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Mosha body was not as skilled in attacking as some special organisms like Silver Eye. However, it excelled at assassinating and ambushing.


Mosha body disappeared instantly, becoming a metal sheet within the interlayer of Luo Feng armor.

"I can now go anywhere with my Mosha body," said Luo Feng.

The prospect was exhilarating. After all, Mosha body was almost as good at teleportation as ordinary universe knights, and "domain" was a technique that couldn't be gained through training.

"It would have taken me roughly ten days to arrive at Nine Remoteness Space before, whereas now I can arrive there in half a day. My Mosha body can teleport 100 light years away and bypass the dangerous places."

Luo Feng waved his hand and took Ji Hong Emperor back into his World Ring. Then he vanished into space.

Few dangerous places were 100 light years long, even in the Ancestral God Secret Region. Even if there were, Luo Feng could easily dodge them.

After half a day.

Luo Feng appeared, opened his silver wing, and looked upon the area before him. On the surface, Nine Remoteness Space looked like a boundless water world.

"Nine Remoteness Space," Luo Feng murmured. "Hard to imagine that several creatures with universe-master-level power are living in this 12-lightyear-diameter region—in addition to the innumerable valuables that have been attracting heirs here for generations. Unfortunately, most of them failed and died. I hope fortune will be with me in my quest for the World Tree."

Desire and aggression filled Luo Feng's heart. He would have a much brighter future if he could have a World Tree as his third body.

The technique known as "manipulation of time and space," the stabilization of God Country, and the enormous godly power… all of which, Luo Feng craved.


Luo Feng vanished and teleported into Nine Remoteness Space.

It was quiet and dark in the mountainous valley. There were no plants or trees on the mountains, only rocks. The only thing that brightened the mountains was a waterfall flowing all the way from the top of the mountain to the lake. There, the water flowed outward in different directions via babbling creeks and streams.


Luo Feng appeared in his silver armor.

"Finally, I've arrived," Luo Feng said, looked around. He saw the desolate rocks and smiled. "It's Rock Island!"

Although Nine Remoteness Space was filled with danger, there were some safe places where heirs could land without concern, and Rock Island was one of them. Nobody had ever found any danger on the island, and no one had ever been attacked by the terrifying beings of Nine Remoteness Space there.

"Desolation implies safety," he muttered, "and there's nothing but water and rocks here."


Luo Feng flew up like a flash of silver light. As he flew, he looked down and spotted pieces of broken armor and scattered bodies.

"Remains of heirs," he whispered. He shook his head and sighed. "I presume that the heirs who died here were killed by other heirs."

Although Rock Island was the safest place in Nine Remoteness Space, it did not offer protection against fellow heirs; heirs killing each other for valuables was common.

Luo Feng flew more than 60 million miles. Flying over the tallest mountain, he took in the mesmerizing view from afar.

"Breathtaking," Luo Feng gasped.

He landed and stood on the top of the mountain's peak, surveying the boundless ocean around the island. The water in the ocean was sometimes blue and sometimes purple. Suddenly, it became red, then transparent. As he watched, it turned golden, silver, grey, and blue, in that order. The color was constantly changing, giving it a magical appearance.

"Nine Remoteness Ocean," Luo Feng said.

Nine Remoteness Space was mainly a limitless ocean containing islands of varying size. Some aboriginal residents lived on these landforms, and fearsome beings like World Trees inhabited others. One island, in particular, was colossal and had been named "Tree Island" by the heirs.

Rock Island was tiny and one of the most commonly visited islands on Nine Remoteness Ocean. Tree Island was much larger and was ranked among the top ten largest islands of Nine Remoteness Ocean.

Nine Remoteness Ocean is enormous but perilous, Luo Feng thought. The islands notwithstanding, even the ocean itself is terrifying. Especially the Nine Remoteness Whirlpool. Rumor has it that there's almost no way to get out if one becomes trapped in the whirlpool.

Luo Feng gazed afar. Based on the coordinates, Tree Island lay in that direction. However, it was too distant to see from here.

"I need to use my Mosha body again." Luo Feng nodded and smiled. "Even if my Mosha body fails, I can breed it again."


Mosha body appeared, and Luo Feng teleported himself, following Mosha body. They crossed Nine Remoteness Ocean without difficulty and soon reached Tree Island.

"I'll just wait here." Luo Feng's original body nodded and flew into one of the caves in the mountain. He turned on the micro-detector and hid himself.

In the sky.

Mosha body stood in the air and stared at the massive island hundreds of millions of miles away.

"Beautiful," he said. "Rock Island is ugly by comparison. What a pity. So magnificent, yet so dangerous."

Mosha body squinted to look at the awesome scenery on the island. There were plants and trees of all sorts, and flowers of all colors were blossoming. The view was spectacular.

The most eye-catching object was an emerald-colored tree whose crown was a vast, luxurious canopy. Its leaves sparkled like delicately carved jades. It was incredibly vivid and dominated the plants around it.

"The most powerful World Tree," said Mosha body. "A universe-knight-level special organism that can rival a universe master. There are nine World Trees in total. He is the most powerful one."

It was 360 million miles tall, and its crown had a diameter of over half a billion miles. Its crown alone was larger than Rock Island, and together with its glowing, jade-like trunk, it was a sight to behold.

"Three undying World Trees, and five sector-lord-level World Trees," muttered Mosha body, surveying the eight World Trees that surrounded the most powerful one.

The taller ones were at the undying level, and the short ones were at the sector lord level. Even the sector-lord-level trees were 40 million miles tall—much taller than any other known creatures.

"There seem to be many typical flowers and grasses on Tree Island, but there are also lots of trees." Mosha body frowned. "The strongest ones are the World Trees, but there are also some other undying-level trees here. According to my information, some universe-knight-level trees are of different types from the World Trees. It's not just the World Trees I need to worry about if I land on Tree Island. I need to dodge other trees first."

Mosha body stopped hesitating.


He teleported and landed on Tree Island.

The World Trees were the kings of Tree Island, and many other botanical life forms lived there. Most of the plants on the island were quite ordinary, but a few of them were special organisms. Most of those special organisms could pose a threat to Mosha body.

I can't let them see me or notice me, thought Luo Feng.

Mosha body disguised himself in the façade of a floating cluster of seeds on the wind—like the tuft of a dandelion seed floating in the air. Luo Feng couldn't think of anything safer. A moving plant would have drawn attention, but a seed on the wind would hopefully go unnoticed.

Some of the powerful trees were intelligent, especially the undying-level ones, and they were not inferior to humans. As such, Luo Feng didn't dare teleport himself directly to the most powerful World Tree. Teleporting would certainly draw that World Tree's attention.

I'll just flutter and flutter until I reach the World Tree, he thought.

The seed cluster kept fluttering slowly in the air.

Too slow…

The seed cluster was already approaching the World Trees as quickly as possible. He couldn't alter its course or increase its speed without giving himself away. If it flew against the wind or at a different speed, it would be noticed, and there would be no hope after that.

I must be patient, Mosha body told himself. I'm in no rush. As long as I can fly near the World Trees, I can just take a leaf. If there are some leaves on the ground, that'll work even better. I'll just take a single leaf. I'm not greedy.

The seed cluster kept floating.

Tree Island was like the Arcadia of ancient myth—a land of beautiful, unspoiled wilderness. Countless seeds floated in the air, and Mosha body's seed cluster was inconspicuous among them. But after three months of aimless floating, Mosha body was growing impatient.

Gazing at the World Trees still so far away, he shouted in his mind, Too slow!

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