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The seed cluster containing Mosha body still hadn't reached the periphery of where World Trees lived, even after more than five months of floating. At the center was the most powerful World Tree, and the other eight trees surrounded it. The nine World Trees occupied about a quarter of the island. The other trees, which were at the undying level and universe knight level, all avoided the World Trees.


The nine jade-like World Trees were glowing. Each had a halo surrounding it, and none of the floating seeds could penetrate those halos.

The seed cluster containing Mosha body landed silently. A sector-lord-level World Tree with a thick trunk was tens of millions of miles away.

I'm now at the closest spot to the World Trees, and the closest one is a sector-lord-level World Tree, thought Mosha body. Unbelievable! There are no fallen leaves!

Mosha body was raging and roaring inside. If there had been some fallen leaves of the sector-lord-level World Tree, he could have simply stolen a fallen leaf quickly and fled. And with his current teleportation proficiency, even universe knights would be able to find out where he had gone.

There's no other way but to take a leaf by force.

Mosha body immediately made a decision. The hair on its seed cluster sensed the luxuriant leaves above. Although it was still tens of million miles away from the trunk. The leaves were like exquisitely carved jades, and each of them was sparkling.

Leaves fall only if they wither, thought Mosha body. But there's so much energy in these leaves, how could they ever wither?

The hair on the seed cluster swayed with eagerness.

On Rock Island, in the distance, Luo Feng's original body was looking forward to it.

"Please," he urged. "You must succeed. With that leaf, I'll have my third body!"

That seed cluster rolled over the ground under the wind. Even when it occasionally touched the halo and bounced back, it would be blown toward the World Tree again. By all appearances, it rolled on the ground randomly.


The seemingly ordinary seed cluster suddenly vanished, and a blurry figure appeared beside an arm-sized branch at the edge of the crown of the sector lord World Tree.

Mosha body grabbed a leaf the moment it appeared and tried to tear it down. He was mighty—100 times stronger than a sector lord—but under the force of his pull, the thick twig of the sector lord World Tree only bent. The entire canopy trembled.

"Damn other races!" a shrill, angry voice said from the leaves.

"I… didn't get it?" Mosha body was dazed.

Suddenly, all the surrounding leaves that had been swaying in the wind converged on Mosha body and entwined it.


Mosha body was dismantled like a crushed egg—including his life core.

Mosha body was dead!

"So weak!" the World Tree scoffed. "Is this what passes for an undying fighter? How could he just die like that?"

The sector lord World Tree was perplexed. Other heirs had tried to steal its twigs before, as a twig of a World Tree could grow into a fully formed tree and stabilize a God Country. However, it was only a sector lord World Tree, so a single leaf couldn't help much. Usually, one needed a whole branch! And every World Tree would strive to protect itself in the face of a threat.

On Rock Island.

"So powerful!" Luo Feng was stupefied. "Mosha body died before a fight could even begin. Based on what just happened, there's no way it's a sector lord. I'm sure it's at the emperor level."

Luo Feng was certain. All the twigs and leaves had instantly come down on Mosha body when he failed to break the leave, and his body had been crushed instantly.

"Then again, maybe the genes of a sector lord World Tree are 1,000 times stronger than those of humans," said Luo Feng. "Besides, it's instructed by that universe-master-level World Tree, so it must know amplification. That makes it dozens of times stronger. Altogether, that's tens of thousands of times stronger than a sector lord, added to some natural skills for attack."

Luo Feng nodded. It was an emperor level one. It was not surprising that Mosha body had been killed instantly

"The other World Trees didn't even react when Mosha body died." Luo Feng smiled. "Exactly as I expected. This kind of threat is nothing to the other World Trees, especially the most powerful one, who might only strike if the lives of the sector lord World Trees were in danger. I should learn from my mistakes."

Luo Feng began planning his next move.

After a long while.

A blurry, golden light glowed in the cave. A figure appeared in the light. It was Mosha body.

"That just cost me some energy," said Luo Feng.

Mosha body extended his hands to Luo Feng. Luo Feng turned his hands around, and a forceful flame god crystal started to dim on his palm. Mosha body took the crystal and teleported himself.

"I don't believe I'll fail again," said Luo Feng, hostility flashing in his eyes. "The flame god crystal is not very powerful, but it's enough to kill an official-level undying fighter, like a strike from a pinnacle emperor. That World Tree is only a sector level, and it can't burn its body. It won't be able to defend itself against that. And besides, it's so large. Only a few hundred thousand square miles will be injured. It's not a serious enough threat for most powerful World Tree to interfere."

Luo Feng nodded. After all, if his own student were under a threat that was not overly serious, he wouldn't intervene.

"I only need to bomb it once," he said. "Leaves and twigs will fly around after that! I'll teleport myself and flee after getting a leaf."

Luo Feng was looking forward to the result. He sensed Mosha body's location.

"He's arrived. He can definitely succeed this time!"

Mosha body first teleported himself above the ocean to a point distant from Tree Island.

"It wasn't that far, and I can still accurately sense that position." Mosha body looked afar, and aggression flashed upon his eyes. "Begin!"


Mosha body teleported and appeared under the crown of the same sector lord World Tree.


Mosha body threw the flame god crystal and teleported himself at the same time.


It had disappeared.


The flame god crystal exploded under the crown of the sector lord World Tree with a force that could kill an official-level undying fighter and rival a strike from a pinnacle emperor. Immediately, 30,000 square feet around the crystal disintegrated into nothing. The surrounding 1 million square feet was blasted to ruins, and farther away from the crystal lay some twigs and leaves. Still, it was nothing to a sector lord World Tree with a diameter of over 60 million miles. Besides, the explosion took place tens of millions of miles away from the trunk; the energy ripple couldn't even shake the trunk.

"Return," said the World Tree.

The emerald leaves that had been scattered by the explosion flew back to the crown, automatically merging with the original body, quickly recovering with the help of the Tree's energies.

As it was recovering, a figure appeared. Mosha body flew toward the twigs and leaves that were in the process of returning to the tree. He grabbed a broken twig with several leaves on it. Each of the leaves was broken.

"Got it! Go!"

Mosha body teleported and tried to get away.


Destructive energy met Mosha body as soon as he grabbed the twig. Mosha body trembled and was paralyzed. A strong wind pressed down on it, and it turned to dust and vanished into thin air.

"Damn other races! Damn other races!" The entire crown of the sector-lord-level World Tree was trembling. It roared, "Father, father! Let me kill him!"

"How unfortunate you are, Seven," said another World Tree. "You've lost so many leaves."

"Haha!" laughed another. "Seven, if it weren't for our father, that thing would get away with it."

The other World Trees all began laughing in different sounds—some hoarse and some clear, all mocking.

"Shut up, all of you!" yelled the World Tree that had been bombed, shaking its branches.

"Little Seven, that creature of another race is indeed very good at fleeing," a soft and gentle voice echoed through the domain of the World Trees. "It can teleport without even causing a space ripple. If he gets away, it'll be almost impossible to find him. I just punished him for wronging you. Isn't that nice?"

"No, it's not! It's not!" The twigs and leaves on the sector lord World Tree were shaking crazily.

"Then make an effort to become an undying fighter like your brothers," the gentle voice continued. "Then you won't need to be scared of the other races."


The sector lord World Tree fully recovered from its injury after a short conversation, and all the leaves and twigs grew back. There was not a single leaf on the ground. It seemed entirely unharmed.

As the nine World Trees spoke, all the other life forms on Tree Island went silent.

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