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Chapter 46: Ian’s Achievement (5)

TL: Haku

Editor: Hungry Panda

As Ian looked at the female NPC that had a beautiful appearance with long, pointed ears reminiscent of an elf, his mood lightened.

“I came because I wanted to see the artifacts that are inside.”

“I see. Could I know the name of the person entering? I will check the contributions you have.”

Ian nodded as he responded.

“It’s ‘Ian’.”

“Alright, Ian, please wait one moment.”

And the NPC, who entered something into the magic ball that was floating next to the entrance, wore a surprised expression as she returned to Ian.

“Ah, you were the prophet!”

While looking at the NPC, whose Affinity raised incredibly, Ian had on a bitter expression as he nodded his head.

“Yes… That’s right. How much contributions do I have?”

“You have 5 thousand in contributions.”

“Ah-ha, I see.”

It was just as Ian remembered.

Truthfully, because there was nothing that would have raised his contributions after receiving the 5 thousand contributions from reaching lv 50 first, it was an obvious fact.

“Come this way, Ian. There are many artifacts and skill books that you can trade for contributions inside.”

“Alright, thank you.”

The NPC, who took Ian inside the clearing house, smiled as she slightly dipped her head.

“Ian, if there’s an item you find that you like after you’ve looked through to your heart’s content, let me know.”


As the NPC returned to their seat, Ian began to look at the items inside the clearing house in earnest.

As Ian’s level wasn’t that high yet, there was a limit to the items he could see, but despite that, it was quite an extensive amount.

“Since there wouldn’t have been any users that traded their contributions for items yet.”

As it had not even been two days since the tower was made, there could not be a user with contributions excluding Ian.

No matter how simple the quest, class quests on average took over a day.

Ian lifted the items that were on the display one by one and checked the options.

‘Oho, this is in the same category as the knuckle I bought from the auction not long ago.”

The item that Ian had picked up was the ‘Ancient Summoner’s Steel Sword’.

Starting from the item’s name and level restriction to the option, it was an incredibly similar item to Ian’s knuckles.

Ian checked the required contributions that were written in front of the item.

‘Hm, 350 contributions? This item’s worth was around this, I see.’

Normally amongst the quests that were given from class’ towers, if you cleared one that’s difficulty level was around a B-rank, you could gain about 200-400 contributions depending on several other conditions.

If put like that, 350 contributions wasn’t that large of an amount.

Ian suddenly remembered the ‘Dragon Tamer’s Feather Ornament’ item that he had equipped.

‘Could there be an item amongst the ones that you could get through contributions that is as good as my feather ornament?’

Aside from whether the Dragon Tamer’s Feather Ornament’s options are good or bad, it’s rank itself was a Legendary-rank item.

Legendary-rank items were so rare that he had only seen them a couple of times before resetting, and only about twice in the clearing house of the Tower of Archers.

‘Was it around lv 80 when I first saw a Legendary-rank item in the Tower of Archers?’

The higher your level, the more often higher-ranked items appeared in the clearing house.

As expected, Ian dwelled on the thought that he needed to level up fast.

He thoroughly looked through the items in the clearing house, but they were all items around the same level.

As he was only lv 50, it was in a way an obvious thing.

“Hm, I’m done here now…”

He discovered a couple items that he liked, but he felt it would be better if he purchased them by looking through the auction if they were at that level.

It seemed wiser to save his contributions and change to better items later.

‘Time to go look at the next room.’

The next room was a place you could trade for skill books.

He wanted to trade for at least one decent skill book if there was one.

‘Shall we look at the offensive skills first?’

Summoners already lacked offensive skills from the beginning, but the skills of the ‘Taming Master’ class that Ian class-changed to were even more taming-based.

That’s why Ian was currently in a situation where offensive skills were almost nonexistent for him.

It was fun to command the Familiars he raised well to fight, but it was just as fun for Ian to contribute to the fight personally as well.

That’s why he was thinking of purchasing an offensive skill first.

“’Flame Tent’? There’s some Magician-exclusive skill, right?”

Ian pulled out the skill called Flame Tent and read it.


Flame Tent

Classification – Active Skill.

Skill Lv – lv 0.

Skill Rank – Rare.

Proficiency – 0%.

Consumption Price – 20 Spirit Magic.

Cooldown Time – 3 minutes.

A flame spirit is summoned and temporarily makes a flame tent. If an enemy’s attack is blocked with the created flame tent, damage equivalent to 350% of user’s Summoning Magic is absorbed, and 200% of flame damage is returned.

*Skill Acquisition Qualification: Can only be acquired if passive skill ‘Flame Spirt Summoning’ is already learned.


