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At this moment, it wasn’t just Chen Xi who’d sensed the aura of the Heaven Dao, all the students outside the Illusory Heaven Immortal Domain swiftly raised their heads while revealing shocked expressions.

“The aura of the Heaven Dao!”

“Could it be that a tribulation is descending?”

“No, it’s an auspicious sign. If I’m not wrong, it’s because a student that obtained the Praise of the Gods has advanced into the Golden Immortal Realm, arousing the Karmic Luck of the Heaven Dao to bestow a Divine Crest!”

“What? A Divine Crest bestowed by the Heavens?”

“Chen Xi, it’s definitely him. The Praise of the Gods he obtained before entering the academy exceeded the scope of the Resonance of the Heavens and the Earth!”

“Chen Xi? So, it’s him…”

At this moment, no matter if it was the students or Saint Immortal Realm experts at the entrances at the 1st, 36th, and 72nd level of the Illusory Heaven Immortal Domain, all of them had guessed the answer. All of them exclaimed endlessly with admiration, and they more or less were unable to refrain from revealing a wisp of admiration.

A Divine Crest bestowed by the Heavens!

It was a blessing from the Heaven Dao, and a Golden Immortal Realm expert didn’t have to condense and comprehend bitterly before directly obtaining an Allheaven Divine Crest!

It was a supreme source of temptation that was impossible to be resisted by any Golden Immortal.

After all, it was common knowledge that condensing an Allheaven Divine Crest was absolutely not easy, and it could even be said to be extremely difficult. An ordinary Golden Immortal was only able to condense and grasp a single Allheaven Divine Crest in their entire lifetimes.

“How formidable! He really has advanced into the Golden Immortal Realm. It has only been less than two years! He’s truly an incomprehensible freak! How many types of Grand Dao Laws do all of you think the Divine Crest bestowed to Chen Xi will possess?” Someone exclaimed with admiration and asked curiously.

An Allheaven Divine Crest was something condensed into form from two or more Grand Dao Laws. Normally speaking, an ordinary Allheaven Divine Crest only contained two types of Grand Dao Laws, and some formidable Allheaven Divine Crests contained three or more Grand Dao Laws instead.

The difference in number caused the might contained within the Allheaven Divine Crests to be completely different.

If one wanted to differentiate an Allheaven Divine Crest’s superiority, there were roughly two methods. The first was the amount of Grand Dao Laws it possessed, and the was the easiest method to judge an Allheaven Divine Crest. The other method depended on the types of Grand Dao Laws contained within it.

After all, there were both ordinary and rare Grand Dao Laws. For example, the five elements, Yin, Yang, wind, lightning, and other similar Grand Dao laws were ordinary Grand Dao Laws, whereas, star, light, darkness, and so on and so forth were rare Grand Dao Laws instead.

For example, it was difficult to differentiate the superiority between an Allheaven Divine Crest that contained five ordinary Grand Dao Laws and an Allheaven Divine Crest that contained a rare Grand Dao Law.

At that time, perhaps it depended on the strength of the Golden Immortal that possessed the Allheaven Divine Crests.

Everyone’s interest was instantly aroused when it was mentioned that Chen Xi was about to obtain a Divine Crest bestowed by the heavens, and all of them started guessing.

“When Zhen Lu advanced into the Golden Immortal Realm last year, he obtained the Four-symbol Divine Crest that contains the Grand Dao Laws of wood, fire, earth, and metal. After that, Ji Xuanbing advanced and obtained the Imperial Dao Divine Crest. Even though it only contained a single Grand Dao Law, but it was a rare Grand Dao Law, and it was on par with Zhen Lu.”

“As for Zhao Mengli, she obtained a Divine Crest bestowed by the heavens as well, but no one knows exactly what Allheaven Divine Crest she obtained. However, it’s probably on par with Zhen Lu and Ji Xuanbing.”

“It’s common knowledge that the Praise of the Gods Chen Xi obtained far exceeded the three of them. In my opinion, the Allheaven Divine Crest Chen Xi obtains will definitely far surpass them.”

“In this way, Chen Xi will either obtain an Allheaven Divine Crest that contains more than four Grand Dao Laws or obtain one that contains a rare Grand Dao Law?”


“Don’t forget that the might of the Praise of Gods Chen Xi obtained was roughly on par with Senior Yun Fusheng from all those years ago, and it’s common knowledge that the Allheaven Divine Crest Senior Yun Fusheng obtained was the ‘Shadow of Time!’ It was a branch of the supreme Law, the Temporal Dao, and its might was unprecedented.”

“You mean Chen Xi might be able to obtain a Divine Crest that contains a supreme Law like Senior Yun Fusheng?”

“It’s possible, but there’s not much hope. What’s a supreme Law? There are only three that are known to all in the Immortal Dimension, and they’re respectively Temporal, Spatial, and Life and Death! These are supreme profundities that can only be comprehended at the Immortal King Realm.”

“Moreover, for example, the Temporal Laws are divided into numerous branches like the Lag of Time, the Shadow of Time, the Restriction of Time, Time Backtrack, and so on and so forth. Even then, not just anyone has the luck to comprehend it, and only existences at the Half-step Immortal King Realm are able to come into contact with the branches of these supreme profundities.”

“The reason Chen Xi might be able to obtain it is because it’s the bestowal of the Heaven Dao. No one can be sure what it’ll be, but there’s very little chance to obtain the branch of any one of these supreme Laws, unless he’s as fortunate as Senior Yun Fusheng from all those years ago.”

The crowd discussed animatedly, and they were extremely curious towards the Divine Crest that was about to descend and be bestowed to Chen Xi.


