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The interview of the few key members of Fiery Bird's production team was broadcasted to the entire world. Everyone who paid attention could see it, and Fang Zhao's name became known by more people. However not everyone cared about it; mostly only those within the industry paid attention.

"Not bad, Fang Zhao!"

Ming Cang was the first to contact Fang Zhao after seeing the interview. A lot of people had said that Ming Cang had totally become a Fang Zhao fanatic. Nowadays, the information posted on Ming Cang's social feed was mostly concerning his son Ming Ye. At the same time, he would mention Fang Zhao. Therefore, people close to Ming Cang, whether they were in the industry or not, had also become familiar with Fang Zhao's name.

"Actually, I know of a few invitees who received the invitation from Fiery Bird. I didn't expect that you would land it in the end."

When Ming Cang had gone down to Silver Wing to personally thank Fang Zhao after the fourth movement was released, a foreign friend of his from the music industry had come to visit, stating that he had urgent matters and wanted to meet. Hence, Ming Cang had to leave Silver Wing and head home early. And that friend was one of the other invitees of Fiery Bird this year.

As he had signed a confidentiality agreement, he had only told Ming Cang what could be revealed and listed a few difficulties he had encountered. Even if Ming Cang did not know what the animation was or the scenery, he knew about the difficulty of creating an accompaniment piece. He had even invited a few friends who specialized in soundtracks for games and films to come over for a discussion. In the end, even a bunch of influential people in the industry still could not compete with that youngster. 

This year's invitees were to make a piece for a portion of the game. Since the final piece had been selected, the other submissions would not be used anymore.

Knowing this bit of information, Ming Cang felt a little rueful, yet at the same time he felt a sense of pride. Look, a person of Yanzhou, and still a youngster . Just as Xue Jing, who was compiling teaching materials, had said before, the new waves of the Yanzhou music industry would most likely to rise on the backs of Fang Zhao and other youngsters.

"By the way, Fang Zhao, do you know 'Qi'an Department'? I can rope you in."

In the global context, creators would very often unite and join forces to cooperate and fight over more resources and opportunities.

Some of these organizations were formed with the alma mater of an academic institution as the core, while others were spontaneously formed by private organisations. The globally renowned organization, "Qi'an Department," was one of many.

The group that Ming Cang wanted to pull Fang Zhao into the core of was "Qi'an Department." The group currently had 99 members. With Fang Zhao, it would be an even 100.

All of them were from the music industry. A third of them were similar to Ming Cang's grade and were rather reputable within the Yanzhou music industry. Even if Fang Zhao did not pay attention to news regarding the industry, he would still find those names rather familiar. Of the remaining two-thirds, half of them were older members who had not yet achieved a status similar to that of Ming Cang and the remaining half were youngsters who had started to make a name for themselves.

Of course, these youngsters only had a reputation within the music circles. If in the context of the entire entertainment industry or the whole of Yanzhou, not many would have heard of them.

"Ho! Fang Zhao! Should have roped you in a long time ago!" exclaimed a professor who was still teaching at Qi'an Academy of Music.

"The younger ones will surpass us in times to come!"

"From what I understand, Fiery Bird sent out over ten invites this year, right? This time, only inviting Fang Zhao from Yanzhou and, in the end, picking his piece, I'm really curious to find out what sort of piece it is," said a retired professor who had established his own orchestra and performed across the globe.

Mostly it was the bunch of big shots in the industry that said anything. Occasionally, some middle-tier members would add in a line or two. As for the youngsters who were at the lowest point, they still did not dare to hastily interrupt.

Fang Zhao was probably the only exception.

"Greetings seniors." In terms of seniority, Fang Zhao was still considered a "junior." However, in terms of influence, Fang Zhao indeed had the qualifications to compare with the "seniors."

Refuse to accept it?

If you refuse to accept, produce an invitation card from fiery bird, or for those in pop music, show your sales volume!

Cannot produce it?

If you cannot produce it, then shut up!

Letting one's strength do the talking was a rule that many industries had. Even if one had the experience but not the capability, their rank would be at the back, just like the people in the "middle-tier" of the organization.

"I wonder what the price Fiery Bird quoted was. Fang Zhao, are you at liberty to share?" someone asked.

"I am curious too. Sigh, I have come into contact with various games company and even recommended a few of my students; however, none of the companies can become like Fiery Bird...

Should there be any good assignments, many teachers would give opportunities to their favor pupils. For example, if a film or gaming company approached those masters to request a soundtrack or composition for their film or game, these masters would come up with various reasons why they were unable to do it personally or alone and hence rope in their own students, slowly giving them a chance to take the stage.

This was something many graduates in the New Era would experience.

However, this sort of situation was not required by Fang Zhao at all.