Ian’s eyes shone.

“Oho, this is how Summoning Magic and Spirit Magic were used?”

This was the first time he discovered the use of the newly-made, special class skills that he got once he hit lv 50.

Summoning Magic was a stat that influenced the offensive power of offensive magic, and Spirit Magic was a consumption price in order to use skills.

In a Magician’s case, it would be similar to Mana.

‘Let’s see here, what are my stats right now?’

Ian opened his stat window for the first time in a while and checked his stats.

‘My Summoning Magic is at 500? My Spirit Magic is at 100… Hm, then if I use this skill, does that mean I’ll absorb a maximum of 1750 damage, and deal 1000 damage? That uses up about 1/5 of my Spirit Magic.’

It wasn’t a bad skill.

However, thinking about the 3-minute cooldown time, it wasn’t that great of a skill either.

‘Shall we look at the other skills as well?’

Ian checked a couple of other skills. And shortly after, he was able to come to a conclusion.

‘So the Spirit is basically the base for offensive magic for Summoners. What type of Spirit I choose from the beginning must also be important.’

Before he chose an offensive magic, he needed to think about what elemental spirit Familiar he was going to choose as his passive skill.

‘Fire and Ice are also good, but somehow I’m drawn to Lightning.’

Ian lifted the skill ‘Lightning Spirit Summoning’ and momentarily contemplated.

‘I feel like it could cover the attacks of other elemental properties even as a Familiar.’

Looking at Ddukdae, who Ian had with him right now, he was basically an Ice-type Familiar.

And Ian could think of several monsters that he could tame and use immediately for Fire- or Earth-types, but there was nothing that really popped up for monsters that were Lightning-type.

‘Alright, let’s go to the Lightning-type offensive magic first.’

As it wasn’t like he couldn’t learn other spirit types later because he learned Lightning-type, Ian immediately made up his mind.

‘Hm, it requires 500 contributions. It’s a little wasteful but…’

Ian, who held the ‘Lighting Spirit Summoning’ skill book, began to look through the Lightning-type offensive attacks.

And he was able to find a skill that he liked shortly after.


Current Proliferation

Classification – Active Skill.

Skill Lv – lv 0.

Skill Rank – Heroic.

Proficiency – 0%.

Consumption Price – 15 Spirit Magic.

Cooldown Time – 1 minute.

A Lightning Spirit is summoned and creates two spheres flowing with lightning on each hand.

If the created lightning spheres are thrown and hits an enemy, 250% of the applicable damage from Summoning Magic will be dealt to the enemy and the spheres will divide into 4 and shoot out in every direction.

If the shot-out spheres hit a nearby enemy or geographic feature, they will shoot out again, and after maintaining their state for 5 seconds, they disappear completely.

Enemies suffering from the Current Proliferation have a 15% chance of going into ‘paralyzed’ state for 20 seconds.

If gone into ‘paralyzed’ state, movements are slowed by 30%, and if hit by the Lightning-type attack, 50% of the damage will be received.

*Skill Acquisition Requirement: Can only be acquired if passive skill ‘Lightning Spirt Summoning’ is already learned.

*Skill Invoking Requirement: Skill can only be invoked when the Lightning Spirit is summoned.

*If ‘paralyzed’ condition is invoked, the cooldown time is reset.


Compared to the other ‘Heroic’-rank offensive skills, its offensive power was on the lower side, but Ian liked Current Proliferation the most.

‘Its Offensive Power is a little weak, but my attacks aren’t strong enough to be the main force of the fight anyways.’

He needed to use Current Proliferation in order to find out, but he could deal damage to multiple enemies at once and because he could even paralyze them, he thought it would be the most useful.

And if he was lucky and the paralysis was continuously invoked with the 15% chance, he felt he could fire the attack at random with the resetting of the cooldown time.

‘If I hit multiple enemies at once, I could really fire at random continuously.’

It was obvious as the chance to invoke the paralysis effect to at least one part went up every time he hit an enemy.

In a lucky case where paralysis was constantly invoked, he could at least invoke the skill 6 times one after another.

As he hadn’t tried it out in reality, he couldn’t get an exact sense of it, but he felt it was truly a good skill.

‘The contributions don’t feel like a waste.’

It was a skill that required a whopping 1200 contributions. Despite that, though, Ian grabbed the skill book without hesitation.

As Ian went out holding the two skill books, the NPC, who stood at the entrance, smiled brightly at him as she approached him.

“Oh my, have you chosen everything, Ian?”

“Yes, these two books here.”

