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Chapter 79: Forest of Love (1)

TL: Haku

Editor: Hungry Panda

Both of Ian’s eyes lightly shook.

‘Finally! Finally, I can see the God Dragon!’

Ian pulled out the God Dragon’s Soul Stone that had already been sleeping in his inventory for almost two months.

‘It must be an enormous monster, right?’

If they just succeeded in the restoration, he did not doubt that it would become his Familiar.

Since Oakley, who gave him the Soul Stone, said he would entrust the God Dragon with him for sure.


The God Dragon’s Soul Stone that came from Ian’s chest lightly resonated.

‘Starting from how it looks, it’s surely different from the other Soul Stones.’

The size of the God Dragon’s Soul Stone was over twice as large as the other Soul Stones.

And the energy of purple light that coiled within it looked incredibly mysterious.

“Here it is, Gripper.”

Gripper, who was handed the Soul Stone from Ian, carefully placed it on top of the magic equipment.


As the equipment started to run, Ian and Gripper began to watch the sight with fluttering eyes.

If it was a God Dragon, then it for sure had to be a rank that was never seen before.

Not just as a Familiar, but as a field monster that had yet to appear in Kailran with a ‘Legendary’ rank.

Ian thought that there was enough possibility for it to be a Legendary-rank if it was the War Dragon, ‘Karceus’.


While watching the restoration process that took double the amount of time when compared to when the other ancient Familiars were restored, Ian swallowed dryly.

‘Why is it taking so long, it’s making me nervous.’

Each second felt as long as an eternity for Ian.

And just then.

A flash of purple light from the floating God Dragon’s Soul Stone burst out as if it was an explosion.



Ian let out a short exclamation without him realizing.

And shortly after, the rays of light died down, Ian’s exclamation turned into confusion.


Meanwhile, Gripper was happy.

“Ooh, the restoration was successful!”

The thing that was in front of the two people’s eyes was not the God Dragon that Ian was anticipating.

It was merely an incredibly huge ‘Egg’.

A slightly interesting fact was that a bright, purple light was oozing from the translucent shell of the egg.

Gripper gave a word of congratulations to Ian, who was watching the egg with a dumbfounded expression.

“Congratulations, Ian. The restoration has been successfully completed. Once this egg hatches, you will become a God Dragon-handling Summoner that hasn’t been seen for 100 years.”

Gripper carefully handed Ian the ‘God Dragon’s Egg’.

However, just then, Gripper, whose elbow had gotten caught on the table, dropped the egg.

Ian let out a shriek with an expression that turned pale.


If the God Dragon’s Egg that he restored through all those hardships were to break, Ian’s mentality could crumble along with it.

However, his worries were needless.


The egg that dropped to the floor with a heavy sound.


And surprised by the sound of something splitting, Ian crouched down before wearing a dumbfounded expression.

“What the hell, how can this break?”

The thing that split while letting out such a noise was not the God Dragon’s Egg, but the marble floor of the laboratory.

Gripper, who almost caused a huge accident, wore an embarrassed expression.

“Sor, sorry. It almost ended up turning into a huge problem.”

Ian carefully collected the God Dragon’s Egg that had fallen to the ground and put it into his inventory.

‘I’m doubtful that it’s an item that needs caution, but still, since it is a rare monster…’

And as soon as Ian put the God Dragon’s Egg into his inventory, the system message that notified him that he completed the quest popped up.

You have completed all of the connected quests of the ‘Remnants of a Forgotten Ancient Monster’ quest.

Ian, who saw that, licked his lips.

‘Eh, there’s no EXP reward. Does that mean that the God Dragon’s Egg is the best reward?’

However, the system messages that immediately popped up after cleanly ended Ian’s dissatisfaction.

The seal on the ‘Dragon Tamer’s Feather Ornament’ (Legendary) has been cleared.] As the seal has been released, its stats have increased.] Leadership has increased by 150.] Affinity has increased by 200.] From now on, monsters can be endlessly captured without any Leadership restriction. (However, when the threshold is exceeded, they cannot be summoned to battle.)] The Leadership required to manage a Dragon-class Familiar has been reduced to half.] Affinity with a Dragon-class Familiar will increase.]

Indeed, the honey-like options were cleared of their seals.

Unaware of the strange gaze Gripper was giving him, Ian snickered.


Even looking at it again now at almost lv 100, they were high-class options that only caused him to marvel at them.

‘I’ll probably still have some Leadership leftover even if I recruit two more Heroic-ranks as Familiars.’

Ian, who momentarily looked at the information window of the head ornament with the seals cleared again and was infatuated by them, opened the information window of the God Dragon’s Egg this time, which had gone into his inventory.


Karceus’ Egg

Level: ?

Classification: Egg

Rank: ?

Personality: ?

The egg of Karceus, one of the five legendary God Dragons that protected the ancient Arnovil Empire.

Karceus was destructive enough to be called the ‘War Dragon’, and even amongst the five God Dragons, it has the strongest Offensive Power.

After the day of the fight with evil dragon Khalifa, it was known to have hidden its whereabouts.


Ian, who read down through all of the information window, felt his happy mood drop down again.

‘For it to be an egg… How nice would it have been if it just came out perfectly?’

As a matter of fact, Ian was always looking for information related to a Familiar’s egg in order to complete the Griffin’s Egg hatching quest, which was an Empire Quest, and now his head pounded even more.

This was because the hatching of a Familiar’s egg was information that he looked for whenever he got the chance, but it was a part that he had not yet received a lead on.