He did not need the help of a teacher to get a recommendation. He had already made a name for himself with the four 'epic' movements as well as personal recognition from Fiery Bird's sound effects department head. Would he still need referrals? There would probably be people who would look him up, right?

What everyone was curious about though was definitely the fee that Fiery Bird would pay to Fang Zhao.

"You don't have to give a concrete number. Just an estimate would be fine; it is rather secure here," Ming Cang said, at the same time letting Fang Zhao know that the people here were rather tight. This sort of thing could be partially mentioned here, as it proved one's ability, and they were not just comparing achievements over here. Ming Cang continued, "Of course, there is no need to force yourself if you are unable to reveal it. Everyone here understands it well." 

"Yes, everyone here is just curious, but we are not forcing you. If you are under a confidentiality agreement, we totally understand. Everyone here has experienced it before," a professor from the Qi'an Academy of Music said.

"Right, right, right, I collaborated with Fiery Bird before, on the game that was released ten years ago. My composition was used as background music for a 30-second interlude. Back then, they paid me over 10 million dollars. I heard that there were people who received even more—for example, those longer opening animations or those more pivotal interludes. Pieces that by them would garner a rather high fee. Your situation should be similar to mine. I just want to know, after 10 years, whether the fees are any different," said a musician who had already founded his own studio.

"Hey, maybe Fang Zhao did a composition for their feature-length film? Even if he is not able to hit that standard, who knows, maybe he could do so in future?", someone jokingly said. They all, of course, did not think that Fang Zhao would be picked to create the background music for the feature-length film in the game, but some fun and laughter within the group was normal.

"It's all right, say only if you want to do so. No one will blame you if you choose not to reveal.", said the current headmaster of the Qi'an Academy of Music. But his thoughts were different from his words.  Fang Zhao's situation could be considered an accomplishment for me too. I could brag about this for a year. If I know Fiery Bird's quoted fee, I could bring it out to brag even more when I go abroad to take part in exchange programs. Look, our school's alumni, less than a year after graduating, Fiery Bird offered him X millions! Awesome, right? Shocking? Frightened now?

Thinking of that situation made the headmaster feel excited as he anticipated Fang Zhao's figures.

"Gaming console," Fang Zhao replied.

"What?" Ming Cang was puzzled.

"Fiery Bird gave me two choices: cash or a gaming console. I chose the console," Fang Zhao replied.

Then, the group suddenly went cold.

Including Ming Cang, who had continuously helped to liven up the atmosphere, everyone seemed to lose their voices.

No one had the chance to break the sudden silence of the group, because Fang Zhao received an international call.

"Su Hou?" Fang Zhao was surprised.

"That, I just saw that Fiery Bird interview." Su Hou's tone was a little unnatural, slightly stiff. "Impressive."

"And then?" Fang Zhao could not believe that the chubby kid had called him just for this.

"Then, are... you... interested... in investing in a farm?" Su Hou stammered out.

"Are you having trouble?" Fang Zhao asked.

"Cough, a little."

What Su Hou encountered was not a slight problem but rather quite a large and troublesome one.

In order to compete with his half-brothers and half-sisters who shared different mothers, Su Hou had decided to work hard. He had set himself a faraway target—to win the sheep herding championship.

Even though 500 years had passed, the impact of the Period of Destruction still lingered. Every continent had many lands that were not suitable for planting crops. Other continents would construct buildings on such land. In Muzhou, this was under the jurisdiction of the land resources department. Every year, they would give out a few such lands that had been treated and were now suitable for growing stuff. And every year, the prize for the grand champion of the sheep herding competition was a newly released piece of land!

Everyone who had given their opinions to Su Hou regarded his goal as very "far" indeed.

The sheep herding competition was already underway, and it would be too late to take part now. However, Su Hou received the news that the owner of a participating farm wanted to sell off their land; hence, Su Hou had frantically borrowed money and bought the farm.

He had been scammed.

He did not know who had set him up, but Su Hou had fallen headfirst into it. Not only was the purchased farm devoid of anything, even the competing dogs on the farm had already been transferred out!

Su Hou did not have the guts to continue asking his elder brother and mother for help. More importantly, he could not let the other members of the Su family know. Needless to say, if this matter was made public, many people would laugh at his stupidity.

Just at that moment, he saw the web broadcast of Fiery Bird's interview. Hearing Fang Zhao's name and checking up on it, he realized it was the same person he had met at the cemetery. This excited him, and he made a call to Fang Zhao straight away.

Hearing Su Hou's simple explanation, Fang Zhao did not say anything

Fang Zhao's silence made Su Hou feel apprehensive. He was worried that Fang Zhao would not be willing to help. However, shortly, he heard, "Sure, I will help you."

On account of your forehead, I will help even if it means losing money , Fang Zhao thought to himself.

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