As Ian held out the two skill books, the NPC momentarily examined them and responded.

“Hm, let’s see here. You need a total of 1700 contributions.”

Ian nodded as he replied.

“Yes, I’ll use them.”

“You’ve truly picked out really good skills. Are there no more items that you would like to trade now?”

As he intended to save the remaining 3300 contributions he had, there was nothing else for him to look at here.

“Yes. I’ll come by next time.”

“Alright, come again!”

Ian used up a total of 1700 contributions like that, and after trading for the two skill books, he left the Tower of Summoners.

And shortly after, he used the skill book and learned both the skills.


You have acquired the skill ‘Lightning Spirit Summoning’ by using a skill book.


You have acquired the skill ‘Current Proliferation’ by using a skill book.


Along with the two lines of system messages that popped up, a small spark began to appear in front of Ian’s eyes.

“Huh? What’s this?”

Ian watched the yellow lights that made a static noise lump together with an interested expression. And the lumping lights slowly grew, it created one form.


You have summoned the Lightning Spirit for the first time. You can give it a name.


Ian momentarily stared at the Lightning Spirit that appeared before his eyes with a vacant expression.

The spirit had a cute appearance reminiscent of a small sparrow.

“Hm, your name is…”

While Ian was thinking of a name, the summoned spirit began to fly around, distracting Ian, and cry out.

Chirp- Chir-Chir-Chirp- Chirpchirp-!

At that moment, he decided what to name the spirit.

“Jjaekee[1], I’ll make it Jjaekee.”

As expected, it was Ian, who preferred names that were simple and easy to say.

Ian this time as well named the spirit after the sound it made without difficulty.


The ‘Lightning Spirit’s name has become ‘Jjaekee’.


From the perspective of others, it was an incredibly half-hearted name, but Ian was incredibly pleased with his own naming sense.

‘Jjaekee, it’s an easy-to-say name and it’s cute!’

Ian called Jjaekee.

“Jjaekee, come here.”

As he held out his hand while speaking, the small, yellow bird that flew around in the air without rest quickly flew over and sat on top of Ian’s hand.

Chirp- Chir-Chirp-.

Whether it was from the influence of the sparks flying nearby, Jjaekee’s cry had a bit of a more agitated sound compared to other normal baby birds’ cries.

‘Is it saying Zap- Za-Zap-[2]? As if it’s making sure that everybody knows it’s a Lightning Spirit.’

While looking at Jjaekee, who was letting out a small cry in between its chirping and spark flying noise, Ian wore a satisfied smile.

“It seems like this one at least doesn’t need any Leadership stats.”

He liked that part the most.

Ian checked the information of Jjaekee, who was looking at him with bright, beady eyes on top of his hand.


Jjaekee (Lightning Spirit)

Spirit Capacity: 0/1000.

Type: Lightning.

Rank: Low-rank Spirit.

Summoning Duration: 375 minutes. (Cooldown time: 500 minutes)

*Once Spirit Capacity reaches its max, it evolves to a higher-ranking spirit.

(Whenever a Summoning Magic that requires Lightning-type is used, a fixed quantity of Spirit Capacity is filled.)

*The higher the Summoner’s Summoning Magic, the longer the Summoning Duration becomes.


Ian let out a bitter laugh as he saw the comparably simpler information window.

‘Then, that means it has no Offensive Power?’

It seemed as though Jjaekee had no actual fighting ability.

As its appearance was small and cute, Ian wasn’t anticipating much, but he was still bitter.

‘No wonder it didn’t say you needed any Leadership stats… So, I just need to think of Jjaekee as a medium that’s required in order to use Lightning-type Summoning Magic.’

There were some unfortunate parts, but there were also some parts that he was looking forward to.

In any case, if it filled its Spirit Capacity up to the max, it says that it does evolve to a higher-ranking spirit, so it was possible that it could then develop another skill.

‘Having a strong one from the beginning is nice, too, but as expected in games, you need to raise it at a low-level in order to taste some victory.’

Ian thought in a positive way like this, and began to move.

“Now, shall we go meet King Celias or whatever it was?”

Ian’s footsteps that left the squire in order to meet the king were light.

The imperial palace was not far from Flinor Square.


[1] Jjaekee = Jjaek is the Korean equivalent to Chirp in English. I’ve kept it in a similar format to Bbookbbook and Ddukdae rather than use the English equivalent, as I felt it was more appropriate. ?

[2] Zap = Jjeek is the Korean equivalent to Zap in English. Jjaek and Jjeek are similar noises, which is why Ian wondered if he was ‘zapping’ instead of chirping.


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