‘No, rather, is it a good thing…?’

Since he took on the God Dragon’s Egg on top of the Griffin’s Egg, he needed to find out a way to hatch the Familiar’s Egg no matter what.

From an optimistic perspective, it was a chance for him to hatch them at the same time.

Gripper approached Ian, whose head was bothered by the egg hatching problem.

“Everything has been resolved, so why are you wearing such a complicated expression?”

With the heart to clutch at any straw, Ian asked Gripper.

“Gripper, do you know of a way to hatch a Familiar’s Egg by any chance?”

However, unexpectedly, wasn’t Gripper readily nodding his head?

“Of course, I know. How do you not know that as a Summoner?”

At the completely unexpected response, Ian was excited.

“Wha, what’s the method? Could you tell me?”

However, at the Gripper’s connected reply, Ian felt his spirits fall.

“What do you mean the method? If you give the egg to the Familiar that was the mother of the egg, it will hatch.”

Ian firmly held down the bursting anger that boiled in him.

It was advice that even an elementary school student that didn’t pay attention to Science class could think of.

‘No, is this elderly being serious? Where in the world is there a person that couldn’t even thinking of something like that?’

Whether it was the Griffin or Karceus, where exactly would he find a Familiar that could be the mother?

‘There may be Griffins if you go to Shikar Desert, but going there right now is just a suicidal act.’

In the Shikar Desert field, merciless monsters that were over lv 130 appeared starting from the entrance.

As it was a place where someone saw up to a lv 150 monster, the level of the Griffin couldn’t even be estimated.

‘I wonder if the guy that was the Knight Leader or whatever would know if I asked.’

However, his grumbling was only momentary. Ian calmly asked Gripper again.

He needed to find out as much as he possibly could if there was anything he could somehow find out.

“Gripper, it’s not possible to find the monster that would be the mother of a God Dragon’s Egg, no? By any chance, is there another method aside from the method of having the mother care for the egg?”

As Ian spoke, did Gripper then clap his hands.

“Ah-ha, after hearing that, there is.”

Ian clicked his tongue inwardly.

‘No, how exactly is this man a magician? This is too much, even for a NPC.’

Ian grumbled on the inside, and Gripper’s words continued.

“Hmm, I don’t know a method aside from that, either… but I do know a Summoner that would know.”

For once, Ian’s gaze was full of anticipation.

If it was an acquaintance of Gripper, the magician who had the grand modifier of Dimensional Enchanter.

And if that acquaintance was a Summoner, then they would probably have truly helpful information.

“By any chance, could you tell me where that person is?”

Gripper nodded his head.

“Hmm, they passed away in the Capital of Arnovil about 300 years ago.”

Just before a swear word popped out of Ian’s mouth, Gripper’s words continued.

“Since you’ve also helped me more than I expected, as a reward for that, I’ll open up a dimensional portal for you to meet their spirit.”

After barely swallowing down the swear words that had reached up to his neck, Ian bashfully smiled.

“Ha, haha, thank you very much, Gripper.”

Gripper sent a doubtful look towards him as he spoke.

“It looked like swear words were about to pop out of your mouth just a moment ago.”

Ian, who was freaked out by Gripper’s expert-like senses, waved his hands.

“Not, not at all. You’re mistaken.”

“Hm-hm, if not, whatever.”

And after momentarily taking a breath, Gripper’s words continued.

“That person’s name is ‘Iriel’. If I open the dimensional portal, you’ll be able to teleport to the place where she’s located.”

Ian, who heard the name Iriel, tilted his head inwardly.

‘Iriel? For some reason, it seems like a woman’s name…’

From Gripper’s description, Ian thought they would be an incredibly old elder.

Gripper’s words continued.

“Iriel was the best Summoner in the ancient Arnovil Empire. They will probably be able to solve your questions.”

“I see.”

“And while you’re off to see her, could you do me a favour?”

Ian asked back with a slightly flustered expression.


And at a very unexpected timing, a quest window popped up in front of Ian’s eyes.



Ancient Monster Mating

Dimensional Enchanter Gripper is hoping that the ancient monsters you’ve restored don’t go extinct again in Colonar Continent.

In order to do that, the restored monsters must mate.

Gripper wants you to learn how to mate monsters from the ancient extraordinary Summoner, ‘Iriel’.

Quest Difficulty Level: A

Quest Condition: Must be a user who has completed at least a pair of a male and female ancient monster Soul Stones from the ‘Ancient Monster Restoration’ quest.

Time Limit: None

Reward – ‘Hatching of a Familiar’s Egg’ skill book (Summoner Exclusive)


‘A message saying that the restored monsters will be birthed into Colonar Continent already popped up, so what’s this about?’

It was a strange, but Ian just went with it as it was the quest content and continued to read down.

And as he grumbled while reading down the quest content, Ian’s eyes stopped at the ‘Reward’ tab that was at the very bottom of the quest window.

Ian internally cheered.


The words ‘Hatching of a Familiar’s Egg’ made Ian’s face glow.

‘The Game God is helping me!’

The Hatching of a Familiar’s Egg skill book was an item that Ian earnestly needed more than anything else, and just in time, it had come to save Ian like this.

‘If I just succeed in this quest, then I can also cleanly succeed the Empire Quest as well!’

Ian immediately accepted the quest.

“Of course, I need to help you!”

As the connected quests were all done, the no-partying option for the duration of the quests and the unable-to-reject option for the quests disappeared, but that didn’t even catch his eyes.

Ian just wanted to meet the NPC ‘Iriel’ quickly.


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