At this moment, the sky above the Illusory Heaven Immortal Domain was suffused with a thick aura of the Heaven Dao. The secrets of the heavens were surging, and it emanated a myriad of strands of auspicious light that flowed with divine radiance.

Because the commotion caused by this was too great, it even alarmed many seniors in the academy and attracted their attention. In practically an instant, numerous formidable wills swept over.

“A Divine Crest bestowed by the Heaven Dao?”

“Interesting, I remember that many new students from this year obtained the Praise of the Gods. Which little kid is advancing into the Golden Immortal Realm this time?”

“Dammit! He’s actually advancing within the Illusory Heaven Immortal Domain, this makes it difficult for us to watch exactly what is happening.”

“Haha! Daoist Nun Jiang, didn’t you hear the discussions of those little fellows? It’s Chen Xi!”

“I know it’s him. But what I want to know is exactly what Allheaven Divine Crest he obtains. After all, his natural talent is on par with Yun Fusheng from all those years ago.”

“Alas, I want to know as well. Unfortunately, the Illusory Heaven Immortal Domain was personally created by the Dao Emperor himself, so we’re unable to see exactly what’s occurring within it. We can only wait for the Heaven Secret Divine Mirror to announce it.” 


The aura of the Heaven Dao in the sky grew stronger and stronger, and it drew the attention of more and more gazes.

After an unknown period of time, a shapeless fluctuation suddenly arose, and it caused the aura of the Heaven Dao to completely transform into a wisp of refreshing wind that vanished completely.

At the same time, on a mountain within Dao Emperor Academy was an ancient and mottled stone mirror. Right when the aura of the Heaven Dao vanished, a wisp of clear light suddenly surged into appearance on the surface of the stone mirror, and then it condensed into a Divine Crest enshrouded by five colors before vanishing in an instant.

But this scene was noticed by many gazes.

“A Five Element Divine Crest? Five types of Grand Dao Laws?”

“It isn’t wrong, right? Why isn’t it the Divine Crest that contains a supreme Law?”

“The Heaven Secret Divine Mirror is able to grasp a trace of the secrets of the heavens, and it has stood in the academy for countless years. Have you ever seen it make a mistake? This matter is definitely true.”

“Unfortunately, even though this Five Element Divine Crest is unimaginably formidable, it’s inferior to the Shadow of Time that Yun Fusheng obtained all those years ago.”

In next to no time, everyone including the students outside and inside the Illusory Heaven Immortal Domain knew that Chen Xi had obtained the Five Element Divine Crest. There were those that exclaimed with admiration, those that felt pity for him, and many others that had varying reactions.

They exclaimed with admiration because the Divine Crest bestowed to Chen Xi was indeed slightly more formidable than the Divine Crests obtained by Zhen Lu, Ji Xuanbing, and the others.

They felt pity because the Five Element Divine Crest wasn’t rare and unique like the Shadow of Time obtained by Yun Fusheng all those years ago.

Swoosh!Right amidst these discussions, a bright light flashed at the entrance on the 36th level of the Illusory Heaven Immortal Domain, and then Chen Xi’s tall figure appeared on the platform.

At this moment, his clothes were in rags and tainted with blood while his aura was deep like an abyss, and his entire body was suffused with a pure, divine, and supreme imposing aura.

The discussions in the surroundings stopped abruptly when they saw Chen Xi appear, and then all their gazes shot towards Chen Xi in unison while they couldn’t help but reveal complicated expressions.

It was precisely this new student that had just broken the record for the first 36 levels and was peerless in history. Now he’d advanced into the Golden Immortal Realm and obtained a Divine Crest bestowed by the heavens. If he wasn’t standing right before their very own eyes, they would even think that they were dreaming.

Chen Xi seemed as if he didn’t notice all of this at all. Even though his expression was calm, the corners of his mouth were suffused with a strange expression, and he didn’t spare the surroundings a glance before leaving hastily.

“Hmm? Could it be that he’s continuing?”

“Idiot! Chen Xi has already advanced successfully into the Golden Immortal Realm and obtained a Divine Crest bestowed by the heavens. How could he have the mood to challenge the trials of the Illusory Heaven Immortal Domain now?”

The sounds of discussions resounded once more when they saw Chen Xi leave.

“Alas, let’s forget this. Everyone, we have to work hard as well. There are many freaks amongst the new students this time, and if we still don’t make the best use of our time, then not to mention the inner court exam this time, we probably wouldn’t have the qualifications to participate in the next inner court exam…” A senior student sighed with emotion in a complicated tone.

The others went silent as well. As they thought about everything they’d witnessed today and thought about the upcoming inner court exam, their hearts felt slightly heavy, and they unconsciously clenched their fists together. 


Strange, truly strange. Why was I able to obtain two types of Divine Crests at the same time? Within the Emperor Grade Abode on Vastcloud Mountain, Chen Xi was sitting cross-legged since he returned, and he frowned as he contemplated everything that had occurred earlier within the 37th level of the Illusory Heaven Immortal Domain.

At that time, when the aura of the Heaven Dao descended, it caused him to instantly obtain a shapeless energy of the Grand Dao that completely condensed into a Five Element Divine Crest that was under his control.

Originally, he thought that all of this was about to end, yet never had he imagined before he could recover from his shock, the aura of the Heaven Dao descended once more, and it allowed him to obtain another Divine Crest!

At that time, the aura of the Heaven Dao entered my body and completely enveloped me. There seems to have been nothing exceptional that occurred… Wait, I remember now! A flash of inspiration suddenly flashed within Chen Xi’s mind as he contemplated with a frown on his face, and he finally recalled that the aura of the Heaven Dao seemed to have come into contact with the River Diagram fragments within his sea of consciousness before it shook lightly…

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