some sun" to replenish their energy. Going through their territories was still dangerous, as the Zergs would not let humans go just because they were "recharging".

Every time a Zerg appeared, it was an opportunity for Yuan Ye to show his capabilities off. The physical tactics used by Europa men were wide and open, so it was indeed a good show of men's valiance when they killed. It was a pity that Zhang Runan did not even take a glance at him while the others clapped and cheered.

Zhang Shan was upset. His urge to kill was getting hard to resist. He wanted to attack first every time a Zerg appeared, but there was always someone a step ahead of him. Killing Zergs gave them points, so it was no wonder why everyone was vying to attack. Seeing that everyone was getting some action, Zhang Shan's thirst to kill grew. He was able to feel his powers getting stronger after each and every battle, and that feeling, to him, this was more addictive than drugs.

If he were to choose between a beauty and a thirst-quenching battle right now, his choice would definitely not be the woman.

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